Bhattacharjya, Rajib K.

Urban Hydrology, Watershed Management and Socio-Economic Aspects

Bhattacharjya, Rajib K. - Urban Hydrology, Watershed Management and Socio-Economic Aspects, ebook


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Table of contents

Part II. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Urban Hydrology

1. Impact of Slope and Vegetation on Hydrological Processes
Achintyamugdha S. Sharma, Dipankar Das, Kumari Koustuvee, Bhupali Dutta, Ruchika Agarwala, Sagar Sen, Dhrubajyoti Thakuria, Arup K. Sarma

2. Impact of Total and Effective Imperviousness on Runoff Prediction
Sahoo Sanat Nalini, P. Sreeja

3. Issues of Urban Drainage—Present Status and the Way Forward
Kapil Gupta

4. Optimal Allocation of Ecological Management Practices in a Hilly Urban Watershed
Banasri Sarma, Arup K. Sarma

Part III. Ground and Subsurface Water Hydrology of Urban Areas

5. Surface Runoff Depth by SCS Curve Number Method Integrated with Satellite Image and GIS Techniques
Thiyam Tamphasana Devi, Yashwant Baskar Katpatal

6. Study on the Impact of Land Use Changes on Urban Hydrology of Cochin, Kerala, India
Archana M. Nair, Lekshmi Mohanlal, C. R. Ayishath Nabeela, T. D. Aneesh, Reji Srinivas

7. Flood Plain Characterization of a River in Lower Assam Using Digital Elevation Model Data
Diganta Barman, Arup K. Sarma

Part IV. Application of Computational and Numerical Models in Urban Hydrology

8. Coastal Aquifer Management Models: A Comprehensive Review on Model Development
Rajib K. Bhattacharjya, Triptimoni Borah

9. Linked Optimization Model for Groundwater Monitoring Network Design
Deepesh Singh, Bithin Datta

10. Suction–Water Content Relationship for Hill Soil of North-East India
C. Malaya, S. Sreedeep

11. Ground Water Management—Sustainability and Methodology
Vishwajit Anand, Sumit Kumar

12. Water Supply System Planning by Artificial Groundwater Recharge from Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting
Sirajul Islam, Bipul Talukdar

Part V. Soft Computing Techniques in Urban Hydrology

13. Two-Dimensional Numerical Model for Urban Drainage System
Sudarshan Patowary, Arup K. Sarma

14. Need of Two-Dimensional Consideration for Modelling Urban Drainage
Hriday Mani Kalita, Arup K. Sarma

15. Modeling Well Level Fluctuations as Seismograph
Prerna Agrawal, Shweta Khemani, N. P. Dewangan, Amit Mishra

16. Flow Analysis in Compound Channel Considering Momentum Transfer Mechanism
Thappeta Suresh Kumar, Arup K. Sarma

17. Optimal Reservoir Operation with Environmental Flows for Ranganadi Hydroelectric Project in Arunachal Pradesh
Mudo Puming, Ram Kailash Prasad

Part VI. Socio-economic Aspects and Role of Society in Urbanization Impacts

18. Analysis of Water Distribution Network Using Epanet and Vertex Method
P. Sivakumar, Ram Kailash Prasad

19. Applications of Wavelet Transform Technique in Hydrology—A Brief Review
Khandekar Sachin Dadu, Paresh Chandra Deka

20. ANN and ANFIS Modeling of Failure Trend Analysis in Urban Water Distribution Network
Libi P. Markose, Paresh Chandra Deka

21. Effects of Data Pre-processing on the Prediction Accuracy of Artificial Neural Network Model in Hydrological Time Series
Aniruddha Gopal Banhatti, Paresh Chandra Deka

22. Urban Water Consumption Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
H. J. Surendra, Paresh Chandra Deka

Part VI. Socio-economic Aspects and Role of Society in Urbanization Impacts

23. Estimating Sustainable Carrying Capacity of Flood Prone Hilly Urban Areas
Arup K. Sarma, Banasri Sarma, Subhasish Das

24. A Perceptual Analysis of Living Environment and Academic Performance of Geography Students, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria
Irene D. Mngutyo, Benjamin Mngutyo

25. Empowering Community for River Basin Management
Bhaskar Chandrakar, N. P. Dewangan, Suraj Verma, Amit Mishra

26. Effect on Migrants Due to Urbanization: A Study of Slum Area in New Delhi
Simona Sarma, Bhaswati Choudhury

27. Role of Urban Local Bodies and Opportunities in Municipal Solid Waste Management
Waikhom Roshan Singh, Ajay S. Kalamdhad

28. Economic Evaluation of Transportation Project: A Case Study of Ferry System for IIT Guwahati
Abegaonkar Amit Anantrao, A. Mani Venkat Sai Kumar, A. K. Maurya

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Hydrology/Water Resources, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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