Fernández-Caballero, Antonio

Ambient Intelligence- Software and Applications – 7th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2016)

Fernández-Caballero, Antonio - Ambient Intelligence- Software and Applications – 7th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2016), ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Benchmark Dataset for Human Activity Recognition and Ambient Assisted Living
Giuseppe Amato, Davide Bacciu, Stefano Chessa, Mauro Dragone, Claudio Gallicchio, Claudio Gennaro, Hector Lozano, Alessio Micheli, Gregory M. P. O’Hare, Arantxa Renteria, Claudio Vairo

2. An Enhanced Real Space Through Temporally Connecting Real and Virtual Scenes
Fumiko Ishizawa, Tatsuo Nakajima

3. Detecting Social Interactions in Working Environments Through Sensing Technologies
Juan Antonio Álvarez-García, Álvaro Arcos García, Stefano Chessa, Luigi Fortunati, Michele Girolami

4. Estimation of the Optimum Speed to Minimize the Driver Stress Based on the Previous Behavior
Victor Corcoba Magaña, Mario Muñoz Organero, Juan Antonio Álvarez-García, Jorge Yago Fernández Rodríguez

5. Using Topic Modelling Algorithms for Hierarchical Activity Discovery
Eoin Rogers, John D. Kelleher, Robert J. Ross

6. Estimating the Physical Activity with Smartphones: Analysis of the Device Position and Comparison with GT3X+ Actigraph
Victor H. Rodriguez, Carlos Medrano, Inmaculada Plaza, Cristina Corella, Alberto Abarca, Jose A. Julian

7. An Application for Mobile Devices Focused on Clinical Decision Support: Diabetes Mellitus Case
Lucas Felipe Klein, Sandro José Rigo, Sílvio César Cazella, Ângela Jornada Ben

8. Customized Normalization Method to Enhance the Clustering Process of Consumption Profiles
Catarina Ribeiro, Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale

9. Dynamic Traffic Light Control System Based on Process Synchronization Among Connected Vehicles
Khac-Hoai Nam Bui, O-Joun Lee, Jason J. Jung, David Camacho

10. Developing an Individualized Survival Prediction Model for Colon Cancer
Ana Silva, Tiago Oliveira, Paulo Novais, José Neves, Pedro Leão

11. Providing Advanced Touristic Services by Means of Augmented Reality and Multimodal Dialog
David Griol, José Manuel Molina

12. Creating Virtual Humans with Game Engines for Evaluate Ambient Assisted Living Scenarios
Manuel Sánchez Palacios, Juan Antonio Álvarez-García, Luis Miguel Soria, Damián Fernández Cerero

13. Metabolic.Care: A Novel Solution Based on a Thermography for Detection of Diabetic Foot
Virginie Felizardo, Hugo Rodrigues, Nuno C. Garcia, Celina Alexandre, Daniel Oliveira, Paula Sousa, Nuno M. Garcia, Nuno Pombo

14. Identification of Activities of Daily Living Using Sensors Available in off-the-shelf Mobile Devices: Research and Hypothesis
Ivan Miguel Pires, Nuno M. Garcia, Nuno Pombo, Francisco Flórez-Revuelta

15. Vox4Health: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study for the Evaluation of a Mobile Voice Screening Application
Laura Verde, Giuseppe Pietro, Giovanna Sannino

16. Assessing Interpersonal Trust in an Ambient Intelligence Negotiation System
Marco Gomes, Cesar Analide, Paulo Novais

17. A Persuasive Cognitive Assistant System
Angelo Costa, Stella Heras, Javier Palanca, Paulo Novais, Vicente Julián

18. Preliminary Study of Classifier Fusion Based Indoor Positioning Method
Yuki Miyashita, Mahiro Oura, Juan F. Paz, Kenji Matsui, Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan M. Corchado

19. Providing Wellness Services Using Real Time Analytics
Daniel Araújo, André Pimenta, Davide Carneiro, Paulo Novais

20. Smart Cities Simulation Environment for Intelligent Algorithms Evaluation
Pablo Chamoso, Juan F. Paz, Sara Rodríguez, Javier Bajo

21. Hash-Chain Based Authentication for IoT Devices and REST Web-Services
António Pinto, Ricardo Costa

22. Smart Computer-Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation for the Ageing Population
Miguel Oliver, Pascual González, Francisco Montero, José Pascual Molina, Antonio Fernández-Caballero

23. EEG Mapping for Arousal Level Quantification Using Dynamic Quadratic Entropy
Arturo Martínez-Rodrigo, Beatriz García-Martínez, Raúl Alcaraz, José Manuel Pastor, Antonio Fernández-Caballero

24. ARISTARKO: A Software Framework for Physiological Data Acquisition
Arturo Martínez-Rodrigo, José Manuel Pastor, Roberto Zangróniz, César Sánchez-Meléndez, Antonio Fernández-Caballero

25. Vowel Recognition from RGB-D Facial Information
José Carlos Castillo, Irene P. Encinar, Alfonso Conti-Morera, Álvaro Castro González, Miguel Ángel Salichs

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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