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Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVIII

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Table of contents

1. ISOTT from the Beginning: A Tribute to Our Deceased Members (Icons)
Duane. F. Bruley, E. E. Thiessen

Part I. Cell Metabolism, Tissue Oxygenation and Treatment

2. A Compelling Case for the Use of Perioperative Zymogen Protein C for Increased Patient Safety
Duane. F. Bruley, J. M. Abdallah, M. B. Streiff, T. W. McGuire, K. C. Bruley, M. Duncan, R. Duncan, E. E. Thiessen, M. White, K. C. Bruley, S. B. Bruley

3. Clinical Evaluation of MP4CO: A Phase 1b Escalating-Dose, Safety and Tolerability Study in Stable Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
Peter E. Keipert

4. Protective Effect of Dl-3-n-Butylphthalide on Recovery from Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation in Rats
Le Zhang, Michelle A. Puchowicz, Joseph C. LaManna, Kui Xu

5. Hypoxia-Induced Let-7d Has a Role in Pericyte Differentiation
Nilufer Esen, Anuush Vejalla, Rakhi Sharma, Jesse S. Treuttner, Paula Dore-Duffy

6. Magnification of Cholesterol-Induced Membrane Resistance on the Tissue Level: Implications for Hypoxia
Ryan Shea, Casey Smith, Sally C. Pias

7. Respiratory Pores on Ostrich Struthio camelus (Aves: Struthionidae) Eggshells
T. Koyama, A. J. D. Tennyson

8. Evaluation of Both Free Radical Scavenging Capacity and Antioxidative Damage Effect of Polydatin
Ju Jin, Yan Li, Xiuli Zhang, Tongsheng Chen, Yifei Wang, Zhiping Wang

9. Spectroscopic Studies on the Interaction of Pyridinoline Cross-Linking in Type 1 Collagen with ZIF8-HB
Yashun Chen, Fangfang He, Wei Liu, Jucheng Zhang

10. The Role of Free Radicals in the Photodynamic Treatment of Fibrotic Skin Diseases
Heping Yan, Yashun Chen, Jucheng Zhang, Wei Liu, Rui Chen

Part II. Cancer Oxygenation and Metabolism

11. Tumor Hypoxia: Causative Mechanisms, Microregional Heterogeneities, and the Role of Tissue-Based Hypoxia Markers
Peter Vaupel, Arnulf Mayer

12. Molecular Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia: Existing Problems and Their Potential Model-Based Solutions
Kuangyu Shi, Sibylle I. Ziegler, Peter Vaupel

13. Direct and Repeated Clinical Measurements of pO2 for Enhancing Cancer Therapy and Other Applications
Harold M. Swartz, Benjamin B. Williams, Huagang Hou, Nadeem Khan, Lesley A. Jarvis, Eunice Y. Chen, Philip E. Schaner, Arif Ali, Bernard Gallez, Periannan Kuppusamy, Ann B. Flood

14. Impact of the Tumor Microenvironment on the Expression of Inflammatory Mediators in Cancer Cells
A. Riemann, A. Ihling, S. Reime, M. Gekle, O. Thews

15. Comparing the Effectiveness of Methods to Measure Oxygen in Tissues for Prognosis and Treatment of Cancer
Ann Barry Flood, Victoria A. Satinsky, Harold M. Swartz

16. Potential Indexing of the Invasiveness of Breast Cancer Cells by Mitochondrial Redox Ratios
Nannan Sun, He N. Xu, Qingming Luo, Lin Z. Li

17. Directional Migration of MDA-MB-231 Cells Under Oxygen Concentration Gradients
D. Yahara, T. Yoshida, Y. Enokida, E. Takahashi

18. Stress-Induced Stroke and Stomach Cancer: Sex Differences in Oxygen Saturation
Maria Ulanova, Artem Gekalyuk, Ilana Agranovich, Alexander Khorovodov, Victoria Rezunbaeva, Ekaterina Borisova, Aly Esmat Sharif, Nikita Navolokin, Ekaterina Shuvalova, Oxana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya

Part III. Brain Oxygenation and Function

19. Changes in Oxygenation Levels Precede Changes in Amplitude of the EEG in Premature Infants
Alexander Caicedo, Liesbeth Thewissen, Anne Smits, Gunnar Naulaers, Karel Allegaert, Sabine Huffel

20. Effects of Positive and Negative Mood Induction on the Prefrontal Cortex Activity Measured by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
A. Compare, Agostino Brugnera, R. Adorni, K. Sakatani

21. Correlation Between the Cerebral Oxyhaemoglobin Signal and Physiological Signals During Cycling Exercise: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Atsuhiro Tsubaki, Haruna Takai, Keiichi Oyanagi, Sho Kojima, Yuta Tokunaga, Shota Miyaguchi, Kazuhiro Sugawara, Daisuke Sato, Hiroyuki Tamaki, Hideaki Onishi

