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5G Mobile Communications

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview of 5G Networks

1. An Overview of 5G Requirements
Dajie Jiang, Guangyi Liu

2. Spectrum Analysis and Regulations for 5G
Tan Wang, Gen Li, Biao Huang, Qingyu Miao, Jian Fang, Pengpeng Li, Haifeng Tan, Wei Li, Jiaxin Ding, Jingchun Li, Ying Wang

3. Spectrum Sharing for 5G
Gen Li, Tan Wang, Qingyu Miao, Ying Wang, Biao Huang

Part II. Transmission and Design Techniques for 5G Networks

4. Massive MIMO Communications
Trinh Chien, Emil Björnson

5. Millimeter-Wave Mobile Communications
Yi Wang, Zhenyu Shi

6. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) for Future Radio Access
Razieh Razavi, Mehrdad Dianati, Muhammad Ali Imran

7. New Multicarrier Modulations for 5G
Davide Mattera, Mario Tanda, Maurice Bellanger

8. Fundamentals of Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling
Angelos D. Liveris, Costas N. Georghiades

9. Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing: A Flexible Multi-Carrier Waveform for 5G
Maximilian Matthé, Ivan Simões Gaspar, Luciano Leonel Mendes, Dan Zhang, Martin Danneberg, Nicola Michailow, Gerhard Fettweis

10. Spectrally Efficient Frequency Division Multiplexing for 5G
Izzat Darwazeh, Ryan C. Grammenos, Tongyang Xu

11. Full-Duplex Wireless Communications for 5G
Mingxin Zhou, Yun Liao, Lingyang Song

12. Device-to-Device Communications over 5G Systems: Standardization, Challenges and Open Issues
G. Araniti, A. Raschellà, A. Orsino, L. Militano, M. Condoluci

13. M2M Communications in 5G
Jesus Alonso-Zarate, Mischa Dohler

14. Design Techniques of 5G Mobile Devices in the Dark Silicon Era
Imed Ben Dhaou, Hannu Tenhunen

Part III. Networking Techniques and Applications for 5G Networks

15. Ultra-Dense Network Architecture and Technologies for 5G
Shanzhi Chen, Fei Qin, Bo Hu, Xi Li, Jiamin Liu

16. 5G RAN Architecture: C-RAN with NGFI
Chih-Lin I, Jinri Huang, Yannan Yuan, Shijia Ma

17. User-Centric Wireless Network for 5G
Yunlu Liu, Guangyi Liu

18. Energy Harvesting Based Green Heterogeneous Wireless Access for 5G
Hang Li, Chuan Huang, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Abdullah M. Dobaie, Shuguang Cui

19. Resource Management in Sustainable Green HetNets with Renewable Energy Sources
Ran Zhang, Miao Wang, Lin X. Cai, Yu Cheng, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, Liang-Liang Xie

20. Resource Allocation for Cooperative D2D Communication Networks
Shankhanaad Mallick, Roya Arab Loodaricheh, K. N. R. Surya Vara Prasad, Vijay Bhargava

21. Fog Computing and Its Applications in 5G
Longxiang Gao, Tom H. Luan, Bo Liu, Wanlei Zhou, Shui Yu

22. A Conceptual 5G Vehicular Networking Architecture
Konstantinos Katsaros, Mehrdad Dianati

23. Communications Protocol Design for 5G Vehicular Networks
Francesco Chiti, Romano Fantacci, Dino Giuli, Federica Paganelli, Giovanni Rigazzi

24. Next-Generation High-Efficiency WLAN
Nan Cheng, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

25. Shaping 5G for the Tactile Internet
Adnan Aijaz, Meryem Simsek, Mischa Dohler, Gerhard Fettweis

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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