Jia, Junbo

Soil Dynamics and Foundation Modeling

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Table of contents

Part I. Soil Behavior and Dynamics

1. Soil Behavior
Junbo Jia

2. Dynamic and Cyclic Properties of Soils
Junbo Jia

3. Site-Response Analysis in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Junbo Jia

4. Record Selection for Performing Site-Specific Response Analysis
Junbo Jia

5. Soil–Structure Interaction
Junbo Jia

6. Seismic Testing
Junbo Jia

7. Liquefaction
Junbo Jia

8. Slope Stability Due to Seismic Loading
Junbo Jia

Part II. Offshore Structures and Earthquake Engineering

9. Offshore Structures and Hydrodynamic Modeling
Junbo Jia

10. Representation of Seismic Ground Motions
Junbo Jia

11. Seismic Hazard Assessment
Junbo Jia

Part III. Shallow Foundations

12. Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
Junbo Jia

13. Modeling of Shallow Foundation Dynamics
Junbo Jia

Part IV. Pile Foundations

14. Introduction to Deep Foundations
Junbo Jia

15. Capacity Control, Modeling of Pile Head Stiffness, and Mitigation Measures to Increase Pile Capacity
Junbo Jia

16. Lateral Force–Displacement of Piles—p-y Curve
Junbo Jia

17. Axial Force–Displacement of Piles: t-z and Q-z Curve
Junbo Jia

18. Torsional Moment–Rotation Relationship
Junbo Jia

19. Modeling, Response Calculation, and Design of Piles Under Seismic Loading
Junbo Jia

20. Scour for Pile Foundations
Junbo Jia

21. Effects of Pile Group, Adjacent Structures, and Construction Activities
Junbo Jia

22. Grout Connections
Junbo Jia

23. Vertical Piles Versus Inclined/Battered/Raked Piles
Junbo Jia

24. Negative (Downward) Friction and Upward Movement
Junbo Jia

25. Anchor Piles
Junbo Jia

26. Suction Piles/Caissons
Junbo Jia

27. General Design Issues for Offshore Foundations and Relevant International Codes and Guidelines
Junbo Jia

Keywords: Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Building Construction and Design, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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