Bohlmann, Nina

The Disorder of Mathematics Education

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Table of contents

1. Welcome to the Jungle. An Orientation Guide to the Disorder of Mathematics Education
Hauke Straehler-Pohl, Alexandre Pais, Nina Bohlmann

Part I. What Bonds Us to Mathematics

2. Mathematics Education as Praying Wheel: How Adults Avoid Mathematics by Pushing It onto Children
Sverker Lundin, Ditte Storck Christensen

3. De|mathematisation and Ideology in Times of Capitalism: Recovering Critical Distance
Hauke Straehler-Pohl

4. The Narcissism of Mathematics Education
Alexandre Pais

Part II. Disordering Narratives of Progress in Mathematics Education

5. Revisiting Mathematics for All: A Commentary to Pais’s Critique
Uwe Gellert

6. Ethnomathematical Barters
Aldo Parra-Sanchez

7. Installing “Good Mathematics Teaching”: Hegemonic Strategies and Alliances of Researchers
Eva Jablonka, Christer Bergsten

8. Communicating Research in Mathematics Education: Theoretical and Ethical Problems
Candia Morgan

9. Mathematics Teachers as Products and Agents: To Be and Not to Be. That’s the Point!
Alex Montecino, Paola Valero

10. Technologies of (Re)production in Mathematics Education Research: Performances of Progress
Anna Llewellyn

Part III. Disordering School Mathematics

11. A Socio-critical Analysis of Students’ Perceptions of Mathematics
David Kollosche

12. Interrupting Passivity: Attempts to Interrogate Political Agency in Palestinian School Mathematics
Jehad Alshwaikh, Hauke Straehler-Pohl

13. Assessment in Mathematics Education: A Gatekeeping Dispositive
Lisa Björklund Boistrup

14. Expressions of the Commodity Form: Alienation and Mathematics Education
David Swanson

15. The Effects of School Geometry in the Shaping of a Desired Child
Melissa Andrade-Molina, Paola Valero

Part IV. Disordering the Role of the Mathematics Education Researcher

16. Disordered Order, Ordered Disorder: Threads, Folds, and Artistic Action
Peter Appelbaum

17. Reflections on Research Positioning: Where the Math Is and Where the People Are
David Wagner

18. UrbanBoundariesSpace. Disturbing Choices and the Place of the Critical Research/Researcher in the Capitalist Wile
Mônica Mesquita

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Psychology

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Upbringing, Education
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