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TransOral Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Paul T. Hoff

Part I. Patient Work-Up

2. Tongue Pathophysiology in OSAS Patients: A Surgically Oriented Perspective
Filippo Montevecchi, Claudio Vicini, Matteo Costantini, Riccardo Gobbi, Elisabetta Firinu, Ottavio Piccin, Giovanni Sorrenti

3. History-Taking and Clinical Examination
Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Paul T. Hoff, Claudia Zanotti, Tod Huntley, Yassin Bahgat

4. Sleep Studies
Brian W. Rotenberg, Marcello Bosi, Sabrina Frassineti, Venerino Poletti

5. Imaging
Andrea Vito, Pier Carlo Frasconi, Oscar Bazzocchi, Giulia Tenti

6. Drug-Induced Sedation Endoscopy (DISE)
Aldo Campanini, Bhik Kotecha, Erica R. Thaler

7. Patient Selection
Tiffany Ann Glazer, Paul T. Hoff, Matthew E. Spector, Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Neil S. Tolley, Asit Arora

Part II. Surgery

8. Transoral Robotic Surgery as Single Level Surgery for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Ho-Sheng Lin

9. TORS in a Multilevel Procedure
Ahmed Bahgat, Ehsan Hendawy, Kenny P. Pang, Claudio Vicini

10. Alternative Procedures
Mohamed Eesa, Ahmed Bahgat, Ehsan Hendawy

11. Robotic Setting
Mark A. D’Agostino, Gregory A. Grillone, Federico Faedi

12. Surgical Anatomy in Transoral Robotic Procedure: Basic Fundamentals
Iacopo Dallan, Lodovica Cristofani-Mencacci, Giovanni D’Agostino, Ermelinda Zeccardo, Hesham Negm

13. Transoral Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: An Anesthetist’s Point of View
Ruggero Massimo Corso, Davide Cattano, Nabil Abdelhamid Shallik

14. Technique: How We Do It
Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, J. Scott Magnuson

Part III. Post-Operative Concerns

15. Postoperative Management of Transoral Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Chiara Marchi, Julia A. Crawford

16. Expected Outcomes
Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Aldo Campanini, Iacopo Dallan, Paul T. Hoff, Matthew E. Spector, Erica R. Thaler, Jeffrey Ahn, Peter M. Baptista, Marc Remacle, Georges Lawson, Marco Benazzo, Pietro Canzi

17. Complication Management
Filippo Montevecchi, Saleh Ali AlGhamdi, Chiara Bellini

18. Short- and Long-Term Dysphagia
Mohamed Eesa, Giuseppe Meccariello

19. Failures Management
Claudio Vicini, Claudia Zanotti, L. B. L. Benoist, Gianluca Giorgio Marrano, Nico Vries

Part IV. TORS for OSAS in Geographic Perspective: How to Run a Program in Different Countries

20. The North American Experience
Paul T. Hoff, Robson Capasso, Umamaheswar Duvvuri

21. The South American Experience
Eric R. Thuler, Fábio A. W. Rabelo, Fabiana C. P. Valera

22. The European Experience
Asit Arora, Bhik Kotecha, Tom Vauterin, Guillermo Plaza, Christian Güldner, Jochen A. Werner

23. The Middle East Experience
Medhat Shams, Hayam Altaweel

24. The Far Eastern Asian Experience
Song Tar Toh, Vikas Agrawal

25. The Australian Experience
Suren Krishnan, Julia A. Crawford

Part V. Research and Future Perspectives

26. Research and Future Perspectives
Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Paul T Hoff, Asit Arora, E. Vetri

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Head and Neck Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery

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