22. Effect of Locomotor Respiratory Coupling Induced by Cortical Oxygenated Hemoglobin Levels During Cycle Ergometer Exercise of Light Intensity
Keiichi Oyanagi, Atsuhiro Tsubaki, Yuichi Yasufuku, Haruna Takai, Takeshi Kera, Akira Tamaki, Kentaro Iwata, Hideaki Onishi

23. Hypoxia and Neonatal Haemorrhagic Stroke: Experimental Study of Mechanisms
Oxana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya, Ekaterina Borisova, Anton Namikin, Ivan Fedosov, Arkady Abdurashitov, Ekaterina Zhinchenko, Artem Gekalyuk, Maria Ulanova, Victoria Rezunbaeva, Latchezar Avramov, Dan Zhu, Qingming Luo, Valery Tuchin

24. Interrelationship Between Broadband NIRS Measurements of Cerebral Cytochrome C Oxidase and Systemic Changes Indicates Injury Severity in Neonatal Encephalopathy
Gemma Bale, Subhabrata Mitra, Isabel Roever, Marcus Chan, Alexander Caicedo-Dorado, Judith Meek, Nicola Robertson, Ilias Tachtsidis

25. PFC Activity Pattern During Verbal WM Task in Healthy Male and Female Subjects: A NIRS Study
Chenyang Gao, Lei Zhang, Dewu Luo, Dan Liu, Hui Gong

26. Spatial Distribution of Changes in Oxidised Cytochrome C Oxidase During Visual Stimulation Using Broadband Near Infrared Spectroscopy Imaging
P. Phan, D. Highton, S. Brigadoi, I. Tachtsidis, M. Smith, C. E. Elwell

27. Effects of Physical Exercise on Working Memory and Prefrontal Cortex Function in Post-Stroke Patients
M. Moriya, C. Aoki, K. Sakatani

28. Relation Between Prefrontal Cortex Activity and Respiratory Rate During Mental Stress Tasks: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study
Yuta Murayama, Lizhen Hu, Kaoru Sakatani

29. Effects of Antioxidant Supplements (BioPQQ™) on Cerebral Blood Flow and Oxygen Metabolism in the Prefrontal Cortex
Masahiko Nakano, Yuta Murayama, Lizhen Hu, Kazuto Ikemoto, Tatsuo Uetake, Kaoru Sakatani

30. Temporal Comparison Between NIRS and EEG Signals During a Mental Arithmetic Task Evaluated with Self-Organizing Maps
Katsunori Oyama, Kaoru Sakatani

31. The Role of Phonological Processing in Semantic Access of Chinese Characters: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Jinyan Sun, Linshang Rao, Chenyang Gao, Lei Zhang, Lan Liang, Hui Gong

32. Improvement of Impaired Cerebral Microcirculation Using Rheological Modulation by Drag-Reducing Polymers
D. E. Bragin, Z. Peng, O. A. Bragina, G. L. Statom, M. V. Kameneva, E. M. Nemoto

33. Relationship Between Cerebral Oxygenation and Metabolism During Rewarming in Newborn Infants After Therapeutic Hypothermia Following Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury
Subhabrata Mitra, Gemma Bale, Judith Meek, Cristina Uria-Avellanal, Nicola J. Robertson, Ilias Tachtsidis

Part IV. Muscle Oxygenation and Sport Medicine

34. Low Volume Aerobic Training Heightens Muscle Deoxygenation in Early Post-Angina Pectoris Patients
Shun Takagi, Norio Murase, Ryotaro Kime, Masatsugu Niwayama, Takuya Osada, Toshihito Katsumura

35. The Effects of Passive Cycling Exercise for 20 min on Cardiorespiratory Dynamics in Healthy Men
Sayuri Fuse, Ryotaro Kime, Takuya Osada, Norio Murase, Toshihito Katsumura

36. Regional Differences of Metabolic Response During Dynamic Incremental Exercise by 31P-CSI
Yasuhisa Kaneko, Ryotaro Kime, Yoshinori Hongo, Yusuke Ohno, Ayumi Sakamoto, Toshihito Katsumura

37. Muscle Deoxygenation and Its Heterogeneity Changes After Endurance Training
Ryotaro Kime, Masatsugu Niwayama, Yasuhisa Kaneko, Shun Takagi, Sayuri Fuse, Takuya Osada, Norio Murase, Toshihito Katsumura

38. Response of BAX, Bcl-2 Proteins, and SIRT1/PGC-1α mRNA Expression to 8-Week Treadmill Running in the Aging Rat Skeletal Muscle
Fang-Hui Li, Hai-Tao Yu, Lin Xiao, Yan-Ying Liu

