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Quantitative Psychology Research

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Table of contents

1. Continuation Ratio Model in Item Response Theory and Selection of Models for Polytomous Items
Seock-Ho Kim

2. Using the Asymmetry of Item Characteristic Curves (ICCs) to Learn About Underlying Item Response Processes
Sora Lee, Daniel M. Bolt

3. A Three-Parameter Speeded Item Response Model: Estimation and Application
Joyce Chang, Henghsiu Tsai, Ya-Hui Su, Edward M. H. Lin

4. An Application of a Random Mixture Nominal Item Response Model for Investigating Instruction Effects
Hye-Jeong Choi, Allan S. Cohen, Brian A. Bottge

5. Item Response Theory Models for Multidimensional Ranking Items
Wen-Chung Wang, Xuelan Qiu, Chia-Wen Chen, Sage Ro

6. Different Growth Measures on Different Vertical Scales
Dongmei Li

7. Investigation of Constraint-Weighted Item Selection Procedures in Polytomous CAT
Ya-Hui Su

8. Estimating Classification Accuracy and Consistency Indices for Multidimensional Latent Ability
Wenyi Wang, Lihong Song, Shuliang Ding, Yaru Meng

9. Item Response Theory Models for Person Dependence in Paired Samples
Kuan-Yu Jin, Wen-Chung Wang

10. Using Sample Weights in Item Response Data Analysis under Complex Sample Designs
Xiaying Zheng, Ji Seung Yang

11. Scalability Coefficients for Two-Level Polytomous Item Scores: An Introduction and an Application
Daniela R. Crisan, Janneke E. Pol, L. Andries Ark

12. Numerical Differences Between Guttman’s Reliability Coefficients and the GLB
Pieter R. Oosterwijk, L. Andries Ark, Klaas Sijtsma

13. Optimizing the Costs and GT based reliabilities of Large-scale Performance Assessments
Yon Soo Suh, Dasom Hwang, Meiling Quan, Guemin Lee

14. A Confirmatory Factor Model for the Investigation of Cognitive Data Showing a Ceiling Effect: An Example
Karl Schweizer

15. The Goodness of Sample Loadings of Principal Component Analysis in Approximating to Factor Loadings with High Dimensional Data
Lu Liang, Kentaro Hayashi, Ke-Hai Yuan

16. Remedies for Degeneracy in Candecomp/Parafac
Paolo Giordani, Roberto Rocci

17. Growth Curve Modeling for Nonnormal Data: A Two-Stage Robust Approach Versus a Semiparametric Bayesian Approach
Xin Tong, Zijun Ke

18. The Specification of Attribute Structures and Its Effects on Classification Accuracy in Diagnostic Test Design
Ren Liu, Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley

19. Conditions of Completeness of the Q-Matrix of Tests for Cognitive Diagnosis
Hans-Friedrich Köhn, Chia-Yi Chiu

20. Application Study on Online Multistage Intelligent Adaptive Testing for Cognitive Diagnosis
Fen Luo, Shuliang Ding, Xiaoqing Wang, Jianhua Xiong

21. Dichotomous and Polytomous Q Matrix Theory
Shuliang Ding, Fen Luo, Wenyi Wang, Jianhua Xiong

22. Multidimensional Joint Graphical Display of Symmetric Analysis: Back to the Fundamentals
Shizuhiko Nishisato

23. Classification of Writing Patterns Using Keystroke Logs
Mo Zhang, Jiangang Hao, Chen Li, Paul Deane

24. Identifying Useful Features to Detect Off-Topic Essays in Automated Scoring Without Using Topic-Specific Training Essays
Jing Chen, Mo Zhang

25. Students’ Perceptions of Their Mathematics Teachers in the Longitudinal Study of American Youth (LSAY): A Factor Analytic Approach
Mohammad Shoraka

26. Influential Factors of China’s Elementary School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction
Hong-Hua Mu, Mi Wang, Hong-Yun Liu, Yong-Mei Hu

27. The Determinants of Training Participation, a Multilevel Approach: Evidence from PIAAC
Teck Kiang Tan, Catherine Ramos, Yee Zher Sheng, Johnny Sung

28. Latent Transition Analysis for Program Evaluation with Multivariate Longitudinal Outcomes
Depeng Jiang, Rob Santos, Teresa Mayer, Leanne Boyd

29. The Theory and Practice of Personality Development Measurements
Wei-Dong Wang, Fan Feng, Xue-Yu Lv, Jin-Hua Zhang, Lan Hong, Gui-Xia Li, Jian Wang

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Psychometrics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Psychological Methods/Evaluation

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