Fung, Anthony

Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy

Fung, Anthony - Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Anthony Fung

Part I. Creative Industries and Cultural Policy

2. Creative Industry and Cultural Policy in Asia Reconsidered
Anthony Fung

3. Creative Industries and Cool Japan
Koichi Iwabuchi

4. Before the Gold Rush: Culture Without Industry in China
Michael Keane

Part II. Regional Game Industries

5. Globalizing the Chinese Online Game Industry: From Incubation and Hybridization to Structural Expansion in the Past Two Decades
Carlos K. F. Cheung, Anthony Fung

6. The Role of Dual Institutional- and Technological Entrepreneurship in the Formation of the Japanese Social-Game Industry
Mirko Ernkvist

7. Revisiting Creative Industry Models for Game Industry Development in Southeast Asia
Pei-chi Chung

8. The Globally Integrated Network of South Korean Online Game Industry
Pei-chi Chung

9. Media Globalization of Cultural Industries in the Twenty-First Century: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Online Gaming Industry
Lai Chi Chen

10. A Patchwork of Potential: A Survey of the European Game Industry
David B. Nieborg, Jeroen de Kloet

11. Contested Reception of the Free-To-Play Business Model in the North American Video Game Market
Matthew M. Chew

Part III. Mobile Play

12. Beyond the Game of Cat and Mouse: Challenges of Discoverability and Piracy in the Mobile Gaming Market
Elaine Jing Zhao

13. The Place of the Mobile Play: Camera Phone Play and Gamified Locative Media
Larissa Hjorth

Part IV. Online Games

14. Online Game Worlds as a Virtual Co-presence across National Borders
Holin Lin, Chuen-Tsai Sun

15. The Decline of MMOs
Richard A. Bartle

16. Governance Challenges in the Global Games Industry
Darryl Woodford

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Cultural Policy and Politics, Asian Culture, Game Theory, Industries, Youth Culture

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Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business
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