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Financial Environment and Business Development

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Table of contents

Part I. Banking and Finance

1. Estimation of Efficiency Change in the Czech Banking Sector Employing the Window Malmquist Approach
Iveta Palečková

2. An Assessment of the Paper Industry Firms Listed in Borsa Istanbul Using Entropy-Based MAUT Method
Mehmet Apan, Ahmet Oztel, Mehmet Islamoglu

3. Impact of Integrated Communication on Entrepreneurial Companies’ Financial Performance: A Developing Economy
Tamara Jovanov Marjanova, Elenica Sofijanova, Ljupco Davcev, Riste Temjanovski

4. Cross-Border Contagion Risk Transmission Through Stock Markets Channel: The Case of the Baltic Countries
Vilma Deltuvaitė

5. The Issue of Convertible Bonds on the Polish Bond Market Catalyst in the Years 2009–2013
Bożena Kołosowska, Agnieszka Huterska

6. Government Strategies Based on Sukuk Issues
Piotrowski Dariusz

7. Business Valuation: Premiums and Discounts in International Professional Practice
Olga Ferraro

8. The Role and Implications of Internal Audit in Corporate Governance
Lucan (Cioban) Alexandra Narcisa, Hlaciuc Elena

9. Financial Liquidity and Profitability Management in Practice of Polish Business
Katarzyna Goldmann

10. The Business Audit as an Alternative to Discriminant Analysis in Assessing Risks of Going Concern
Marlena Ciechan-Kujawa

Part II. Economics

11. Finance-Driven Globalization: Empirical Evidence from the Commonwealth of Independent States
Argiro Moudatsou, Georgios Xanthos

12. Export Diversification in Lithuanian Traditional Technology Industry
Daiva Laskiene, Asta Saboniene, Irena Pekarskiene, Rozita Susniene

13. The Impact of Environmental Taxes on Competitive Performance of Pollution-Intensive Industries Among Transition Economies: Evidence from Panel Analysis
Sabina Silajdzic, Eldin Mehic

14. Modeling of the Natural Resources’ Intensive Use Regions’ Innovative Development: Problems of Circumpolar Area Innovative System Formation
Taisya Pogodaeva, Dmitry Rudenko, Daria Zhaparova

15. Challenges and Possible Consequences of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Hande Kurtul, Erkut Akkartal

16. The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Labor Market of an Open Small Economy
Irena Pekarskiene, Daiva Laskiene, Asta Saboniene, Rozita Susniene

17. Model of Region’s Food Security in Russia
Daria Bents, Elena Silova

18. Human Development and Quality of Institutions in Highly Developed Countries
Adam P. Balcerzak, Michał Bernard Pietrzak

19. Financial Sustainability of Funded Pension Systems in OECD Countries at Demographic Risks
Nepp Alexander

20. Crude Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Performances in the ASEAN Economies
Giray Gozgor, Youngho Chang, Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin

21. Government Debt and GDP Growth
Nadezhda Semjonova

22. Oil Spot Prices’ Next Day Volatility: Comparison of European and American Short-Run Forecasts
Tomáš Heryán

Part III. Management

23. The Effects of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation on Process Improvements in Public Authorities: An Empirical Study of the PKI Implementation in Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aida Habul, Amila Pilav-Velić, Mirza Teftedarija

24. The Features of Family Business in the Country with Transitional Economy: Russian Case
Korchagina Elena, Shilo Pavel

25. Proximity Offshoring Generating Considerable Savings with No Significant Increase of Risks or Losses in Quality—Nearshoring Playing a Key Role on a Business Transformation Program
Jorge F. Guedes, Leandro Pereira

26. The Identification of Crisis Manager Skills by Using Saaty’s Method
Marie Mikušová, Andrea Čopíková

27. Learning by Negotiation: Stake and Salience in Implementing a Journal Management System
Özgün Imre

28. City Logistics: Is Deregulation the Answer?
Antonio Borghesi

29. Whether the Employee Commitment to Implementation of the CRM System Contributes to Customer Loyalty? Empirical Analysis of a Successful CRM Implementation in the Auto Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aida Habul, Amila Pilav-Velić, Amina Fejzić

30. Analysis of the State and Dynamics of Chemical Industry in Russia
Tatiana Jurievna Kudryavtseva, Iana Vladimirovna Kovalenko

31. Tacit vs Explicit Knowledge Dichotomy: State-of-the-Art Review for Technology Transfer Purposes
Mikus Dubickis, Elīna Gaile-Sarkane

32. The Principles of Establishment of Investment Responsibility Centres
Neringa Stonciuviene, Erika Januskeviciene

33. New Challenges in External Environment and Business Strategy: The Case of Siberian Companies
Svetlana Kuznetsova, Vera Markova

34. Best Practices in the Employment of Knowledge Workers 65 and Over and the Benefits of Employing Them (An Empirical Approach)
Grażyna Bartkowiak

35. Causes of Inattention on Financial Competency: A Qualitative Study
Omid Mehrabi, Rozeyta Omar

36. The Marketing Problems of Turkish Movies in Global Markets
Askim Nurdan Tumbek Tekeoglu

37. Doubts and Risks in the Buying and Purchasing Processes of Business Buyers
Pia Hautamäki, Ari Alamäki

38. Towards a Theoretical Framework for Analysing Blogs as User-Generated Content
Riikka Makinen, Pekka Tuominen

39. The Impact of Independence and Brand Personality on Brand Evaluations Among Biculturals
Umut Kubat

40. Natural Resources Management in Tourism: Dimensions and Impact of Tourist Offer in the Southeastern Europe National Parks
Nedim Suta, Anes Hrnjic, Amra Banda

41. Between Teaching, English Language, and Supervisor: Young Business Scholars Under the Pressure of Transforming Academia
Anna Ligia Wieczorek, Maciej Mitręga

Part IV. Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

42. Specific Features of Family Businesses: A Contribution to Literature
Elena Cristiano

43. Institutional Approach to Enterprise Production Cost Analysis and Optimization
Daniel S. Demidenko, Ekaterina D. Malevskaia-malevich

44. Russian Business Practice: Issues of Corruption and Trust
Liudmila Simonova, Dmitry Rudenko

45. Partnership Cooperation of Companies: Key Characteristics and Influence to Innovative Activities
Almira Yusupova

46. Erratum to: The Impact of Independence and Brand Personality on Brand Evaluations Among Biculturals
Umut Kubat

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Finance, Family Business, Capital Markets, Emerging Markets/Globalization

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Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics
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