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Advances in Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction and Flow Simulation

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Table of contents

1. Laudation at the AFSI 2014 Conference Banquet Celebrating Tayfun Tezduyar’s 60th Birthday, Tokyo, Japan, March 2014
Thomas J. R. Hughes

Part I. CFD: Methods and Applications

2. Numerical Comparison of the Particle Finite Element Method Against an Eulerian Formulation
Juan M. Gimenez, Pedro Morin, Norberto Nigro, Sergio Idelsohn

3. An Implicit Gradient Meshfree Formulation for Convection-Dominated Problems
M. Hillman, J. S. Chen

4. Flow Analysis of a Wave-Energy Air Turbine with the SUPG/PSPG Method and DCDD
Lucio Cardillo, Alessandro Corsini, Giovanni Delibra, Franco Rispoli, Tayfun E. Tezduyar

5. The Advection–Diffusion Analysis of Smoke Flows Around a Body
Takashi Nomura, Hiroshi Hasebe, Takehiro Kobayashi

6. Finite Element Computation of Buzz Instability in Supersonic Air Intakes
V. M. Krushnarao Kotteda, Sanjay Mittal

7. SUPG/PSPG Computational Analysis of Rain Erosion in Wind-Turbine Blades
Alessio Castorrini, Alessandro Corsini, Franco Rispoli, Paolo Venturini, Kenji Takizawa, Tayfun E. Tezduyar

8. The Multi-Moment Finite Volume Solver for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations on Unstructured Grids
Bin Xie, Feng Xiao

9. An Immersogeometric Method for the Simulation of Turbulent Flow Around Complex Geometries
Fei Xu, David Kamensky, Vasco Varduhn, Chenglong Wang, Sean A. Wasion, Bryann Sotomayor-Rinaldi, Carolyn N. Darling, Dominik Schillinger, Ming-Chen Hsu

Part II. CFD: Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

10. Numerical Simulation of the Behavior of a Rising Bubble by an Energy-Stable Lagrange-Galerkin Scheme
Masahisa Tabata

11. A Numerical Review of Multi-Fluid SPH Algorithms for High Density Ratios
Jan-Philipp Fürstenau, Bircan Avci, Peter Wriggers

12. Self-Propulsion of a Killifish from Impulsive Starts
Yoichi Ogata, Takayuki Azama

13. New Directions in Space–Time Computational Methods
Kenji Takizawa, Tayfun E. Tezduyar

Part III. CFD: Phase-Field Modeling

14. Interfacial Instability of a Non-magnetized Drop in Ferrofluids Subjected to an Azimuthal Field: A Diffuse-Interface Approach
Ching-Yao Chen, Ting-Shiang Lin

15. Numerical Analysis of Backward Erosion of Soils by Solving the Darcy–Brinkman Equations
Kazunori Fujisawa

16. A Diffuse Interface Model for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow with Large Density Ratios
Yu Xie, Olga Wodo, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

17. Isogeometric Phase-Field Simulation of Boiling
Ju Liu, Thomas J. R. Hughes

Part IV. Computer Science and HPC Aspects

18. How to Generate Effective Block Jacobi Preconditioners for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems
Yao Zhu, Ahmed H. Sameh

19. Parallel Analysis System for Fluid–Structure Interaction with Free-Surfaces Using ADVENTURE_Solid and LexADV_EMPS
Naoto Mitsume, Tomonori Yamada, Shinobu Yoshimura, Kohei Murotani

20. A Review on Fast Quasi-Newton and Accelerated Fixed-Point Iterations for Partitioned Fluid–Structure Interaction Simulation
David Blom, Florian Lindner, Miriam Mehl, Klaudius Scheufele, Benjamin Uekermann, Alexander Zuijlen

21. Rhino 3D to Abaqus: A T-Spline Based Isogeometric Analysis Software Framework
Yicong Lai, Lei Liu, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Joshua Chen, Eugene Fang, Jim Lua

22. A Multithreaded Recursive and Nonrecursive Parallel Sparse Direct Solver
Ercan Selcuk Bolukbasi, Murat Manguoglu

Part V. Mathematical Methods

23. Macroscopic First Order Models of Multicomponent Human Crowds with Behavioral Dynamics
N. Bellomo, S. Berrone, L. Gibelli, A. B. Pieri

24. Energy Inequalities and Outflow Boundary Conditions for the Navier–Stokes Equations
Norikazu Saito, Yoshiki Sugitani, Guanyu Zhou

25. Numerical Studies on the Stability of Mixed Finite Elements Over Anisotropic Meshes Arising from Immersed Boundary Stokes Problems
Ferdinando Auricchio, Franco Brezzi, Adrien Lefieux, Alessandro Reali

26. Stabilized Lagrange–Galerkin Schemes of First- and Second-Order in Time for the Navier–Stokes Equations
Hirofumi Notsu, Masahisa Tabata

Part VI. Biomedical Applications

27. On Three-Dimensional ALE Finite Element Model For Simulating Interstitial Medium Deformation in the Presence of a Moving Needle
Yannick Deleuze, Marc Thiriet, Tony W. H. Sheu

28. Time-Dependent Outflow Boundary Conditions for Blood Flow in the Arterial System
JaeHyuk Kwack, Soonpil Kang, Geetha Bhat, Arif Masud

29. A Geometrical-Characteristics Study in Patient-Specific FSI Analysis of Blood Flow in the Thoracic Aorta
Hiroshi Suito, Kenji Takizawa, Viet Q. H. Huynh, Daniel Sze, Takuya Ueda, Tayfun E. Tezduyar

30. Particle Method Simulation of Thrombus Formation in Fontan Route
Ken-ichi Tsubota, Koichi Sughimoto, Kazuki Okauchi, Hao Liu

31. Computational Study of Aortic Hemodynamics: From Simplified to Patient-Specific Geometries
A. Lefieux, F. Auricchio, M. Conti, S. Morganti, A. Reali, S. Trimarchi, A. Veneziani

32. An Image-Based Computational Framework for Analyzing Disease Occurrence and Treatment Outcome in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
Shaolie S. Hossain

Part VII. Fluid–Structure Interaction

33. Modal Analysis of Liquid–Structure Interaction
Roger Ohayon, Jean-Sébastien Schotté

34. A Fluid–Structure Interaction Algorithm Using Radial Basis Function Interpolation Between Non-Conforming Interfaces
Simone Deparis, Davide Forti, Alfio Quarteroni

35. Elasto-Capillarity Simulations Based on the Navier–Stokes–Cahn–Hilliard Equations
E. H. Brummelen, M. Shokrpour-Roudbari, G. J. Zwieten

36. Fluid–Structure Interaction Modeling and Isogeometric Analysis of a Hydraulic Arresting Gear at Full Scale
Ming-Chen Hsu, Chenglong Wang, Michael C. H. Wu, Fei Xu, Yuri Bazilevs

37. Finite-Element/Boundary-Element Coupling for Inflatables: Effective Contact Resolution
T. M. Opstal

38. Recent Advances in Fluid–Structure Interaction Simulations of Wind Turbines
A. Korobenko, X. Deng, J. Yan, Y. Bazilevs

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Simulation and Modeling

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Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology
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