Candeias, Paulo Xavier

Historical Earthquake-Resistant Timber Framing in the Mediterranean Area

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Table of contents

Part I. Historical and Constructive Aspects

1. Cooperating Timber and Stone Antiseismic Frames in Historic Structures of Greece
Panos Touliatos

2. The Role of a Post-Byzantine Timber Roof Structure in the Seismic Behavior of a Masonry Building—The Case of a Unique Type of Timber-Roofed Basilicas in Cyprus (15th–19th Century)
Marios Pelekanos

3. Historic Earthquake-Resistant Constructive Techniques Reinforced by Wooden Logs in Algeria
Amina Abdessemed-Foufa

4. A Comparative Evaluation of the Results of Two Earthquakes: Istanbul and Lisbon Earthquake in 18th Century
Şevket Erşan

5. Some Examples of Turkish Houses with Wooden Frame in the Seismic Zone Anatolia
Ayten Erdem, Uzay Yergün

6. Traditional Timber Housing Structure in Zeyrek
Aylin Akcabozan

7. Possible Precursors of Pombalino Cage
Alice Tavares, Aníbal Costa, Dina D’Ayala

8. Local Seismic Cultures: The Use of Timber Frame Structures in the South of Portugal
Javier Ortega, Graça Vasconcelos, Hugo Rodrigues, Mariana Correia

9. The Use of Wood with an Anti-seismic Function in the Architecture of Palermo During the 18th Century
Tiziana Campisi, Federica Scibilia

10. Urban Planning and Building Reconstruction of Southern Italy after the 1783 Earthquake: The Case of Mileto
Stefania Stellacci, Francesca Geremia, Enrico Pagano, Nicola Ruggieri, Ginevra Salerno, Michele Zampilli

11. The Masonry Timber Framed Load Bearing Structure of the Palazzo Vescovile in Mileto (Italy)
Nicola Ruggieri, Francesca Geremia, Enrico Pagano, Ginevra Salerno, Stefania Stellacci, Michele Zampilli

12. A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Analysis of the Traditional Lefkada Houses
Sandra Tonna, Claudio Chesi

Part II. Numerical Analysis

13. The “Gothic House” in Arquata Scrivia (Italy): Constructive Details and Seismic Assessment of a Timber Framed Masonry Structure
S. Cattari, S. Lagomarsino, R. Vecchiattini, G. Stagno

14. Seismic Assessment of Pombalino Buildings
Rita Bento, Ana Paula Falcão, Ricardo Catulo, Jelena Milosevic

15. Numerical Approaches for the Analysis of Timber Frame Walls
Elisa Poletti, Graça Vasconcelos, Paulo B. Lourenço, Maria Pia Ciocci

16. Seismic Vulnerability of Borbone Masonry Reinforced with Timber Frames
Nicola Ruggieri, Carmen Sandhaas, Ario Ceccotti

17. The Masonry Timber Framed Load Bearing Structure of “Baraccato” System: A Numerical Model
Ginevra Salerno, Francesca Geremia, Enrico Pagano, Michele Zampilli, Nicola Ruggieri, Stefania Stellacci

18. Load-Bearing Capacity of Traditional Dovetail Carpentry Joints with and Without Dowels: Comparison of Experimental and Analytical Results
Karel Šobra, Coralie Avez, Yasemin D. Aktaş, Richard Rijk, Isabela Burawska, Jorge M. Branco

Part III. Codes Analysis and Safety Assessment

19. Reliability of Timber Framed Constructions in Seismic Prone Areas in the Practice Codes Issued from 18th to 19th Century
Nicola Ruggieri

20. Assessment and Safety Requirements for Existing Structures
J. M. Catarino, Teresa O. Santos, Ana S. Louro, Helena Cruz

21. Building Regulations and Existing Buildings: Setting the Requirements on Structural Safety in Portugal
João Branco Pedro, Vitor Campos

22. Seismic Assessment Procedures for Flexible Timber Diaphragms
Ivan Giongo, Gianni Schiro, Roberto Tomasi, Dmytro Dizhur, Jason Ingham

Part IV. Diagnosis

23. The Role of Terrestrial LiDAR for Mechanical and Safety Evaluation of Historic Timber Floors
Clara Bertolini-Cestari, Antonia Spanò, Stefano Invernizzi, Elisabetta Donadio, Tanja Marzi, Giulia Sammartano

24. Traditional Timber-Framed Infill Structure Experimentation with Four Scales Analysis (To Connection from a House Scale)
Yannick Sieffert, Florent Vieux-Champagne, Stéphane Grange, Philippe Garnier, Jean-Charles Duccini, Laurent Daudeville

25. Characterization of Timber Masonry Walls with Dynamic Tests
Ana Gonçalves, Paulo Candeias, Luís Guerreiro, João Ferreira, Alfredo Costa

26. Assessment and Diagnosis of Two Collar Timber Trusses by Means of Visual Grading and Non-destructive Tests
Isabel D. Gomes, Fotis Kondis, Hélder S. Sousa, Jorge M. Branco, Paulo B. Lourenço

27. Retrofitting Assessment and Numerical Models for the Historical Timber Roof Structures of the Towers of Valentino Castle in Turin
Clara Bertolini-Cestari, Antonia Spanò, Stefano Invernizzi, Tanja Marzi

Part V. Repair/Reinforcement

28. Development of Dissipation Panels for Seismic Retrofitting of Historic Buildings
Raquel Paula, Vítor Cóias, Luís Guerreiro

29. Pombaline Buildings—Consequences of Some Rehabilitation Interventions
Jorge Mascarenhas, Lurdes Belgas, Fernando G. Branco

30. Experimental and Analytical Assessment of the Capacity of Traditional Single Notch Joints and Impact of Retrofitting by Self-tapping Screws
Karel Šobra, Richard Rijk, Yasemin D. Aktaş, Coralie Avez, Isabela Burawska, Jorge M. Branco

31. Repairing of a Timber Truss Through Two Different Techniques Using Timber Elements and Screwed Metal Plates
Daniele Cibecchini, Niclas Bjorngrim, Hélder S. Sousa, Marco Jorge, Jorge M. Branco

32. Stiffness of Prosthetic Repairs for Historic Timber Beams
Coralie Avez, Thierry Descamps

33. Consolidation of a Collar Truss with a Steel Cable System
Giacomo Crivellari, Jorge M. Branco

34. A Timber Roof Structure for the Milreu Rural House Rehabilitation
Jorge N. Bastos

35. Design and Maintenance of a Long-Span Timber Roof
Jorge N. Bastos

Part VI. Timber Structures

36. Assessment of the Mechanical Characteristics of Timber Floors Through Simple Dynamic Identification
José Coelho, João M. Guedes, Bruno Silva, Tiago Ilharco

37. Assessment of the Mechanical Behaviour of Tabique Walls Through Experimental Tests
Andreia Rebelo, João M. Guedes, Bruno Quelhas, Tiago Ilharco

38. Robustness Assessment of an Ancient Timber Roof Structure
Leonardo G. Rodrigues, Chrysl A. Aranha, Hélder S. Sousa

39. FP1101 and RILEM TC 245 RTE Training School on Assessment and Reinforcement of Timber Elements and Structures: The Role of the Academic Community in Disseminating Knowledge
Jorge M. Branco, Hélder S. Sousa, Eleftheria Tsakanika, Marco Jorge, Paulo B. Lourenço

Keywords: Engineering, Light Construction, Steel Construction, Timber Construction, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Structural Mechanics, Building Repair and Maintenance, History of Technology, Structural Materials

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