Sadovnichiy, Victor A.

Advances in Dynamical Systems and Control

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Table of contents

Part I. Applied Methods of Modern Algebra and Analysis

1. Convergence Almost Everywhere of Orthorecursive Expansions in Functional Systems
Vladimir V. Galatenko, Taras P. Lukashenko, Victor A. Sadovnichiy

2. Billiard Systems as the Models for the Rigid Body Dynamics
Victoria V. Fokicheva, Anatoly T. Fomenko

3. Uniform Global Attractors for Nonautonomous Evolution Inclusions
Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky, Pavlo O. Kasyanov

4. Minimal Networks: A Review
Alexander O. Ivanov, Alexey A. Tuzhilin

5. Generalized Pisot Numbers and Matrix Decomposition
Nikolai M. Dobrovol’skii, Nikolai N. Dobrovolsky, Irina N. Balaba, Irina Yu. Rebrova, Dmitrii K. Sobolev, Valentina N. Soboleva

6. On the Periodicity of Continued Fractions in Hyperelliptic Fields
Gleb V. Fedorov

7. Method of Resolving Functions for the Differential-Difference Pursuit Game for Different-Inertia Objects
Lesia V. Baranovska

Part II. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems

8. Characterization of Pullback Attractors for Multivalued Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems
Jacson Simsen, José Valero

9. Global Attractors for Discontinuous Dynamical Systems with Multi-valued Impulsive Perturbations
Oleksiy V. Kapustyan, Iryna V. Romaniuk

10. A Random Model for Immune Response toVirus in Fluctuating Environments
Yusuke Asai, Tomás Caraballo, Xiaoying Han, Peter E. Kloeden

11. Some Aspects Concerning the Dynamics of Stochastic Chemostats
Tomás Caraballo, María J. Garrido-Atienza, Javier López-de-la-Cruz

12. Higher-Order Allen–Cahn Models withLogarithmic Nonlinear Terms
Laurence Cherfils, Alain Miranville, Shuiran Peng

13. Uniform Global Attractor for Nonautonomous Reaction–Diffusion Equations with Carathéodory’s Nonlinearity
Nataliia V. Gorban, Liliia S. Paliichuk

14. Some Problems Connected with the Thue–Morse and Fibonacci Sequences
Francisco Balibrea

15. Existence of Chaos in a Restricted Oligopoly Model with Investment Periods
Jose S. Cánovas

Part III. Fundamental and Computational Mechanics

16. Two Thermodynamic Laws as the Forth and the Fifth Integral Postulates of Continuum Mechanics
Boris E. Pobedria, Dimitri V. Georgievskii

17. Flow Control Near a Square Prism with the Help of Frontal Flat Plates
Iryna M. Gorban, Olha V. Khomenko

18. Long-Time Behavior of State Functions for Badyko Models
Nataliia V. Gorban, Mark O. Gluzman, Pavlo O. Kasyanov, Alla M. Tkachuk

Part IV. Optimization, Control and Decision Making

19. Adaptive Control of Impulse Processes in Complex Systems Cognitive Maps with Multirate Coordinates Sampling
Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky, Victor D. Romanenko, Yuriy L. Milyavsky

20. Estimation of Consistency of Fuzzy Pairwise Comparison Matrices using a Defuzzification Method
Nataliya D. Pankratova, Nadezhda I. Nedashkovskaya

21. Approximate Optimal Control forParabolic–Hyperbolic Equations withNonlocal Boundary Conditions andGeneral Quadratic Quality Criterion
Volodymyr O. Kapustyan, Ivan O. Pyshnograiev

22. On Approximate Regulator in Linear-Quadratic Problem with Distributed Control and Rapidly Oscillating Parameters
Oleksiy V. Kapustyan, Alina V. Rusina

23. The Optimal Control Problem with Minimum Energy for One Nonlocal Distributed System
Olena A. Kapustian, Oleg K. Mazur

24. Optimality Conditions for L^1


-Control inCoefficients of a Degenerate Nonlinear Elliptic Equation
Peter I. Kogut, Olha P. Kupenko

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences

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Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
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22 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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