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Perioperative Fluid Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals of Fluid Management

1. A History of Fluid Management
Elizabeth A. M. Frost

2. The Revised Starling Principle and Its Relevance to Perioperative Fluid Management
C. Charles Michel, Kenton P. Arkill, FitzRoy E. Curry

3. The Functions of Endothelial Glycocalyx and Their Effects on Patient Outcomes During the Perioperative Period. A Review of Current Methods to Evaluate Structure-Function Relations in the Glycocalyx in Both Basic Research and Clinical Settings
FitzRoy E. Curry, Kenton P. Arkill, C. Charles Michel

4. Techniques for Goal-Directed Fluid Management
Paul E. Marik

5. The Perioperative Use of Echocardiography for Fluid Management
Maged Argalious

6. Microcirculatory Blood Flow as a New Tool for Perioperative Fluid Management
Daniel Backer

7. Mean Systemic Filling Pressure Is an Old Concept but a New Tool for Fluid Management
Hollmann D. Aya, Maurizio Cecconi

8. Restricted or Liberal Fluid Therapy
Thomas E. Woodcock

9. The Perioperative Use of Albumin
Ehab Farag, Zeyd Y. Ebrahim

10. The Dilemma for Using Hydroxyethyl Starch Solutions for Perioperative Fluid Management
Christiane S. Hartog, Konrad Reinhart

11. Balanced Versus Unbalanced Salt Solutions in the Perioperative Period
Sheldon Magder

12. Positive Fluid Balance and Patients’ Outcomes
John Danziger

13. Fluid Management and Its Role in Enhanced Recovery
Andrew F. Cumpstey, Michael P. W. Grocott, Michael (Monty) G. Mythen

Part II. Case Scenarios Management During Colorectal, Orthopedic, and Spine Cases

14. Case Scenario for Perioperative Fluid Management in Major Orthopedic Surgery
Wael Ali Sakr Esa

15. Case Scenario for Perioperative Fluid Management for Major Colorectal Surgery
Kamal Maheshwari

16. Case Scenario for Fluid Therapy in Septic Shock
William Phillips

17. Case Scenario for Fluid Management in Liver Resection
Maged Argalious, Harendra Arora

18. Case Scenario for Fluid Management During Major Spine Surgery
Verna L. Baughman

19. Case Scenario for Fluid Management After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in the Neuro-intensive Care Unit
Jamil R. Dibu, Edward M. Manno

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