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Basic Science of PET Imaging

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Table of contents

Part I. Physics, Radiation Safety and Dosimetry of PET

1. Basic Radiation Physics
Taher Hosny, Eman Al-Anezi, Magdy M. Khalil

2. Radiation Safety and CT Dosimetry in PET/CT Imaging
Debbie Peet, Sue Edyvean

3. Radiation Dosimetry of PET Imaging
Michael G. Stabin

Part II. PET Chemistry and Regulation of PET Radiopharmaceuticals

4. Chemistry of PET Radiopharmaceuticals: Labelling Strategies
Stefano Boschi, Filippo Lodi

5. Quality Control of PET Radiopharmaceuticals
Filippo Lodi, Stefano Boschi

6. Regulation of PET Radiopharmaceuticals Production in Europe
James R. Ballinger, Jacek Koziorowski

7. Regulatory Aspects of PET Radiopharmaceutical Production in the United States
Joseph C. Hung

Part III. PET Physics and Instrumentation

8. PET Physics and Instrumentation
Srilalan Krishnamoorthy, Jeffrey P. Schmall, Suleman Surti

9. PET/MR: Basics and New Developments
Magdy M. Khalil

10. PET Calibration, Acceptance Testing, and Quality Control
Magnus Dahlbom

Part IV. PET Image Reconstruction, Processing and Quantitation

11. PET Image Reconstruction: Methodology and Quantitative Accuracy
Bing Bai, Evren Asma

12. Image Processing and Analysis of PET and Hybrid PET Imaging
Issam Naqa

13. Basics and Advances of Quantitative PET Imaging
Magdy M. Khalil

14. Compartmental Modeling in PET Kinetics
Hiroshi Watabe

Part V. PET Imaging Artifacts and Correction Techniques

15. Partial Volume Correction in PET Imaging
Kjell Erlandsson

16. Motion Artifacts and Correction Techniques in PET/CT
Tinsu Pan

Part VI. Scientific and Clinical Basis of PET Applications

17. Physiologic and Molecular Basis of PET in Cancer Imaging
Abhishek Mahajan, Gary Cook

18. Clinical Applications of PET/CT in Oncology
Abhishek Mahajan, Gary Cook

19. Cardiac PET Imaging: Principles and New Developments
Ran Klein, Robert deKemp

20. PET in Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders: Technologic Advances and Clinical Applications
Andreas Matusch, Tina Kroll

21. Role of PET/CT in Pediatric Malignancy
Joe Barfett, Reza Vali, Amer Shammas

22. Role of PET/CT in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Maria Picchio, Elena Incerti, Nadia Muzio

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology

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