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Hemodialysis Access

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Table of contents

Part I. Historical Perspectives and Current State of End Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis

1. Historical Perspectives on Hemodialysis Access
Sherene Shalhub

2. The Natural History of Hemodialysis Access
Fionnuala C. Cormack

3. The Current State of Hemodialysis Access and Dialysis Access Initiatives in the United States
Matthew B. Rivara, Rajnish Mehrotra

4. Hemodialysis Access Outcomes and Quality Improvement Initiatives in the United States
Devin S. Zarkowsky, Philip P. Goodney

5. Coding and Billing for Hemodialysis Access Procedures in the United States
Sean P. Roddy

6. Vascular Access: Experiences in the Aged Japanese Society
Sachiko Hirotani, Shinya Kaname, Shinobu Gamou

7. Hemodialysis Access: Fundamentals and Advanced Management, the Experience in Taiwan
Shang-Feng Yang, Kuo-Hua Lee, Chih-Ching Lin

8. Ethical Issues in Hemodialysis
Thomas R. McCormick

Part II. Hemodialysis Access Planning

9. Timing of Hemodialysis Access
Mark R. Nehler

10. Preoperative Considerations and Imaging
Ted Kohler

11. Strategies of Arteriovenous Dialysis Access
Bao-Ngoc Nguyen, Anton Sidawy

12. Anesthesia and Perioperative Management Considerations for the Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis Access Procedures
Koichiro Nandate, Susanna Shin

Part III. Creating Hemodialysis Access

13. Hemodialysis Access Catheters
Christopher R. Ingraham, Karim Valji

14. The Role of Routine Venography Prior to Fistula Creation
Berry Fairchild, Ali Azizzadeh

15. Direct Anastomosis: Cephalic Vein Hemodialysis Access
Rachel Heneghan, Niten Singh

16. Forearm Vein Transposition
Jennifer L. Worsham, Charlie C. Cheng, Zulfiqar F. Cheema, Grant T. Fankhauser, Michael B. Silva

17. Brachiobasilic Arteriovenous Fistula
Sherene Shalhub

18. Hemodialysis Grafts
Shawn M. Gage, Ehsan Benrashid, Linda M. Youngwirth, Jeffrey H. Lawson

Part IV. Hemodialysis Access Use and Assessment

19. Current Hemodialysis Techniques
Lynda K. Ball

20. Outpatient Surveillance at the Dialysis Center
Suhail Ahmad

21. Detecting Pending Hemodialysis Access Failure: The Physical Exam
Felix Vladimir, Suhail Ahmad, Sherene Shalhub

22. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Creation and Maintenance of Hemodialysis Access
Gale L. Tang

23. Duplex Examination of the Hemodialysis Access
R. Eugene Zierler

Part V. Hemodialysis Access in Special Populations and Ethical Issues

24. Considerations in Pediatric Hemodialysis Access
Beatriz V. Leong, Sarah M. Wartman, Vincent L. Rowe

25. Hemodialysis in the Morbidly Obese
Marlin Wayne Causey, Niten Singh

26. Creating Hemodialysis Access in Intravenous Drug Users: A Vascular Surgeon’s Perspective
Nam T. Tran

Part VI. Hemodialysis Access Dysfunction and Advanced Techniques

27. The Immature Arteriovenous Fistula
Dean Klinger

28. Understanding Intimal Hyperplasia Biology in Hemodialysis Access
Seth T. Purcell, Shruti Rao, Ruth L. Bush

29. Arterial Inflow Stenosis
C. Ingraham, G. Johnson, S. Padia, Sandeep Vaidya

30. Hemodialysis Outflow Vein Stenosis
Eduardo Rodriguez, Karl A. Illig

31. Central Venous Stenosis and Occlusion
Andrew E. Leake, Ellen D. Dillavou

32. The Hemodialysis Reliable Outflow (HeRO) Graft
Shawn Gage, David Ranney, Jeffrey Lawson

33. Hemodialysis Access: Fundamentals and Advanced Management
April Rodriguez, Sherene Shalhub

34. The Infected Hemodialysis Access
Animesh Rathore, Audra A. Duncan

35. The Thrombosed Hemodialysis Access
Edward Caldwell, George H. Meier

36. Understanding Hemodialysis Access Recirculation
Susanna H. Shin

37. Dialysis Access-Related Steal Syndrome and Neuropathy
Sung Wan Ham, Sukgu M. Ham, Steve Katz

38. Cardiopulmonary Complications of Hemodialysis Access
Mariel Rivero, Linda M. Harris

Part VII. Hemodialysis Alternatives

39. Renal Transplant Referral and Criteria
Lena Sibulesky, Priyanka Govindan, Ramasamy Bakthavatsalam

40. Peritoneal Dialysis
Jared Kray, W. Kirt Nichols

41. Home Hemodialysis
Brent W. Miller

42. Portable and Wearable Dialysis Devices for the Treatment of Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease
Cheong J. Lee, Peter J. Rossi

43. The Outpatient Dialysis Access Center
Deepak Nair

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Nephrology, Transplant Surgery

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