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Navigating the Education Research Maze

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Table of contents

1. Navigating, Negotiating and Nullifying Education Research Mazes: Successful Strategies for Mobilising Contextual, Conceptual, Methodological and Transformational Challenges and Opportunities
Patrick Alan Danaher, Dolene Rossi, Francis Gacenga

Part 1. Navigating the Politics, Ethics, Philosophies and Theories of Education Research Mazes

2. Working in the Research Maze: At What Price?
Cecily Jensen-Clayton, Atholl Murray

3. “Have You Been Non-compliant?” Dilemmas of Decision-Making for School Principals and Education Researchers
Karen Trimmer

4. Navigating the Terrain of Methodological Uncertainties to New Spaces of Research
Yvonne Salton

5. Navigating the Scholarship of Integration: Insights from a Maze
Jay Somasundaram, Prue Howard, Rob H. Reed

Part 2. Navigating Mazes in and with Specific Research Methods

6. Practice-led Research: Creating, Embodying and Shifting My Understanding of Research
Bernadette Meenach

7. Investigating Creative Arts Practices in Australian Home Education Through Design-Based Research: Entering the Research Maze with the Spirit of Adventure
Katie Burke

8. Meandering in the Maze of Mixed Methods: Navigation Strategies of a Researcher into the Influence of the Mass Media on Children’s Science Understandings
Jennifer Donovan

9. Navigating, Negotiating and Nullifying Contradictions in the Research Around School Curriculum Change
Wendy Fasso, Bruce Knight, Ken Purnell

10. Research as a “Quest” through a “Maze” of Representations: Understanding Metaphorical and Image Constructions in a Research Community
Rennie Naidoo

Part 3. Navigating Mazes in and with Specific Research Tasks and Technologies

11. Many Paths to Discovery: The Increasingly Complex Literature Maze
Lindy Ramsay, Moira Williamson

12. Food for Thought: Managing Secondary Data for Research
Nargis Pervin, Rohit Nishant, Philip J. Kitchen

13. The Compass, Navigation and the Journey: A Role for eResearch in Navigating the Research Maze
Francis Gacenga

14. Collaborative Research: A Partnership That Seizes Opportunities, Navigates Challenges and Constructs New Knowledge and Shared Understandings
Dolene Rossi

15. Working Beyond the Research Maze
Cecily Jensen-Clayton, Atholl Murray

Keywords: Social Sciences, Research Methodology, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Sociology of Education, Early Childhood Education, Research Ethics, Curriculum Studies

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Palgrave Studies in Education Research Methods
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17 pages
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