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Voting Experiments

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
André Blais, Jean-François Laslier, Karine Straeten

Part I. Processing Information About Candidates/Voting Correctly

2. Deciding Correctly: Variance in the Effective Use of Party Cues
Jennifer L. Merolla, Laura B. Stephenson, Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

3. The Company Makes the Feast. Party Constellations, Campaign Context and Issue Voting in Multi-party Systems
Konstantin Vössing, Till Weber

4. Candidate Extremity, Information Environments, and Affective Polarization: Three Experiments Using Dynamic Process Tracing
Mona S. Kleinberg, Richard R. Lau

5. Common Knowledge and Voter Coordination: Experimental Evidence from Mali
Jessica Gottlieb

Part II. Impact of Polls on the Decision to Vote or to Abstain

6. Are People More or Less Inclined to Vote When Aggregate Turnout Is High?
André Blais, Rafael Hortala-Vallve

7. Visibility and Sanctions: The Social Norm of Voting in the Lab
Aina Gallego, Carol Galais, Marc Guinjoan, Jean-Michel Lavoie, André Blais

Part III. Impact of Polls on Candidate Choice: Bandwagon Effect and Strategic Voting

8. Experiments on the Effects of Opinion Polls and Implications for Laws Banning Pre-election Polling
Todd Donovan, Shaun Bowler

9. Polls, Partisanship, and Voter Decision-Making: An Experimental Analysis
Shane P. Singh, Jason Roy, Patrick Fournier

10. Coalitions, Coordination and Electoral Choice: A Lab Experimental Study of Strategic Voting
Annika Fredén

11. Patterns of Strategic Voting in Run-Off Elections
Karine Straeten, Jean-François Laslier, André Blais

12. Strategic Voting and Personality Traits
Cengiz Erisen, André Blais

Part IV. Methodological Debate and Innovations

13. Individual Behavior Under Evaluative Voting: A Comparison Between Laboratory and In Situ Experiments
Herrade Igersheim, Antoinette Baujard, Frédéric Gavrel, Jean-François Laslier, Isabelle Lebon

14. Recruiting for Laboratory Voting Experiments: Exploring the (Potential) Sampling Bias
Damien Bol, Simon Labbé St-Vincent, Jean-Michel Lavoie

15. Measuring Perceptions of Candidate Viability in Voting Experiments
Simon Labbé St-Vincent, André Blais, Martial Foucault, Jean-François Laslier, Nicolas Sauger, Karine Straeten

16. Electoral System and Number of Candidates: Candidate Entry Under Plurality and Majority Runoff
Damien Bol, André Blais, Jean-François Laslier, Antonin Macé

17. Through the Polling Booth Curtain: A Visual Experiment on Citizens’ Behaviour Inside the Polling Booth
Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Economy, Social Choice/Welfare Economics/Public Choice, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Behavioral/Experimental Economics, Political Theory, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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