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Quantum [Un]Speakables II

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Table of contents

Part I. John Stewart Bell—The Man

1. Address to Participants at Quantum [Un]Speakables II
Mary Bell

2. John Stewart Bell, Quantum Information and Quantum Information Theory
Andrew Whitaker

3. Bell’s Universe: A Personal Recollection
Reinhold Bertlmann

Part II. Bell’s Theorem—Fundamental Issues

4. Why QBism Is Not the Copenhagen Interpretation and What John Bell Might Have Thought of It
N. David Mermin

5. On the Quantum Measurement Problem
Časlav Brukner

Causarum Investigatio and the Two Bell’s Theorems of John Bell
Howard M. Wiseman, Eric G. Cavalcanti

Whose Information? Information About What?

Jeffrey Bub

8. Quantum Theory: It’s Unreal
Terence Rudolph

9. The Universe Would Not Be Perfect Without Randomness: A Quantum Physicist’s Reading of Aquinas
Valerio Scarani

10. Bell’s Theorem Tells Us Not What Quantum Mechanics Is, but What Quantum Mechanics Is Not

Marek Żukowski

Part III. Contextuality

11. The Unspeakable Why
Adán Cabello

12. A Reconstruction of Quantum Mechanics
Simon B. Kochen

Part IV. Bell Inequalities—Theory

13. A Quantum Mechanical Bound for CHSH-Type Bell Inequalities
Michael Epping, Hermann Kampermann, Dagmar Bruß

14. Bell Inequalities with Retarded Settings
Lucien Hardy

15. How to Avoid the Coincidence Loophole
Jan-Åke Larsson

16. Bringing Bell’s Theorem Back to the Domain of Particle Physics and Cosmology
Beatrix Hiesmayr

Part V. Quantum Topics

17. Black Box Quantum Mechanics
Antonio Acín, Miguel Navascués

18. Quantum Measurement of Spins and Magnets, and the Classical Limit of PR-Boxes
Nicolas Gisin

19. The Dynamical Roles Played by Mass and Proper Time in Physics
Daniel M. Greenberger

20. On Spatial Entanglement Wave Functions
Michael Horne

Part VI. Entanglement Features

21. Analysing Multiparticle Quantum States
Otfried Gühne, Matthias Kleinmann, Tobias Moroder

22. Few-Body Entanglement Manipulation
C. Spee, J. I. Vicente, B. Kraus

Part VII. Neutron Interferometry

23. Search for Hidden Observables in Neutron Experiments
Helmut Rauch

24. What Does Quantum Theory Tell Us? A Matter-Wave Approach
Yuji Hasegawa

Part VIII. Bell Inequalities—Experiment

25. Nonlocality and Quantum Cakes, Revisited
Bradley G. Christensen, Paul G. Kwiat

26. An Early Long-Distance Quantum Experiment
Gregor Weihs

27. Quantum Information Experiments with Free-Space Channels
Yuan Cao, Qiang Zhang, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Jian-Wei Pan

28. Bell’s Theorem, Bell Inequalities, and the “Probability Normalization Loophole”
John F. Clauser

29. On Loopholes and Experiments
Marissa Giustina

30. New Dimensions for Entangled Photons: The Role of Information
Anton Zeilinger

Keywords: Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Information Technology, Spintronics, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Quantum Computing, Philosophy of Science

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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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