Estes, Richard J.

The Pursuit of Human Well-Being

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Table of contents

Part I. Historical Conceptions of Well-Being over the Long Term

1. The Search for Well-Being: From Ancient to Modern Times
Richard J. Estes

2. Western Historical Traditions of Well-Being
Alex C. Michalos, Daniel Weijers

3. East Asian Historical Traditions of Well-Being
Shawn Arthur, Victor H. Mair

4. Well-Being in India: A Historical and Anthropological Report
Isabelle Clark-Decès, Frederick M. Smith

5. Islamic Conceptions of Well-Being
Mohsen Joshanloo

Part II. Domains of Well-Being

6. How We Measure Well-Being: The Data Behind the History of Well-Being
M. Joseph Sirgy, Richard J. Estes, Audrey N. Selian

Part III. Regional Analyses of the History and Contemporary State of Well-Being Since World War II

7. New Beginnings in an Ancient Region: Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa
Valerie Møller, Benjamin Roberts

8. Well-Being in Latin America
Mariano Rojas, José de Jesús García Vega

9. Well-Being in Canada and the United States
Richard J. Estes, Kenneth C. Land, Alex C. Michalos, Rhonda Phillips, M. Joseph Sirgy

10. The History of Well-Being in East Asia: From Global Conflict to Global Leadership
Takashi Inoguchi, Richard J. Estes

11. The History of Well-Being in South Asia
Vijay Kumar Shrotryia, Krishna Mazumdar

12. The History of Well-Being in Southeast Asia
Mahar Mangahas, Edilberto C. Jesus

13. The History of Well-Being in Europe
Wolfgang Glatzer, Jürgen Kohl

14. The History of Well-Being in Oceania
Robert A. Cummins, Tanja Capic

15. Well-Being in the Transition Economies of the Successor States of the Former Soviet Union: The Challenges of Change
Carol Graham, Aurite Werman

16. The History of Well-Being in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Habib Tiliouine, Mohammed Meziane

17. Well-Being of Circumpolar Arctic Peoples: The Quest for Continuity
Birger Poppel

Part IV. Special Issues Related to the Well-Being of Nations and Population Groups

18. The History of Well-Being and the Global Progress of Women
Elizabeth Eckermann

19. The Role of Technology in the History of Well-Being: Transformative Market Phenomena Over Time
Audrey N. Selian, Lee McKnight

Part V. Epilogue

20. The History of Well-Being in Global Perspective
Richard J. Estes, M. Joseph Sirgy

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Positive Psychology

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