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International Handbook on Adolescent Health and Development

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Table of contents

Part I. A Snapshot of Adolescent Health and Development Globally and from Selected Countries

1. The Epidemiology of Adolescent Health
Elizabeth Saewyc

2. Deconstructing Adolescence
Annulla Linders

3. Adolescent Health in Cuba
Mercedes Esquivel Lauzurique

4. Adolescent Health, Development, and the Public Health Response in Japan
Miyuki Nagamatsu, Yukiko Hamada, Takeshi Sato

Part II. Adolescent Health Conditions and Public Health Response

5. Injuries in Adolescents: The Public Health Response
Joan Ozanne-Smith, Jennifer Pilgrim, Jennie Oxley

6. Adolescent Mental Health: The Public Health Response
Swaran P. Singh, Cathy Winsper

7. Restorative Justice and Adolescent Health
Stefaan Pleysier, Inge Vanfraechem, Lode Walgrave

8. Adolescent Sexual Health and Sexuality Education
Margo Mullinax, Sanyukta Mathur, John Santelli

9. ‘Adolescent’ Sexual and Reproductive Health: Controversies, Rights, and Justice
Catriona Ida Macleod

10. Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Adolescents
Sanyukta Mathur, Margo Mullinax, John S. Santelli

11. Critical Issues in Adolescent Nutrition: Needs and Recommendations
Marilyn Massey-Stokes, Alejandra Quezada

12. Juvenile Justice and Adolescent Health: Crime, Punishment, and Life-Course Trajectory
Mary E. Dillon

13. Legalizing Marijuana and Its Effect on Adolescent Behavior and Health in the USA: Risk and Opportunity
Andrew L. Cherry, Mary E. Dillon

14. Adolescents with Chronic Conditions
Richard E. Bélanger, Joan-Carles Surís

Part III. Adolescent Responsive Health and Social Systems

15. Quality Health Care for Adolescents
Valentina Baltag, Susan M. Sawyer

16. Toward an Adolescent Competent Workforce
Susan M. Sawyer, Valentina Baltag

17. How an Adolescent Health Curriculum Was Implemented in Portugal
Helena Fonseca

18. Assessing Adolescent Capacity for Decision Making in Clinical Care: The Practical Application of Bioethics and Human Rights Principles
Pierre-André Michaud

19. Financial Protection for Adolescents’ Health Care
Catriona Waddington, Claudia Sambo

20. Alice in Wonderland: Adolescents and Digital Technologies
Pierre-André Michaud, Caroline Free

21. Medical and Social Support to Adolescents in the Russian Federation
Aleksandr Kulikov, Karina Vartanova, Pavel Krotin

22. Policy Impact of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on Street Youth and Juvenile Delinquency in Chile
Claudia Reyes-Quilodrán, Liliana Guerra-Aburto, Guillermo E. Sanhueza, Hilary Jones, Jorge Delva

23. Adolescent Issues in India: Toward a Rights-Based Approach
Vijayan K. Pillai, Ya-Chien Wang, Arati Maleku

Part IV. Pairing Children with Health Services: The Role of School Health Services

24. Pairing Children with Health Services: The Changing Role of School Health Services in the Twenty-first Century
Valentina Baltag, Elizabeth Saewyc

25. School Health Services in Former Socialist Countries: Case Studies from Albania, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, and Ukraine
Valentina Baltag, Susanne Stronski, David Pattison

26. School Nursing: Making a Difference in Adolescent Health and Well-Being
Wendy Nicholson, Gillian Turner

27. School Health Services to Meet Adolescent Needs in the USA
Erin D. Maughan, Martha Dewey Bergren

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Child and School Psychology, Pediatrics

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