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Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. Models, Mental Models, and Representations

1. Visual Reasoning in Science and Mathematics
Otávio Bueno

2. Bas van Fraassen on Success and Adequacy in Representing and Modelling
Michel Ghins

3. Ideology in Bio-inspired Design
Cameron Shelley

4. Thought Experiments and Computer Simulations
Marco Buzzoni

5. Approaches to Scientific Modeling, and the (Non)Issue of Representation: A Case Study in Multi-model Research on Thigmotaxis and Group Thermoregulation
Guilherme Sanches Oliveira

6. Philosophy Made Visual: An Experimental Study
Nevia Dolcini

7. Mathematical Models of Time as a Heuristic Tool
Emiliano Ippoliti

8. Modelling Scientific Un/Certainty. Why Argumentation Strategies Trump Linguistic Markers Use
Luigi Pastore, Sara Dellantonio

9. Extending Cognition Through Superstition: A Niche-Construction Theory Approach
Tommaso Bertolotti

10. Neurophysiological States and Perceptual Representations: The Case of Action Properties Detected by the Ventro-Dorsal Visual Stream
Gabriele Ferretti

11. Ideality, Symbolic Mediation and Scientific Cognition: The Tool-Like Function of Scientific Representations
Dimitris Kilakos

12. Embodying Rationality
Antonio Mastrogiorgio, Enrico Petracca

13. Analogy as Categorization: A Support for Model-Based Reasoning
Francesco Bianchini

Part II. Abduction, Problem Solving, and Practical Reasoning

14. Abduction, Inference to the Best Explanation, and Scientific Practise: The Case of Newton’s Optics
Athanassios Raftopoulos

15. Counterfactuals in Critical Thinking with Application to Morality
Luís Moniz Pereira, Ari Saptawijaya

16. Children’s Early Non-referential Uses of Mental Verbs, Practical Knowledge, and Abduction
Lawrence D. Roberts

17. Abduction, Selection, and Selective Abduction
Gerhard Minnameier

18. Complementing Standard Abduction. Anticipative Approaches to Creativity and Explanation in the Methodology of Natural Sciences
Andrés Rivadulla

19. The Ontogeny of Retroactive Inference: Piagetian and Peircean Accounts
Donna E. West

20. Abduction and Model-Based Reasoning in Plato’s Republic

Priyedarshi Jetli

21. Defining Peirce’s Reasoning Processes Against the Background of the Mathematical Reasoning of Computability Theory
Antonino Drago

22. Perception, Abduction, and Tacit Inference
Rico Hermkes

23. Abduction in One Intelligence Test. Types of Reasoning Involved in Solving Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices
Małgorzata Kisielewska, Mariusz Urbański, Katarzyna Paluszkiewicz

24. Thought Experiments as Model-Based Abductions
Selene Arfini

25. Abduction and Its Eco-cognitive Openness
Lorenzo Magnani

Part III. Historical, Epistemological, and Technological Issues

26. Beyond Telling: Where New Computational Media is Taking Model-Based Reasoning
Sanjay Chandrasekharan

27. Is There a Scientific Method? The Analytic Model of Science
Carlo Cellucci

28. Ad Hoc Hypothesis Generation as Enthymeme Resolution
Woosuk Park

29. The Search of Source Domain Analogues: On How Luigi Galvani Got a Satisfactory Model of the Neuromuscular System
Nora Alejandrina Schwartz

30. The No Miracle Argument and Strong Predictivism Versus Barnes
Mario Alai

31. Traditional East Asian Views and Traditional Western Views on the Heavens: The Discovery of Halley’s Comet
Jun-Young Oh

32. Search Versus Knowledge in Human Problem Solving: A Case Study in Chess
Ivan Bratko, Dayana Hristova, Matej Guid

33. Explorative Experiments in Autonomous Robotics
Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati

34. Fundamental Physics, Partial Models and Time’s Arrow
Howard G. Callaway

35. Counterfactual Histories of Science and the Contingency Thesis
Luca Tambolo

36. Models, Brains, and Scientific Realism
Fabio Sterpetti

37. Visualization as Heuristics: The Use of Maps and Diagrams in 19th Century Epidemiology
Giulia Miotti

Keywords: Philosophy, Epistemology, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Logic

Publication year
Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics
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12 pages
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