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Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Hazards

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Table of contents

Part I. Climate Change Adaptation Practices

1. Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Zones: Overview of the Indicators in Use
Moktar Lamari, Jessica Bouchard, Johann Jacob, Line Poulin-Larivière

2. An Evaluation of the Community Land Model (Version 3.5) and Noah Land Surface Models for Temperature and Precipitation Over Nebraska (Central Great Plains): Implications for Agriculture in Simulations of Future Climate Change and Adaptation
Jane A. Okalebo, Robert J. Oglesby, Song Feng, Kenneth Hubbard, Ayse Kilic, Michael Hayes, Cynthia Hays

3. Climate Change Frames in Public Health and Water Resource Management: Towards Intersectoral Climate Change Adaptation
Lindsay P. Galway, Margot W. Parkes, Kitty K. Corbett, Diana M. Allen, Timothy K. Takaro

4. Rural Women Belief System and Attitude Toward Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies in Nigeria
C. A. O. Akinbami, J. E. Olawoye, F. A. Adesina

5. Climate Change and Human Security in a Regulatory Multilevel and Multidisciplinary Dimension: The Case of the Arctic Environmental Ocean
Sandra Cassotta, Kamrul Hossain, Jingzheng Ren, Michael Evan Goodsite

6. Citrus and Tomatoes Response to Climate Change: Survey of Farmers’ Perception and Adaptation Strategies in Northern Nigeria
O Adebisi-Adelani

7. Local Networks of Resilience and Climate Adaptation: The Case of Istanbul
Rana I. Connelly, Pınar G. Bal

8. Extreme Weather Events and the German Economy: The Potential for Climate Change Adaptation
Ulrike Lehr, Anne Nieters, Thomas Drosdowski

9. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Vulnerabilities to Extreme Climate Events
Harry Polo Diaz

10. Adaptation Through Climate Smart Agriculture: Status and Determinants in Coastal Bangladesh
M. Mustafa Saroar, Walter Leal Filho

Part II. Fostering Resilience and Handling Hazards

11. Managing Natural Resources for Extreme Climate Events: Differences in Risk Perception Among Urban and Rural Communities in Sydney, Australia
Louise Boronyak-Vasco, Brent Jacobs

12. Integrating Microfinance, Climate Finance and Climate Change Adaptation: A Sub-Saharan Africa Perspective
Dumisani Chirambo

13. Climate Change Adaptation and Socio-Economic Resilience in Mexico’s Grijalva-Usumacinta Watershed
Santiago Enríquez, Rodolfo Camacho, Michèle Olivier Laird, David Wilk

14. Adaptive Strategies Building Resilience to Climate Variability in Argentina, Canada and Colombia
Paula Mussetta, Sandra Turbay, Amber J. Fletcher

15. Adaptation of the Bulgarian Water Sector to Climate Change Extremes
Mariyana Nikolova

16. Adapting to the Inevitable: The Case of Tanbi Wetland National Park, The Gambia
Adam Ceesay, Mathias Wolff, Ebrima Njie, Matty Kah, Tidiani Koné

17. Climate Change Adaptation in Indian Agriculture- Assessing Farmers’ Perception and Adaptive Choices
Chandan Kumar Jha, Vijaya Gupta

18. Towards Enhanced Resilience: Monthly Updated Seasonal Rainfall “Scenarios” as Climate Predictions for Farmers in Indonesia
C. (Kees) J. Stigter, Yunita T. Winarto, Muki Wicaksono

19. Fostering Resilience Among Artisanal Fishers in Peniche (Portugal): An Exploratory Study
Vanda Viegas, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro, Fátima Alves

20. Analyzing Needs for Climate Change Adaptation in the Magdalena River Basin in Colombia
Ad Jeuken, Laurène Bouaziz, Gerald Corzo, Leonardo Alfonso

21. Livelihood Diversification as a Climate Change Coping Strategy Adopted by Small-Scale Fishers of Bangladesh
Apurba Krishna Deb, C. Emdad Haque

22. Towards Long-Term Resilience: The Challenge of Integrating Climate Change Related Risks into a Risk Analysis Framework
Christian Ploberger, Walter Leal Filho

23. Resilient Architectural Design: Considerations in the Design of Airports to Withstand Climate Change Effects
Paolina Ferrulli

24. Temporal Relationship Between Milk Production and Meteorological Variables in Southern Brazil
Alexandre Mossate Gabbi, Jaime Araújo Cobucci, Vivian Fischer, Concepta Margaret McManus

25. Climate Change Implications in Aviation and Tourism Market Equilibrium
Dimitrios J. Dimitriou

26. Canadian, Argentinean, and Colombian Programs Building Resiliency to Extreme Events
Margot A. Hurlbert, Paula Mussetta, Sandra Turbay

27. Mobilizing Private Sector Funds for Climate Change Adaptation: Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) as a Case Study
Kari Haemekoski, Heli Sinkko

Keywords: Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change, Climate Change Management and Policy, Natural Hazards

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