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Practical Psychology in Medical Rehabilitation

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Table of contents

Part I. Basics and Biopsychosocial Practicalities

1. Information Gathering and Documentation
Nathan M. Parmer

2. Language of Rehabilitation
Kristina A. Agbayani

3. Practical Ethics
Thomas R. Kerkhoff, Lester Butt

4. Assessing Acute Mental Status: Basic Laboratory Findings
Rebecca Baczuk, Marlís González-Fernández

5. Neurological Examination and Classification in Spinal Cord Injury
Steven Kirshblum, Monifa Brooks

6. Everyday Psychopharmacology
Randall D. Buzan, James Schraa

7. Psychological Resilience in Medical Rehabilitation
Ann Marie Warren, Stephanie Agtarap, Terri deRoon-Cassini

8. Behavioral Medicine: Nutrition, Medication Management, and Exercise
Laura E. Dreer, Alexandra Linley

9. Disability Models
Erin E. Andrews

10. Social Participation and Ability/Disability
Angela Kuemmel, Katie Powell

11. Forensic Issues: Health Care Proxy, Advance Directives, and Guardianship
Heather Rodas Romero, Tracy O’Connor Pennuto

Part II. Populations, Problems and Procedures

12. Traumatic Brain Injury
Mark Sherer

13. Stroke
William Stiers

14. Neurological Tumors
Rachel L. Orr

15. Spinal Cord Injury
Thomas M. Dixon, Maggi A. Budd

16. Multiple Sclerosis
Kevin N. Alschuler, Aaron P. Turner, Dawn M. Ehde

17. Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Amy Szarkowski

18. Spine, Back, and Musculoskeletal
Ellen H. Zhan

19. Amputation
Aaron P. Turner, Rhonda M. Williams, Dawn M. Ehde

20. Pediatric Rehabilitation Psychology
Heather F. Russell

21. Geriatric Rehabilitation Psychology
Michelle E. Mlinac, Kyle S. Page, Kate L. M. Hinrichs

22. Transplants
Adrienne L. West

23. Intensive Care Patients
Jennifer E. Jutte

24. Cardiovascular Disease: Medical Overview
Melisa Chelf Sirbu, John C. Linton

25. Cardiac Rehabilitation
Melisa Chelf Sirbu, John C. Linton

26. Delirium: Risk Identification, Mitigation, and Intervention
James L. Rudolph, Elizabeth Archambault, Maggi A. Budd

27. Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention: Considerations for Rehabilitation Providers
Gina M. Signoracci, Sarra Nazem, Lisa A. Brenner

28. Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders in Medical Rehabilitation
W. Christopher Skidmore, Maggi A. Budd

29. Serious Mental Illness
Christopher G. AhnAllen, Andrew W. Bismark

30. Conversion Disorder
Esther Yakobov, Tomas Jurcik, Michael J. L. Sullivan

31. Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Health Issues in Rehabilitation: A Patient-Centered Approach
Elisha Mitchell Carcieri, Linda R. Mona

32. Sleep Issues in Medical Rehabilitation
Luis F. Buenaver, Jessica Richards, Evelyn Gathecha

33. Fatigue
Connie Jacocks

34. Obesity: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Health Consequences
Lawrence C. Vogel, Pamela Patt

35. Burns
Kimberly Roaten

36. Respiratory and Pulmonary Disorders
Jacob A. Bentley

37. Mealtime Challenges
Gayle Phaneuf

38. Decision-Making Capacity and Competency
Kristen L. Triebel, Lindsay M. Niccolai, Daniel C. Marson

39. Enhancing Appropriate Use of Adaptive/Assistive Technology
Marcia J. Scherer

40. Group Psychotherapy
David R. Topor, Kysa Christie

Part III. Assessment and Practical Intervention

41. Dementia
William Stiers, Jessica Strong

42. Depression and Anxiety Assessment
Nicole Schechter, Jacob A. Bentley

43. Cognitive Screening
Terrie Price, Bruce Caplan

44. Pain
Philip Ullrich

45. Psychotherapy: Individual
Michele J. Rusin

46. Family Adaptation and Intervention
Sara Palmer

47. Coping Effectiveness Training
Paul Kennedy, Alice Kilvert

48. Treatment Adherence
Nancy Hansen Merbitz

49. Managing Challenging Behavior in an Inpatient Setting
Thomas R. Kerkhoff, Lester Butt

50. Vocational Participation
Lisa Ottomanelli

51. Nonvocational Participation
Eunice Kwon

Part IV. Consultation and Advocacy

52. Models of Consultation
Robert L. Karol, Laura Sturm

53. Interdisciplinary Teams
Michael Dunn

Part V. Practice Management and Administration

54. CPT and Billing Codes
Mark T. Barisa

55. Burnout Prophylactics: Professional Self-Care
Mary G. Brownsberger, Preeti Sunderaraman

56. Media Psychology: What You Need to Know and How to Use It
Pamela Rutledge

57. Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Accreditation
Christine M. MacDonell

58. Incorporating the Standards Established by The Joint Commission (TJC)
Laura M. Tuck, Sigmund Hough

Part VI. Research and Self Evaluation

59. Research Made Useful for Busy Rehabilitation Providers
Scott D. McDonald, Paul B. Perrin, Suzzette M. Chopin, Treven C. Pickett

60. Using Information and Knowledge Technologies to Practice Evidence-based Rehabilitation Psychology
Elaine C. Alligood

61. Performance Measurement and Operations Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma
Charles D. Callahan, Todd S. Roberts

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Rehabilitation, Neuropsychology, Social Work

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