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Kienböck’s Disease

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Table of contents

1. Dedication. Robert Kienböck (January 11, 1871–September 7, 1953): A Life for Radiology and Radiotherapy
Martin Chochole

Part I. Basic Science

2. Osseous Anatomy and Microanatomy of the Lunate
Chong Jin Yeo, Gregory Ian Bain, Egon Perilli

3. Vascularity of the Lunate
Kin Ghee Chee, Chong Jin Yeo, Gregory Ian Bain

4. Lunate Bone Morphology and Its Association with Kienböck’s Disease
Peter Charles Rhee, Steven L. Moran

5. Wrist Biomechanics as Applied to the Lunate and Kienböck’s Disease
Hisao Moritomo

6. Pathoanatomy of Kienböck’s Disease
Chong Jin Yeo, Gregory Ian Bain, Levi Morse

7. The Etiology of Kienböck’s Disease
Gregory Ian Bain, Carlos Irisarri

Part II. Clinical Assessment

8. Radiological Risk Factors for Kienböck’s Disease
Luc Smet, Ilse Degreef

9. Clinical Presentation, Natural History, and Classification of Kienböck’s Disease
William F. Pientka, Bassem Hanalla, Richard Blake Barber, Timothy Niacaris, David M. Lichtman

10. Basic Imaging and Differential Diagnosis of Kienböck’s Disease
Lee Wang, Michael B. Zlatkin, Paul D. Clifford

11. Advanced Imaging of Kienböck’s Disease
Rainer R. Schmitt, Karlheinz Kalb

12. Acute Lunate Fractures and Translunate Dislocations
Gregory Ian Bain, Vikas R. Singh, Joideep Phadnis, Meenalochani Shunmugam

13. Arthroscopic Assessment and Treatment of Kienböck’s Disease
Benjamin R. Graves, George S. Gluck, Gary G. Poehling, Terry L. Whipple, Francisco Piñal, Gregory Ian Bain

Part III. Management

14. Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Treatment of Kienböck’s Disease
William F. Pientka, Timothy Niacaris, Marc A. Caragea, David M. Lichtman

15. Capitate Shortening for Kienböck’s Disease
Ahmadreza Afshar

16. Radial-Shortening and Ulnar-Lengthening Operations for Kienböck’s Disease
Anuj P. Netto, Robert M. Szabo

17. Radial Closing Wedge Osteotomy for Kienböck’s Disease
Masahiro Tatebe, Ryogo Nakamura, Hitoshi Hirata

18. Vascularized Pedicle Flaps for Kienböck’s Disease
William R. Aibinder, Alexander Y. Shin

19. Osteochondral Free Flap Reconstruction of Advanced Kienböck’s Disease
James P. Higgins, Heinz K. Bürger

20. Proximal Row Carpectomy for the Treatment of Kienböck’s Disease
Harvey Chim, Steven L. Moran

21. Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid and Scaphocapitate Fusion in Kienböck’s Disease
Daniel J. Mastella, H. Kirk Watson

22. Radioscapholunate Fusion in Kienböck’s Disease
Ngoc Buu Ha, Joideep Phadnis, Gregory Ian Bain

23. Lunarectomy and Progressive Capitate Lengthening (Modified Graner–Wilhelm Procedure)
Frédéric A. Schuind, Fabian Moungondo

24. Arthroscopic Reconstructive Procedures for Kienböck’s Disease: Arthroscopic Assisted Bone Grafting
Andrea Atzei, Loris Pegoli

25. Arthroscopic Reconstructive Procedures for Kienböck’s Disease
Wing-lim Tse, Xiaofeng Teng, Bo Liu, Clara Wong Wing-yee, Pak-cheong Ho, Gregory Ian Bain

26. Pyrocarbon Arthroplasty for Kienböck’s Disease
Philippe Bellemère, Wisam Al-Hakim, Aude Corre, Mark Ross

27. Wrist Hemiarthroplasty Combined with Proximal Row Carpectomy
Brian D. Adams

28. Total Wrist Arthroplasty
Michel E. H. Boeckstyns, Guillaume Herzberg

29. Total Wrist Fusion in the Management of Kienböck’s Disease
Mark Ross, Steven Marchalleck

30. The Future of Kienböck’s Disease: A New Algorithm
David M. Lichtman, William F. Pientka, Gregory Ian Bain

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