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Table of contents

Part I. From the Plenary Talks

1. Floer Field Philosophy
Katrin Wehrheim

Part II. Low Dimensional Topology

2. An Elementary Fact About Unlinked Braid Closures
J. Elisenda Grigsby, Stephan M. Wehrli

3. Symmetric Unions Without Cosmetic Crossing Changes
Allison H. Moore

4. The Total Thurston–Bennequin Number of Complete and Complete Bipartite Legendrian Graphs
Danielle O’Donnol, Elena Pavelescu

5. Coverings of Open Books
Tetsuya Ito, Keiko Kawamuro

Part III. Mathematical Biology

6. Understanding Locomotor Rhythm in the Lamprey Central Pattern Generator
Nicole Massarelli, Allan Yau, Kathleen Hoffman, Tim Kiemel, Eric Tytell

7. Applications of Knot Theory: Using Knot Theory to Unravel Biochemistry Mysteries
Candice Reneé Price

8. Metapopulation and Non-proportional Vaccination Models Overview
Mayteé Cruz-Aponte

9. Controlling a Cockroach Infestation
Hannah Albert, Amy Buchmann, Laurel Ohm, Ami Radunskaya, Ellen Swanson

10. The Impact of Violence Interruption on the Diffusion of Violence: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
Shari A. Wiley, Michael Z. Levy, Charles C. Branas

Part IV. Probability and Stochastic Processes

11. Cramér’s Theorem is Atypical
Nina Gantert, Steven Soojin Kim, Kavita Ramanan

12. Counting and Partition Function Asymptotics for Subordinate Killed Brownian Motion
Sarah Bryant

Part V. Statistics

13. A Statistical Change-Point Analysis Approach for Modeling the Ratio of Next Generation Sequencing Reads
Jie Chen, Hua Li

14. A Center-Level Approach to Estimating the Effect of Center Characteristics on Center Outcomes
Jennifer Le-Rademacher

15. False Discovery Rate Based on Extreme Values in High Dimension
Junyong Park, DoHwan Park, J. Wade Davis

Part VI. Differential Equations

16. Asymptotic and Oscillatory Behavior of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Raegan Higgins

Part VII. Sharing the Joy: Engaging Undergraduate Students in Mathematics

17. Using Applications to Motivate the Learning of Differential Equations
Karen M. Bliss, Jessica M. Libertini

18. What Is a Good Question?
Brigitte Servatius

Part VIII. Discrete Math and Theoretical Computer Science

19. Information Measures of Frequency Distributions with an Application to Labeled Graphs
Cliff Joslyn, Emilie Purvine

20. Integrating and Sampling Cuts in Bounded Treewidth Graphs
Ivona Bezáková, Erin W. Chambers, Kyle Fox

21. Considerations on the Implementation and Use of Anderson Acceleration on Distributed Memory and GPU-based Parallel Computers
John Loffeld, Carol S. Woodward

Keywords: Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Topology, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics Education, Statistics, general

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Association for Women in Mathematics Series
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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