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High Dimensional Probability VII

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Table of contents

Part I. Inequalities and Convexity

1. Stability of Cramer’s Characterization of Normal Laws in Information Distances
Sergey Bobkov, Gennadiy Chistyakov, Friedrich Götze

2. V.N. Sudakov’s Work on Expected Suprema of Gaussian Processes
Richard M. Dudley

3. Optimal Concentration of Information Content for Log-Concave Densities
Matthieu Fradelizi, Mokshay Madiman, Liyao Wang

4. Maximal Inequalities for Dependent Random Variables
Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen

5. On the Order of the Central Moments of the Length of the Longest Common Subsequences in Random Words
Christian Houdré, Jinyong Ma

6. A Weighted Approximation Approach to the Study of the Empirical Wasserstein Distance
David M. Mason

7. On the Product of Random Variables and Moments of Sums Under Dependence
Magda Peligrad

8. The Expected Norm of a Sum of Independent Random Matrices: An Elementary Approach
Joel A. Tropp

9. Fechner’s Distribution and Connections to Skew Brownian Motion
Jon A. Wellner

Part II. Limit Theorems

10. Erdős-Rényi-Type Functional Limit Laws for Renewal Processes
Paul Deheuvels, Joseph G. Steinebach

11. Limit Theorems for Quantile and Depth Regions for Stochastic Processes
James Kuelbs, Joel Zinn

12. In Memory of Wenbo V. Li’s Contributions
Qi-Man Shao

Part III. Stochastic Processes

13. Orlicz Integrability of Additive Functionals of Harris Ergodic Markov Chains
Radosław Adamczak, Witold Bednorz

14. Bounds for Stochastic Processes on Product Index Spaces
Witold Bednorz

15. Permanental Vectors and Selfdecomposability
Nathalie Eisenbaum

16. Permanental Random Variables, M-Matrices and α-Permanents
Michael B. Marcus, Jay Rosen

17. Convergence in Law Implies Convergence in Total Variation for Polynomials in Independent Gaussian, Gamma or Beta Random Variables
Ivan Nourdin, Guillaume Poly

Part IV. High Dimensional Statistics

18. Perturbation of Linear Forms of Singular Vectors Under Gaussian Noise
Vladimir Koltchinskii, Dong Xia

19. Optimal Kernel Selection for Density Estimation
Matthieu Lerasle, Nelo Molter Magalhães, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret

Keywords: Mathematics, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

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Progress in Probability
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28 pages
Natural Sciences
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