Colucci, Angela

Peri-Urban Areas and Food-Energy-Water Nexus

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Table of contents

Part I. Planning the “FEW” Nexus: Problems and Intervention Criteria

1. Climate Policies and Strategies in the European Union
Stefano Caserini

2. Nexus Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Adaptation and Ecosystems’ Management: New Paths for a Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development
Adriana Galderisi

3. Functions and Values of Peri-Urban Areas: A Multifunctional Perspective from EU to Lombardy Region Policies
Luisa Pedrazzini

4. Urban-Rural Partnerships and Governance of Peri-Urban Areas in a European Perspective. Towards Regenerative Regions
Joerg Knieling, Marta Jacuniak-Suda, Andreas Obersteg

5. Qualify Decision Making Through Strategic Environmental Assessment: Advancing the Resilience of Peri-Urban Areas
Mara Cossu

6. Services, Values and Functions of Peri-Urban Areas in a Nexus Approach
Luca Bisogni, Angela Colucci, Gioia Gibelli

7. The Nexus Services from a Territorial Perspective: Interactions and Trade Offs
Giulia Pesaro

Part II. Planning the “FEW” Nexus: Cases and Applications

8. Flood Risk Management and the Nexus Approach: A Preliminary Conceptual Overview Based on Case Studies
Scira Menoni

9. Nexus and Disaster Prevention: What Can We Learn from the Genevan Urban Area?
Patrick Pigeon

10. Renaturalizing Riverbanks and Making Space for the River: Coupling Ecological Concerns and Risk Prevention Measures
Francesco Puma

11. Exploring the Water-Food-Energy and Climate Nexus: Insights from the Moroccan Draa Valley
Guido Minucci, Ahmed Karmaoui

12. Peri-Urban/Peri-Rural Areas: Identities, Values and Strategies
Angela Colucci

13. Local Food Chain: Multi-stakeholders Policies in Dutch and European Policies
Rolf Oldejans

14. Urban-Rural Partnerships in Peri-Urban Areas: The Role of Non-profit Organizations
Elena Jachia

15. Between City and Countryside: Changing Nexus in the Urban Phenomenon of Rome
Benedetta Donato, Aurora Cavallo, Rossella Guadagno, Davide Marino

16. Energy Systems and Water and Food Nexus
Marcello Magoni

17. Rethinking Energies in Peri-Urban Areas: Potentiality and Action Criteria
Eugenio Morello

18. Strategies to Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuels in the Lombardy Region
Mauro Alberti, Mauro Brolis

19. The Bioregion and Eco-efficiency
Gianni Scudo, Matteo Clementi

20. Fourth Generation District Heating: Potentials and Planning Challenges of an Urban Energy Infrastructure
Chiara Cortinovis

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Natural Hazards

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