Adam, Emmanuel

Trends in Practical Applications of Scalable Multi-Agent Systems, the PAAMS Collection

Adam, Emmanuel - Trends in Practical Applications of Scalable Multi-Agent Systems, the PAAMS Collection, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Special Session on Agents Behaviours and Artificial Markets (ABAM)

1. An Agent-Based Model to Study the Impact of Convex Incentives on Financial Markets
Annalisa Fabretti, Tommy Gärling, Stefano Herzel, Martin Holmen

2. A Reexamination of High Frequency Trading Regulation Effectiveness in an Artificial Market Framework
Iryna Veryzhenko, Lise Arena, Etienne Harb, Nathalie Oriol

3. Optimization of Electricity Markets Participation with Simulated Annealing
Ricardo Faia, Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale

Part II. Special Session on Advances on Demand Response and Renewable Energy Sources in Agent Based Smart Grids (ADRESS)

4. Detection of Non-technical Losses in Smart Distribution Networks: A Review
Anna Fragkioudaki, Pedro Cruz-Romero, Antonio Gómez-Expósito, Jesús Biscarri, Manuel Jesús Tellechea, Ángel Arcos

5. A Multi-agent System Architecture for Microgrid Management
Sandra Garcia-Rodriguez, Hassan A. Sleiman, Vu-Quang-Anh Nguyen

6. Dynamic Energy Management Method with Demand Response Interaction Applied in an Office Building
Filipe Fernandes, Luis Gomes, Hugo Morais, Marco Silva, Zita Vale, Juan M. Corchado

7. Overview of Frequency Regulation Profitability Using Vehicle to Grid: Market Remuneration and Prosumer Behavior Impact
Lamya Abdeljalil Belhaj, Antoine Cannieux, Salomé Rioult, Arnaud Vernier

8. Intelligent Control of Energy Distribution Networks
Pablo Chamoso, Juan Francisco Paz, Javier Bajo, Gabriel Villarrubia

Part III. A Comparison of Accurate Indoor Localization of Static Targets via WiFi and UWB Ranging

9. A Comparison of Accurate Indoor Localization of Static Targets via WiFi and UWB Ranging
Stefania Monica, Federico Bergenti

10. New Architecture for Electric Bikes Control Based on Smartphones and Wireless Sensors
Jorge Revuelta, Gabriel Villarrubia, Alberto López Barriuso, Daniel Hernández, Álvaro Lozano, Marco Antonio Serna González

11. Smart Waste Collection Platform Based on WSN and Route Optimization
Álvaro Lozano Murciego, Gabriel Villarrubia González, Alberto López Barriuso, Daniel Hernández Iglesia, Jorge Revuelta Herrero, Juan Francisco Paz Santana

12. Using Computer Peripheral Devices to Measure Attentiveness
Dalila Durães, Davide Carneiro, Javier Bajo, Paulo Novais

13. Mobile Sensing Agents for Social Computing Environments
Javier Bajo, Andrew T. Campbell, Xia Zhou

Part IV. Special Sessions on Multi-Agent Systems and Ambient Intelligence (AMIRA)

14. A Proposal of a Multi-agent System Implementation for the Control of an Assistant Personal Robot
Dani Martínez, Eduard Clotet, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Jordi Palacín

15. Task Allocation in Evolved Communicating Homogeneous Robots: The Importance of Being Different
Onofrio Gigliotta

16. The Territorial Perception in Cooperative Harvesting Without Communication
Pasquale Caianiello, Giovanni Gasperis, Domenico Presutti

17. Negotiating and Executing Composite Tasks for QoS-Aware Teams of Robots
Silvia Rossi, Claudia Napoli, Francesco Barile, Alessandra Rossi, Mariacarla Staffa

Part V. Special Sessions on Multi-Agent Systems and Ambient Intelligence (LAFL)

18. Core Features of an Agent-Oriented Domain-Specific Language for JADE Agents
Federico Bergenti, Eleonora Iotti, Agostino Poggi

19. Forgetting Methods for White Box Learning
Anthony D’Amato, Matthieu Boussard

20. Underspecified Quantification by the Theory of Acyclic Recursion
Roussanka Loukanova

21. Towards Quantitative Networks of Polarized Evolutionary Processors: A Bio-Inspired Computational Model with Numerical Evaluations
Sandra Gómez Canaval, Karina Jiménez, Alfonso Ortega Puente, Stanislav Vakaruk

Part VI. Special Sessions on Multi-Agent Systems and Ambient Intelligence (MASAI)

22. Using SPL to Develop AAL Systems Based on Self-adaptive Agents
Inmaculada Ayala, Mercedes Amor, Lidia Fuentes

23. Multi-agent-Based Framework for Prevention of Violence Against Women: Scenarios in Google Maps
Joaquin Losilla, Teresa Olivares, Antonio Fernández-Caballero

24. A Greedy Algorithm for Reproducing Crowds
Rafael Pax, Jorge J. Gómez-Sanz

25. ADELE: A Middleware for Supporting the Evolution of Multi-agents Systems Based on a Metaprogramming Approach
Pablo Pico-Valencia, Juan A. Holgado-Terriza

26. Towards an Architecture for a Scalable and Collaborative AmI Environment
Cristina Roda, Arturo Rodríguez, Elena Navarro, Víctor López-Jaquero, Pascual González

Part VII. Special Session on Web Mining and Recommender Systems (WebMiRes)

27. SemPMF: Semantic Inclusion by Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Recommender System
Nidhi Kushwaha, Xudong Sun, O. P. Vyas, Artus Krohn-Grimberghe

28. Framework for Retrieving Relevant Contents Related to Fashion from Online Social Network Data
Nhan Cach Dang, Fernando Prieta, Juan Manuel Corchado, María N. Moreno

29. Twitter User Clustering Based on Their Preferences and the Louvain Algorithm
Daniel López Sánchez, Jorge Revuelta, Fernando Prieta, Ana B. Gil-González, Cach Dang

Part VIII. A Proposal to Combine Depth Information from LIDAR and RGB-D Sensors in an Assistant Personal Robot

30. A Proposal to Combine Depth Information from LIDAR and RGB-D Sensors in an Assistant Personal Robot
Eduard Clotet, Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Jordi Palacín

31. A Distributed Algorithm for Topology Discovery in Software-Defined Networks
Leonardo Ochoa-Aday, Cristina Cervelló-Pastor, Adriana Fernández-Fernández

32. A Distributed Energy-Aware Routing Algorithm in Software-Defined Networks
Adriana Fernández-Fernández, Cristina Cervelló-Pastor, Leonardo Ochoa-Aday

33. Development of a Scheduler for Heterogeneous Telescope Networks with Different Decision Algorithms
Carmen López-Casado, Carlos Pérez-del-Pulgar, Víctor F. Muñoz

34. On Verifying Information Extractors
Daniel Ayala Hernández

35. Kizomba: An Unsupervised Heuristic-Based Web Information Extractor
Juan C. Roldán

36. Organizational Metamodel for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Bogdan Okreša Đurić

37. On Link Discovery Using Link Specifications with Context-Information
Andrea Cimmino

38. Torii: A Novel Attribute-Based Polarity Analysis
Fernando O. Gallego

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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