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Road Vehicle Automation 3

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Automated Vehicles Symposium 2015
Steven E. Shladover, Jane Lappin, Robert P. Denaro

Part I. Public Sector Activities

2. A National Project in Japan: Innovation of Automated Driving for Universal Services
Hajime Amano, Takahiko Uchimura

3. Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI)—Advancing Mobility Solutions for All
Mohammed Yousuf, Jeffrey Spencer, Robert Sheehan, Louis Armendariz

4. DOE SMART Mobility: Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation
Reuben Sarkar, Jacob Ward

5. Automated Driving Policy
Bryant Walker Smith

6. How Local Governments Can Plan for Autonomous Vehicles
Lauren Isaac

Part II. Human Factors and Challenges

7. Shifting Paradigms and Conceptual Frameworks for Automated Driving
Patrice Reilhac, Nick Millett, Katharina Hottelart

8. Truck Automation: Testing and Trusting the Virtual Driver
Steven Underwood, Daniel Bartz, Alex Kade, Mark Crawford

9. Automated Vehicles: Take-Over Request and System Prompt Evaluation
Myra Blanco, Jon Atwood, Holland M. Vasquez, Tammy E. Trimble, Vikki L. Fitchett, Joshua Radlbeck, Gregory M. Fitch, Sheldon M. Russell

10. Motion Sickness in Automated Vehicles: The Elephant in the Room
Cyriel Diels, Jelte E. Bos, Katharina Hottelart, Patrice Reilhac

11. Potential Solutions to Human Factors Challenges in Road Vehicle Automation
Bobbie D. Seppelt, Trent W. Victor

Part III. Ethics, Energy and Technology Perspectives

12. Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Travel Behavior and Energy Use
Jonathan Rubin

13. The Socio-Economic Impact of Urban Road Automation Scenarios: CityMobil2 Participatory Appraisal Exercise
Carlo Sessa, Adriano Alessandrini, Maxime Flament, Suzanne Hoadley, Francesca Pietroni, Daniele Stam

14. Synergies of Connectivity, Automation and Electrification of Road Vehicles
Gereon Meyer

Part IV. Vehicle Systems and Technologies Development

15. Connected Truck Automation
Joshua P. Switkes, Steve Boyd

16. Validation and Verification of Automated Road Vehicles
Venkatesh Agaram, Frank Barickman, Felix Fahrenkrog, Edward Griffor, Ibro Muharemovic, Huei Peng, Jeremy Salinger, Steven Shladover, William Shogren

17. Trustworthy Foundation for CAVs in an Uncertain World: From Wireless Networking, Sensing, and Control to Software-Defined Infrastructure
Hongwei Zhang, Le Yi Wang, George Yin, Shengbo Eben Li, Keqiang Li, Jing Hua, Yeuhua Wang, Chuan Li, Hai Jin

18. Enabling Technologies for Vehicle Automation
Mohammed Yousuf, Daniel J. Dailey, Sudharson Sundararajan, Ram Kandarpa

19. Technical Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Automated Driving
Felix Fahrenkrog, Christian Rösener, Adrian Zlocki, Lutz Eckstein

Part V. Transportation Infrastructure and Planning

20. Integrated Traffic Flow Models and Analysis for Automated Vehicles
Bart Arem, Montasir M. Abbas, Xiaopeng Li, Larry Head, Xuesong Zhou, Danjue Chen, Robert Bertini, Stephen P. Mattingly, Haizhong Wang, Gabor Orosz

21. Beyond Single Occupancy Vehicles: Automated Transit and Shared Mobility
Rongfang (Rachel) Liu, Daniel J. Fagnant, Wei-Bin Zhang

22. Vulnerable Road Users: How Can Automated Vehicle Systems Help to Keep Them Safe and Mobile?
Alma Siulagi, Jonathan F. Antin, Lisa J. Molnar, Sue Bai, Seleta Reynolds, Oliver Carsten, Ryan Greene-Roesel

23. Implications of Vehicle Automation for Planning
Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan, Scott Smith, Dimitris Milakis

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Transportation, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management

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