Ecklund, James M.

Neurotrauma Management for the Severely Injured Polytrauma Patient

Ecklund, James M. - Neurotrauma Management for the Severely Injured Polytrauma Patient, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. General Principles and Trauma System Management

1. The Difficult Conversation
Leon E. Moores

2. Communication Between Teams and Multidisciplinary Rounds and Single Primary POC for Family Communication—Lessons Learned and Who’s in Charge?
A. B. Weisbrod, R. R. Armola, James R. Dunne

3. Mass Casualty Events and Your Hospital
Erich Gerhardt, Gary Vercruysse, Peter Rhee

4. Rural and Austere Environments
Jeffrey M. Lobosky

5. Prehospital Care and EMS Considerations in the Polytrauma Patient with CNS Injuries
Dan B. Avstreih, Scott D. Weir

Part II. Arrival at Facility

6. AIS Versus ISS Versus GCS—What’s Going on Here?
Mayur Jayarao, Shelly D. Timmons

7. Trauma Resuscitation and Fluid Considerations in the Polytrauma Patient with CNS Injury
George P. Liao, John B. Holcomb

8. Initial Imaging Considerations, Repeat Imaging Frequency
Krzysztof M. Bochenek

9. Evidence-Based Review of the Use of Steroids in Neurotrauma
Yiping Li, Kimberly Hamilton, Joshua Medow

10. Interventional Radiology in the Civilian Neurotrauma Setting
Richard M. Young, Jeffrey C. Mai

11. Vertebral Artery Injuries in Penetrating Neck and Cervical Spine Trauma
Ralph Rahme, John F. Hamilton

12. Clearing the Cervical Spine in Blunt Trauma
Margaret M. Griffen

13. Initial Evaluation and Management
Nilesh Vyas, Haralamos Gatos

14. Transport of the Neurotrauma Patient
Benjamin R. Huebner, Gina R. Dorlac, Warren C. Dorlac

Part III. The Operating Room/Damage Control

15. Multiple Surgical Teams in the O. R. at Once—Priority of Effort and Who Takes the Lead?
Neal D. Mehan, Matthew A. Bank, Jamie S. Ullman, Raj K. Narayan

16. Laparotomy for Refractory ICP
Craig Shriver, Amy Vertrees

17. Associated Musculoskeletal Injuries
James R. Ficke, Brian J. Neuman

18. Neuro Anesthetic Considerations
John Dunford

Part III. The Operating Room/Damage Control

19. Decompressive Craniectomy for Severe TBI
Charles A. Miller, Daniel J. Coughlin, Randy Bell

20. Hemodynamic Considerations in the Polytrauma Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Jing Wang, Laith Altaweel

21. Coagulopathy in Traumatic Brain Injury
John Dunford

22. Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis
Herb A. Phelan

23. Mechanical Ventilation in Traumatic Brain Injury
Christopher S. King, Laith Altaweel

24. Nutrition, Antibiotics, and Post-traumatic Seizure Prophylaxis
Erik J. Teicher, Christopher P. Michetti

25. Therapeutic Hypothermia for Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury
Shamir Haji, Geoffrey S. F. Ling

Part V. Follow Up Care and Rehabilitation

26. Rehabilitation in the Setting of Neurotrauma
Daniel Rhoades, Christian Bergman, Paul F. Pasquina

27. Craniofacial Reconstruction in the Polytrauma Patient
Raymond Harshbarger, Anand Kumar

28. Functional Restoration for Neurological Trauma: Current Therapies and Future Directions
James Leiphart

Part VI. Special Considerations

29. Pediatric Neurotrauma
Ann-Christine Duhaime

30. Care of Patients with Burns and Traumatic Brain Injury
Leopoldo C. Cancio, Basil A. Pruitt

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurosurgery, Traumatic Surgery, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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