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Difficult Decisions in Colorectal Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Konstantin Umanskiy

2. Evaluating Evidence
W. Donald Buie

Part I. IBD

3. IBD: Management of Symptomatic Anal Fistulas in Patients with Crohn’s Disease
Lisa S. Poritz

4. IBD: Management of a Painful Anal Fissure and Skin Tags in Patients with Crohn’s Disease
Nicole M. Saur, Joshua I. S. Bleier

5. IBD: Elective Surgical Management in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis-How Many Stages?
Roger D. Hurst

6. Which Ulcerative Colitis Patients Should Not Have Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis
Scott A. Strong

7. Management of Pouch-Vaginal Fistulas
Ido Mizrahi, Steven D. Wexner

8. Crohn’s Colitis and Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis
C. Peirce, Feza H. Remzi

9. Steroid Management in Patients Undergoing Surgery for IBD
Karen Zaghiyan, Phillip Fleshner

10. IBD: Management of Dysplasia in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis
Tara M. Connelly, Walter A. Koltun

11. Post-operative Prophylaxis in Patients with Crohn’s Disease
Jonathan Erlich, David T. Rubin

Part II. Colon Cancer

12. Follow-Up in Patient’s After Curative Resection for Colon Cancer Surveillance for Colon Cancer
Clifford L. Simmang

13. Management of Patients with Acute Large Bowel Obstruction from Colon Cancer
Marc A. Singer, Bruce A. Orkin

14. Utility of Primary Tumor Resection in Asymptomatic, Unresectable Metastatic Colon and Rectal Cancer
Michael Pezold, Geoffrey K. Ku, Larissa K. Temple

15. Management of Large Sessile Cecal Polyps
Brett Howe, Richard L. Whelan

16. Stage II Colon Cancer: Towards an Individualized Approach
Blase N. Polite

Part III. Rectal Cancer

17. Rectal Cancer: Management of T1 Rectal Cancer
Woon Kyung Jeong, Jose G. Guillem

18. Management of T2 Rectal Cancer
Peter A. Cataldo

19. Clinical Complete Response after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer: Operative or Non-Operative Management?
Miranda Kusters, Julio Garcia-Aguilar

20. Management of the Patient with Rectal Cancer Presenting with Synchronous Liver Metastasis
Shafik M. Sidani, Maher A. Abbas

21. Who Needs a Loop Ileostomy After Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer?
Walker Julliard, Gregory Kennedy

22. Selection Factors for Reoperative Surgery for Local Recurrent Rectal Cancer
Scott R. Kelley, David W. Larson

Part IV. Anal Dysplasia/Cancer

23. Anal Dysplasia/Cancer: Management of Patients with AIN 3
Amy L. Lightner, Mark L. Welton

24. Management of the Abnormal Pap Smear in HIV Positive Patients
Brad Champagne

Part V. Benign Colon Disease

25. Indications for Surgery in Patients with Severe Clostridium Difficile Colitis
Vikram Reddy, Walter Longo

26. Do We Need to Operate on Patients After Successful Percutaneous Drainage of a Diverticular Abscess?
Wolfgang B. Gaertner, Robert D. Madoff

27. The Role of Laparoscopic Peritoneal Lavage in the Operative Management of Hinchey III Diverticulitis
Lisa Marie Cannon

28. Surgery for Acute Complicated Diverticulitis: Hartmann vs. Primary Anastomosis
Nitin Mishra, David A. Etzioni

29. Who Needs Elective Surgery for Recurrent Diverticulitis?
Janice Rafferty

30. Deciding on an IRA vs. IPAA for FAP
James Church

31. Rectal Prolapse: What Is the Best Approach for Repair?
Saleh Eftaiha, Anders Mellgren

Part VI. Benign Anal Disease

32. Optimal Management of the Transsphincteric Anal Fistula
Richard T. Birkett, Jason F. Hall

33. Benign Anal Disease: Management of the Recurrent Anovaginal/Rectovaginal Fistula
Elise H. Lawson, Patricia L. Roberts

34. Benign Anal Disease: When to Operate on the Patient with an Anal Fissure
David J. Berler, Randolph M. Steinhagen

35. Anal Fissure: Recurrence After Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy
Christy Cauley, Liliana Bordeianou

36. Benign Anal Disease: Third Degree Hemorrhoids – Who Really Needs Surgery?
Aneel Damle, Justin Maykel

37. Which Patients with Fecal Incontinence Require Physiologic Workup?
Tracy Hull

38. Benign Anal Disease: Who Are the Right Candidates for Sacral Nerve Stimulation?
Teresa C. Rice, Ian M. Paquette

39. When Is an Anal Sphincter Repair Indicated?
Jan Rakinic, V. Prasad Poola

Part VII. Quality Improvement

40. Checklists in Surgery
Eric A. Sparks, Harry T. Papaconstantinou

41. Quality Improvement: Where Are We with Bowel Preps for Patients Undergoing Colon Resection?
Anthony J. Senagore

42. Quality Improvement: Are Fast Track Pathways for Laparoscopic Surgery Needed?
Avery S. Walker, Michael Keating, Scott R. Steele

43. Quality Improvement: Enhanced Recovery Pathways for Open Surgery
W. Conan Mustain, Conor P. Delaney

44. Quality Improvement: Preventing Readmission After Ileostomy Formation
Najjia N. Mahmoud, Emily Carter Paulson

Part VIII. Technique

45. Trans-anal Endoscopic Surgery vs. Conventional Transanal Surgery
Theodore J. Saclarides

46. Laparoscopic Versus Robotic Versus Open Surgery for Rectal Cancer
Campbell S. Roxburgh, Martin R. Weiser

47. Reservoir Construction After Low Anterior Resection: Who and What?
David A. Liska, Matthew F. Kalady

48. Conventional vs Single Port Approaches to Laparoscopic Colectomy
H. Hande Aydinli, Meg Costedio

49. Anastomotic Leak Management Following Low Anterior Resections
Nathan R. Smallwood, James W. Fleshman

50. Management of the Unhealed Perineal Wound After Proctectomy
Jesse Moore, Sean Wrenn

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Colorectal Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Proctology

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