Chen-Burger, Yun-Heh Jessica

Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technology and Applications

Chen-Burger, Yun-Heh Jessica - Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technology and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Agent and Multi-agent Systems

1. Faceted Query Answering in a Multiagent System of Ontology-Enhanced Databases
Tadeusz Pankowski, Grażyna Brzykcy

2. SWARM: A Multi-agent System for Layout Automation in Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Daniel Marolt, Jürgen Scheible, Göran Jerke, Vinko Marolt

3. Assignment Problem with Preference and an Efficient Solution Method Without Dissatisfaction
Kengo Saito, Toshiharu Sugawara

4. Efficient Model Checking Timed and Weighted Interpreted Systems Using SMT and SAT Solvers
Agnieszka M. Zbrzezny, Andrzej Zbrzezny, Franco Raimondi

5. Building a Realistic Data Environment for Multiagent Mobility Simulation
Feirouz Ksontini, Mahdi Zargayouna, Gérard Scemama, Bertrand Leroy

6. Agent-Based System for Reliable Machine-to-Machine Communication
Pavle Skocir, Mario Kusek, Gordan Jezic

Part II. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

7. Herding Algorithm in a Large Scale Multi-agent Simulation
Richard Cimler, Ondrej Doležal, Jitka Kühnová, Jakub Pavlík

8. I-Fuzzy Core for Cooperative Games with Vague Coalitions
Elena Mielcová

9. Formalizing Data to Agent Model Mapping Using MOF: Application to a Model of Residential Mobility in Marrakesh
Ahmed Laatabi, Nicolas Marilleau, Tri Nguyen-Huu, Hassan Hbid, Mohamed Ait Babram

10. A Communication and Tracking Ontology for Mobile Systems in the Event of a Large Scale Disaster
Mohd Khairul Azmi Hassan, Yun-Heh Chen-Burger

11. Towards an Interaction Protocols Adaptation and Management System for Coordination in Crisis Business Processes
Wassim Chtourou, Lotfi Bouzguenda

12. Holonic Multi Agent System for Data Fusion in Vehicle Classification
Ljiljana Šerić, Damir Krstinić, Maja Braović, Ivan Milatić, Aljoša Mirčevski, Darko Stipaničev

13. Modeling and Simulation of Coping Mechanisms and Emotional Behavior During Emergency Situations
Mouna Belhaj, Fahem Kebair, Lamjed Ben Said

14. Dynamic System of Rating Alternatives by Agents with Interactions
Radomír Perzina, Jaroslav Ramík

15. Traffic Speed Prediction Using Hidden Markov Models for Czech Republic Highways
Lukáš Rapant, Kateřina Slaninová, Jan Martinovič, Tomáš Martinovič

Part III. Business Process Management

16. Business Process Modeling of Logistic Production Systems
Petr Suchánek, Robert Bucki

17. Application of a Business Economics Decision-Making Function in an Agent Simulation Framework
Roman Šperka

18. Reduction of User Profiles for Behavioral Graphs
Kateřina Slaninová, Jan Martinovič, Martin Golasowski

Part IV. Learning Paradigms and Applications: Agent-Based Approach

19. Intelligent Agents and Game-Based Learning Modules in a Learning Management System
Kristijan Kuk, Dejan Rančić, Olivera Pronić-Rančić, Dragan Ranđelović

20. Robot-Oriented Generative Learning Objects: An Agent-Based Vision
Vytautas Štuikys, Renata Burbaitė, Vida Drąsutė, Kristina Bespalova

Part V. Anthropic-Oriented Computing (AOC)

21. Prediction of the Successful Completion of Requirements in Software Development—An Initial Study
Witold Pedrycz, Joana Iljazi, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi

22. Evolution of Thinking Models in Automatic Incident Processing Systems
Alexander Toschev, Max Talanov, Salvatore Distefano

23. Quality Attributes in Practice: Contemporary Data
Rasul Tumyrkin, Manuel Mazzara, Mohammad Kassab, Giancarlo Succi, JooYoung Lee

24. Robot Dream
Alexander Tchitchigin, Max Talanov, Larisa Safina, Manuel Mazzara

Part VI. Business Informatics and Gaming through Agent-Based Modelling

25. Model-Driven Development of Water Hammer Analysis Software for Irrigation Pipeline System
Yoshikazu Tanaka, Kazuhiko Tsuda

26. A Health Policy Simulation Model of Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever and Zika Fever
Setsuya Kurahashi

27. Analyzing the Influence of Indexing Strategies on Investors’ Behavior and Asset Pricing Through Agent-Based Modeling: Smart Beta and Financial Markets
Hiroshi Takahashi

28. Text Analysis System for Measuring the Influence of News Articles on Intraday Price Changes in Financial Markets
Keiichi Goshima, Hiroshi Takahashi

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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