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Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Main Track

1. Grouping Like-Minded Users for Ratings’ Prediction
Soufiene Jaffali, Salma Jamoussi, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou, Kamel Smaili

2. An Approach for Designing Order Size Dependent Lead Time Models for Use in Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Peter Nielsen, Zbigniew Michna

3. Clique Editing to Support Case Versus Control Discrimination
Riccardo Dondi, Giancarlo Mauri, Italo Zoppis

4. Detecting Value-Added Tax Evasion byBusiness Entities of Kazakhstan
Zhenisbek Assylbekov, Igor Melnykov, Rustam Bekishev, Assel Baltabayeva, Dariya Bissengaliyeva, Eldar Mamlin

5. On Classification of Linguistic Data—Case Study: Post-operative
Kalle Saastamoinen

6. Solving Technician and Task Scheduling Problems with an Intelligent Decision Heuristic
Amy Khalfay, Alan Crispin, Keeley Crockett

7. Scheduling System for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Indoor Environments Using the CSP Approach
Youngsoo Park, Yohanes Khosiawan, Ilkyeong Moon, Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan, Izabela Nielsen

8. An Ontology Supporting Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis Method Selection
Jarosław Wątróbski

9. A Hybrid Approach to Decision Support for Resource-Constrained Scheduling Problems
Paweł Sitek, Izabela Nielsen, Jarosław Wikarek, Peter Nielsen

10. Prediction of Length of Hospital Stay in Preterm Infants a Case-Based Reasoning View
Ana Coimbra, Henrique Vicente, António Abelha, M. Filipe Santos, José Machado, João Neves, José Neves

11. The Shapley Value on a Class of Cooperative Games Under Incomplete Information
Satoshi Masuya

12. Modeling and Property Analysis of E-Commerce Logistics Supernetwork
Chuanmin Mi, Yinchuan Wang, Yetian Chen

13. Maximum Lifetime Problem in Sensor Networks with Limited Channel Capacity
Zbigniew Lipiński

14. Statistical Method for the Problem of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Classification in Pre-mature Infants
Wiesław Wajs, Hubert Wojtowicz, Piotr Wais, Marcin Ochab

15. The Rank Reversals Paradox in Management Decisions: The Comparison of the AHP and COMET Methods
Wojciech Sałabun, Paweł Ziemba, Jarosław Wątróbski

16. A New Approach to a Derivation of a Priority Vector from an Interval Comparison Matrix in a Group AHP Framework
Jiri Mazurek

17. Toward a Conversation Partner Agent for People with Aphasia: Assisting Word Retrieval
Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Takayuki Iwamae, Yudai Wada, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Keisuke Takenaka

18. Intelligent Monitoring of Complex Discrete-Event Systems
Gianfranco Lamperti, Giulio Quarenghi

19. Anticipation Based on a Bi-Level Bi-Objective Modeling for the Decision-Making in the Car-Following Behavior
Anouer Bennajeh, Fahem Kebair, Lamjed Ben Said, Samir Aknine

20. Probabilistic Ontology Definition Meta-Model
Hlel Emna, Jamoussi Salma, Turki Mohamed, Ben Hamadou Abdelmajid

21. Development Aid Decision Making Framework Based on Hybrid MCDM
Eric Afful-Dadzie, Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Stephen Nabareseh, Michael Adu-Kwarteng

Part II. Specialized Decision Techniques for Data Mining, Transportation and Project Management

22. Measuring Quality of Decision Rules Through Ranking of Conditional Attributes
Urszula Stańczyk

23. Greedy Algorithm for Optimization of Association Rules Relative to Length
Beata Zielosko, Marek Robaszkiewicz

24. Decision Rules with Collinearity Models
Leon Bobrowski

25. PLA Based Strategy for Solving MRCPSP by a Team of Agents
Piotr Jędrzejowicz, Ewa Ratajczak-Ropel

26. Apache Spark Implementation of the Distance-Based Kernel-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Classifier
Joanna Jȩdrzejowicz, Piotr Jȩdrzejowicz, Izabela Wierzbowska

27. Ant Clustering Algorithm with Information Theoretic Learning
Urszula Boryczka, Mariusz Boryczka

28. Kernel-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for RBF Network Initialization
Ireneusz Czarnowski, Piotr Jędrzejowicz

29. Properties of the Island-Based and Single Population Differential Evolution Algorithms Applied to Discrete-Continuous Scheduling
Piotr Jędrzejowicz, Aleksander Skakovski

30. An Improved Agent-Based Approach to the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
Dariusz Barbucha

Part III. Pattern Recognition for Decision Making Systems

31. Predictive Strength of Bayesian Networks for Diagnosis of Depressive Disorders
Blessing Ojeme, Audrey Mbogho

32. Automatic Human Activity Segmentation and Labeling in RGBD Videos
David Jardim, Luís Nunes, Miguel Sales Dias

33. Smart Under-Sampling for the Detection of Rare Patterns in Unbalanced Datasets
Marco Vannucci, Valentina Colla

34. Personal Recommendation System for Improving Sleep Quality
Patrick Datko, Wilhelm Daniel Scherz, Oana Ramona Velicu, Ralf Seepold, Natividad Martínez Madrid

35. Multivariate Direction Scoring for Dimensionality Reduction inClassification Problems
Giorgio Biagetti, Paolo Crippa, Laura Falaschetti, Simone Orcioni, Claudio Turchetti

36. An Efficient Technique for Real-Time Human Activity Classification Using Accelerometer Data
Giorgio Biagetti, Paolo Crippa, Laura Falaschetti, Simone Orcioni, Claudio Turchetti

Part IV. New Advances of Soft Computing in Industrial and Management Engineering

37. A Double Layer Neural Network Based onArtificial Bee Colony Algorithm forSolving Quadratic Bi-Level Programming Problem
Junzo Watada, Haochen Ding

38. A Memetic Fuzzy ARTMAP by a Grammatical Evolution Approach
Shing Chiang Tan, Chee Peng Lim, Junzo Watada

39. Particle Swarm Optimization Based SupportVector Machine for Human Tracking
Zhenyuan Xu, Chao Xu, Junzo Watada

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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