Rysiński, Jacek

Graph-Based Modelling in Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Basics and Theoretical Aspects of Graph and Network Modelling

1. Bond Graphs in System Modelling
R. Ibănescu

2. Structural Importance and Local Importance in Network Reliability
P. Tittmann, S. Kischnick

3. Access Distribution Scheme to the Computer System Based on Fuzzy Logic
A. Shaikhanova, A. Zolotov, L. Dubchak, M. Karpinski, V. Karpinskyi

4. Problem of Medicines Distribution on the Example of Pharmaceutical Wholesale
M. Cieśla, B. Mrówczyńska

Part II. Modelling of Mechanical Systems

5. Bond Graph Model of a Robot Leg
B. Gola, J. Kopec, J. Rysiński, S. Zawislak

6. Kinematical Analysis of Variants of Wind Turbine Drive by Means of Graphs
J. Drewniak, J. Kopeć, S. Zawiślak

7. Graph-Based Algorithm for the Evaluation of the Mechanical Efficiency of Epicyclic Gear Drive in Hybrid Scooters
P. Coaccioli, E. Pennestrì

8. Graph-Theoretic Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamic Systems
J. Banerjee, J. McPhee

9. Three-Dimensional Analysis of Vehicle Stability Using Graph Theory
G. G. Moreno, R. L. P. Barreto, R. S. Vieira, L. Nicolazzi, D. Martins

10. Analysis of the Kinematics of Planar Link Mechanism with Non-stationary Motion of Crank
J. Drewniak, P. Garlicka, B. Borowik

Part III. Modeling of Production Processes

11. Petri Nets for Computer Aided Group Technology
R. Stryczek

12. Graph Theory in Product Development Planning
I. Kutschenreiter-Praszkiewicz

13. A Digital Pattern Approach to 3D CAD Modelling of Automotive Car Door Assembly by Using Directed Graphs
S. Patalano, F. Vitolo, A. Lanzotti

Part IV. Graph-Based Aid and Modelling of Design Tasks

14. Application of Game Graphs to Describe the Inverse Problem in the Designing of Mechatronic Vibrating Systems
A. Deptuła

15. Graphic Matrix Formalization of Logical Decision Trees in the Optimization of Machine Systems
A. Deptuła, M. A. Partyka

16. The Class of Objects Graph Model as Dataware of Structural Synthesis System
O. V. Malina, E. G. Zarifullina

Part V. Miscellaneous

17. Search Module as a Tool for Improvement of Classifier
E. G. Zarifullina, O. V. Malina, I. M. Nekipelova

18. Kazimierz Kuratowski—Biography and Genesis of the Theorem on Planar Graphs
J. Wojnarowski, S. Zawiślak

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Applications of Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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