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Ironmaking and Steelmaking Processes

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Table of contents

Part I. Sintering Plants Operations

1. Sinter Plant Operations: Raw Materials
Jin-Luh Mou, R. John Morrison

2. Predictions of PCDD/F, SOx, NOx, and Particulates in the Iron Ore Sintering Process of Integrated Steelworks
Jose Adilson Castro, Daniele Aparecida Nogueira, Marcos Flavio Campos, Vagner Silva Guilherme, Elizabeth Mendes Oliveira

3. Dangerous Emissions Control and Reduction in Sinter Plants
Pasquale Cavaliere, Angelo Perrone

4. Pollutants Emission and Control for Sintering Flue Gas
Tingyu Zhu, Wenqing Xu, Yangyang Guo, Yuran Li

5. Sinter Plant Operations: Hazardous Emissions
Jin-Luh Mou, R. John Morrison

Part II. Blast Furnace Operations

6. Recent Trends in Ironmaking Blast Furnace Technology to Mitigate CO2 Emissions: Top Charging Materials
Hesham M. Ahmed, E. A. Mousa, M. Larsson, N. N. Viswanathan

7. Dangerous Emissions in Blast Furnace Operations
Lei Gan, Huining Zhang

8. Mathematical Simulation of Blast Furnace Operation
Jursová Simona, Pustějovská Pavlína, Brožová Silvie, Bilík Jiří

9. CO2 Emission Reduction in Blast Furnaces
Pasquale Cavaliere, Alessio Silvello

10. Recent Trends in Ironmaking Blast Furnace Technology to Mitigate CO2 Emissions: Tuyeres Injection
E. A. Mousa, H. M. Ahmed, N. N. Viswanathan, M. Larsson

11. Low CO2 Emission by Improving CO Utilization Ratio in China’s Blast Furnaces
Mingyin Kou, Laixin Wang, Jian Xu, Shengli Wu, Qingwu Cai

Part III. Electric Arc Steelmaking

12. Dioxin Emission Reduction in Electric Arc Furnaces for Steel Production
Pasquale Cavaliere

13. Emission of High Toxicity Airborne Pollutants from Electric Arc Furnaces During Steel Production
João F. P. Gomes

14. Use of Sustainable Inorganic Binders in the Treatment of Bag-House Dust
Beste Cubukcuoglu

15. Dangerous Emissions During Steelmaking in Electric Arc Furnaces
Dana-Adriana Iluţiu-Varvara

16. Electric Arc Furnace
Jorge Madias

Part IV. Greenhouse Emissions

17. Technological Methods to Protect the Environment in the Ukrainian BOF Shops
B. M. Boichenko, L. S. Molchanov, I. V. Synegin

18. State of the Art in Air Pollution Control for Sinter Plants
Christof Lanzerstorfer

19. Risk Assessment and Control of Emissions from Ironmaking
Tao Kan, Tim Evans, Vladimir Strezov, Peter F. Nelson

20. CO2 Emission in China’s Iron and Steel Industry
Tingyu Zhu, Wenqing Xu, Mingpan Shao

21. Particulate Matter Emission in Iron and Steelmaking Plants
Wenqiang Sun, Liang Zhao, Xiaoling Li, Yueqiang Zhao

22. Recent Progress and Future Trends of CO2 Breakthrough Iron and Steelmaking Technologies for CO2 Mitigation
M. Abdul Quader, Shamsuddin Ahmed, Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazillaa

23. Manganese Emissions From Steelmaking
Donghui Li, Jack Young, Sina Mostaghel, Kinnor Chattopadhyay

24. Potential of Best Available and Radically New Technologies for Cutting Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Ironmaking
Volodymyr Shatokha

25. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption of Ironmaking Processes
Hong Yong Sohn, Yousef Mohassab

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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