39. Muscle Oxygen Dynamics During Cycling Exercise in Angina Pectoris Patients
Shun Takagi, Norio Murase, Ryotaro Kime, Masatsugu Niwayama, Takuya Osada, Toshihito Katsumura

Part V. Acupuncture, Meridians, and Primo Vascular System

40. Chronological Review on Scientific Findings of Bonghan System and Primo Vascular System
Kyung A. Kang

41. Temporal Change of Alcian Blue-Stained Primo Vascular System in Lymph Vessels of Rats
Jungdae Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim, Sharon Jiyoon Jung, Kwang-Sup Soh

42. Ultrastructure of the Subcutaneous Primo-Vascular System in Rat Abdomen
Chae Jeong Lim, So Yeong Lee, Pan Dong Ryu

43. Effects of Acupuncture Stimulation on Muscle Tissue Oxygenation at Different Points
Yasuhisa Kaneko, Ryotaro Kime, Eiji Furuya, Ayumi Sakamoto, Toshihito Katsumura

Part VI. Technologies and Modeling

44. Continuous Wave Spectroscopy with Diffusion Theory for Quantification of Optical Properties: Comparison Between Multi-distance and Multi-wavelength Data Fitting Methods
Yung-Chi Lin, Zhi-Fong Lin, Shoko Nioka, Li-Hsin Chen, Sheng-Hao Tseng, Pau-Choo Chung

45. Multi-modality Optical Imaging of Rat Kidney Dysfunction: In Vivo Response to Various Ischemia Times
Zhenyang Ding, Lily Jin, Hsing-Wen Wang, Qinggong Tang, Hengchang Guo, Yu Chen

46. Skeletal Muscle Oxygenation Measured by EPR Oximetry Using a Highly Sensitive Polymer-Encapsulated Paramagnetic Sensor
H. Hou, N. Khan, M. Nagane, S. Gohain, E. Y. Chen, L. A. Jarvis, P. E. Schaner, B. B. Williams, A. B. Flood, H. M. Swartz, P. Kuppusamy

47. Determination of Optical and Microvascular Parameters of Port Wine Stains Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
Zhihai Qiu, Guangping Yao, Defu Chen, Ying Wang, Ying Gu, Buhong Li

48. EPR Oximetry for Investigation of Hyperbaric O2 Pre-treatment for Tumor Radiosensitization
Benjamin B. Williams, Huagang Hou, Rachel Coombs, Harold M. Swartz

49. Design of a Compact, Bimorph Deformable Mirror-Based Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
Yi He, Guohua Deng, Ling Wei, Xiqi Li, Jinsheng Yang, Guohua Shi, Yudong Zhang

50. Development of Portable, Wireless and Smartphone Controllable Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System
Takashi Watanabe, Rui Sekine, Toshihiko Mizuno, Mitsuharu Miwa

51. Monitoring the Oxygen Dynamics of Brain Tissue In Vivo by Fast Acousto-Optic Scanning Microscopy: A Proposed Instrument
Zhenqiao Zhou, Dayu Chen, Zhiqiang Huang, Shaofang Wang, Shaoqun Zeng

52. Magnetization Transfer MRI Contrast May Correlate with Tissue Redox State in Prostate Cancer
Rongwen Tain, He N. Xu, Xiaohong J. Zhou, Lin Z. Li, Kejia Cai

53. Comparison of Two Algorithms for Analysis of Perfusion Computed Tomography Data for Evaluation of Cerebral Microcirculation in Chronic Subdural Hematoma
Alexey O. Trofimov, George Kalentiev, Oleg Voennov, Michail Yuriev, Darya Agarkova, Svetlana Trofimova, Denis E. Bragin

54. MMP-14 Triggered Fluorescence Contrast Agent
Mai-Dung Nguyen, Kyung A. Kang

55. Boundary Element Method for Reconstructing Absorption and Diffusion Coefficients of Biological Tissues in DOT/MicroCT Imaging
Wenhao Xie, Yong Deng, Lichao Lian, Dongmei Yan, Xiaoquan Yang, Qingming Luo

56. Mathematical Model of an Innate Immune Response to Cutaneous Wound in the Presence of Local Hypoxia
Guennadi Saiko, Karen Cross, Alexandre Douplik

57. Analytical Expression for the NO Concentration Profile Following NONOate Decomposition in the Presence of Oxygen
Zimei Rong, Zhihui Ye

58. Erratum: Chapter 35 The Effects of Passive Cycling Exercise for 20 min on Cardiorespiratory Dynamics in Healthy Men
Sayuri Fuse, Ryotaro Kime, Takuya Osada, Norio Murase, Toshihito Katsumura

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Physiology, Immunology, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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