Matthews, Russell A.

Research Perspectives on Work and the Transition to Motherhood

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Table of contents

1. Work and the Transition to Motherhood: Introduction
Christiane Spitzmueller, Russell A. Matthews

2. Understanding and Overcoming Challenges Faced by Working Mothers: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
Isaac E. Sabat, Alex P. Lindsey, Eden B. King, Kristen P. Jones

3. Identity and the Transition to Motherhood: Navigating Existing, Temporary, and Anticipatory Identities
Danna N. Greenberg, Judith A. Clair, Jamie Ladge

4. Marissa Mayer: An Analysis of Media Reaction to a Pregnant CEO
Tammy D. Allen, Kimberly A. French, Christina Barnett

5. The Inevitable Stigma for Childbearing-Aged Women in the Workplace: Five Perspectives on the Pregnancy-Work Intersection
Rachel C. E. Trump-Steele, Christine L. Nittrouer, Michelle R. Hebl, Leslie Ashburn-Nardo

6. Stay at Home or Go Back to Work? Antecedents and Consequences of Mothers’ Return to Work After Childbirth
Thorana Grether, Bettina S. Wiese

7. Parental Leave and Return to Work
Gwenith G. Fisher, Morgan A. Valley, Salla Toppinen-Tanner, Victoria P. Mattingly

8. Global Maternity Benefits and Their Impact on Maternal and Child Well-Being
Jing Zhang, Candice Thomas, Bobbie Dirr, Rissa Cone, Christiane Spitzmueller

9. Maternal Employment and Child Health: Conceptual and Empirical Foundations for Work and Family “Weaving Strategies”
Jennifer S. Freese, Amy M. Smith, Joseph G. Grzywacz

10. Employed Mother Stereotypes and Linkages to Work-Family Conflict and Enrichment
Tomika W. Greer, Whitney Botsford Morgan

11. Lactation and the Working Woman: Understanding the Role of Organizational Factors, Lactation Support, and Legal Policy in Promoting Breastfeeding Success
Valentina Bruk-Lee, Deborah Albert, Kerri L. Stone

12. The Importance and Impact of Child Care on a Woman’s Transition to Motherhood
Rachel T. Hill, Candice Thomas, Lucy English, Kim Callaway

13. The Other Half: Views of Fatherhood in the Organization
Jamie J. Ladge, Beth K. Humberd, Jeanne McNett

14. Future Research Directions on Work and the Transition to Motherhood
Christiane Spitzmueller, Russell A. Matthews

Keywords: Psychology, Industrial, Organisational and Economic Psychology, Human Resource Management, Gender Studies

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