Coelen, Thomas

Education, Space and Urban Planning

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Table of contents

1. Common Points Between Urban Development and Education
Thomas Coelen, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Angela Million

Part I. Schools and the Neighbourhood

2. Reflections on the Relationship Between Schools and the City
Otto Seydel

3. Schools and Education as Part of the ‘Social City’ Programme
Christa Böhme, Thomas Franke

4. Neighbourhood-Based School Strategies for Education and Integration
Günter Warsewa

5. Spatial Traces of Pedagogical Constructions of Meaning Over the Course of Urban Change
Jeanette Böhme, Viktoria Flasche

6. Rethinking Educational Spaces in School Design
Laura Healey Malinin

7. Schools as 3D Textbooks for Sustainability Education
Marta Brković, Rosie Parnell

8. The Struggle for Educational Space in the Programme ‘Building Schools for the Future’
Pat Mahony, Ian Hextall

Part II. Education and the Neighbourhood

9. The Interrelationship Between Education and Urban Development
Frauke Burgdorff

10. ‘Spielräume’—Beyond the Distinction Between Education and Urban Development
Fabian Kessl, Christian Reutlinger

11. Urban Poverty Areas and Education
Alexandra Nonnenmacher

12. Schools as Components of the Inner Development of New Neighbourhoods
Christina Simon-Philipp, Gerd Kuhn

13. Appropriating Spaces as a Form of Urban Education
Ulrich Deinet

14. The Neighbourhood as a Place of Learning for Young People
Andrea Benze, Urs Walter

15. Young People’s Appropriations of Life and Education in the City
Joana Lúcio

16. All-Day Schooling in Educational Networks
Vicki Täubig

17. Educational Politics and Urban Design for Learning. Local Educational Landscapes in Policy and Practice
Angela Million, Thomas Coelen, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Christine Loth, Ivanka Somborski

Part III. Education and the City

18. Educational Landscape Straddling Spaces and Education
Petra Bollweg, Hans-Uwe Otto

19. Education in the City from the Perspective of Social Spaces
Wolfgang Mack

20. Educational Landscapes Caught Between Individuals, Organisations and Municipalities
Stephan Maykus

21. Towards a Social Pedagogy of Urban Design
Sven Visscher, Hari Sacré

22. Educational Landscapes and the Reduction of Socio-spatial Educational Inequality in the City
Thomas Olk

23. Educational Work in the Municipality
Heinz-Jürgen Stolz

24. Educational Planning and Urban Development in Munich
Rainer Schweppe, Wolfgang Brehmer

25. Managing Educational Landscapes
Lars Niemann

26. Regulatory Areas of Municipal Education Management on the ‘Learning Locally’ Programme
Markus Lindner, Sebastian Niedlich, Julia Klausing, Thomas Brüsemeister

Part IV. Education and the Region

27. Regionalization of Education
Marcus Emmerich

28. The Relevance of Educational Landscapes for Regional and Urban Development
Mario Tibussek

29. Regional Contexts in Quantitative Educational Sociology
Alexandra Wicht

30. Sociological Research on Schools with Relation to Space
Nils Berkemeyer, Björn Hermstein, Veronika Manitius

31. Data-Driven Planning and Regional Educational Management
Axel Gehrmann, Sascha Pelzmann, Dominique Matthes

32. Regionalization as a Justice-Based Support Strategy for School Improvement
Veronika Manitius, Anja Jungermann, Wilfried Bos

33. Organised After-School Activities at the Intersection between Education and Municipalities in Rural Areas
Holger Jahnke, Katharina Hoffmann

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Science Education

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