Lewandrowski, Kent

Utilization Management in the Clinical Laboratory and Other Ancillary Services

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Table of contents

1. Health-Care Reform and Its Impact in Medical Reimbursement
Luis Ticona

2. Utilization Management in the Clinical Laboratory: An Introduction and Overview
Kent Lewandrowski, Jason Baron, Anand Dighe

3. Effective Governance Structure and Management of Utilization Programs
Jeffrey S. Warren

4. Informatics, Analytics, and Decision Support in Utilization Management
Jason Baron

5. Utilization Management Employing Test Interpretations and Algorithms
Elizabeth M. Cott

6. Calculating Costs and Savings in Utilization Management
Patrick M. Sluss

7. Benchmarking and Management Metrics in Utilization Management
Ida Bixho, Stacy E. F. Melanson

8. Laboratory Formularies
Petr Jarolim

9. Utilization and Other Resource Management in Clinical Chemistry
Alan H. B. Wu

10. Utilization Management in the Routine Hematology Laboratory
Joseph Rudolf, Kent Lewandrowski

11. Patient Blood Management
Cyril Jacquot, Evan M. Bloch

12. Utilization Management of Blood Derivatives
Stephan Kadauke

13. Utilization Management in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Kent Lewandrowski, Eric S. Rosenberg, John A. Branda

14. Utilization Management in a Large Community Hospital
Frederick L. Kiechle, Rodney C. Arcenas

15. Utilization Management: The Role of Reference Laboratories
Brian Jackson

16. Utilization Management in Anatomic Pathology
Kent Lewandrowski

17. Utilization Analysis in Hematopathology
Annette S. Kim, Claudio A. Mosse, Aaron C. Shaver, Adam C. Seegmiller

18. Laboratory Utilization
Daniel Dante Yeh

19. Test Utilization: Controlling Costs in Reference Laboratory Testing
Valerie L. Ng

20. Utilization Management of Genetic Testing
Jane A. Dickerson, Jessie H. Conta, Christina M. Lockwood

21. The Use of Physician Profiling and Prior Approval (Gatekeeping) in Utilization Management in the Clinical Laboratory
Kent Lewandrowski, Jason Baron

22. Test Utilization: The Essential Role of the Clinical Consultant
Elizabeth Stewart, Valerie L. Ng

23. The Role of the Genetic Counselor in Utilization Management of Genetic Testing
Kelly Branda

24. Utilization Management in Radiology
Garry Choy, Alexander Ryu

25. Strategies for the Clinical and Financial Management of Drug Utilization
Christopher Fortier, Prabashni Reddy, Nathan Thompson, Andy Pulvemacher

26. Laboratory Utilization Management in Canada
Christopher Naugler

27. Utilization Management Initiatives That Can Be Imported into Healthcare Systems
Patrick M. Sluss

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pathology, Health Informatics

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