Ackermann, Paul W.

Metabolic Influences on Risk for Tendon Disorders

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Table of contents

Part I. Basic Biology and Anatomy

1. Tendon Structure and Composition
Chavaunne T. Thorpe, Hazel R. C. Screen

2. Collagen Homeostasis and Metabolism
S. Peter Magnusson, Katja M. Heinemeier, Michael Kjaer

3. Blood Supply
Keitaro Kubo

4. Tendon Innervation
Paul W. Ackermann, Paul Salo, David A. Hart

5. Tendon Stem Cells: Mechanobiology and Development of Tendinopathy
James H-C. Wang, Issei Komatsu

6. Informing Stem Cell-Based Tendon Tissue Engineering Approaches with Embryonic Tendon Development
William Okech, Catherine K. Kuo

7. Cell Signaling in Tenocytes: Response to Load and Ligands in Health and Disease
Michelle E. Wall, Nathaniel A. Dyment, Josie Bodle, Jon Volmer, Elizabeth Loboa, Anna Cederlund, Ann M. Fox, Albert J. Banes

8. Methods of Assessing Human Tendon Metabolism and Tissue Properties in Response to Changes in Mechanical Loading
Katja M. Heinemeier, Michael Kjaer, S. Peter Magnusson

Part II. Tendon Disorders Associated with Altered Metabolism and Metabolic Disorders

9. Towards an Understanding of the Genetics of Tendinopathy
Alison September, Masouda Rahim, Malcolm Collins

10. Tendons Involvement in Congenital Metabolic Disorders
Michele Abate, Vincenzo Salini, Isabel Andia

11. Hyperuricemia in Tendons
Isabel Andia, Michele Abate

12. Influence of Thyroid Hormones on Tendon Homeostasis
Francesco Oliva, Eleonora Piccirilli, Anna C. Berardi, Umberto Tarantino, Nicola Maffulli

13. Sex Hormones and Tendon
Mette Hansen, Michael Kjaer

14. Tendon Homeostasis in Hypercholesterolemia
Louis J. Soslowsky, George W. Fryhofer

15. How Obesity Affects Tendons?
Michele Abate, Vincenzo Salini, Isabel Andia

16. Does Diabetes Mellitus Affect Tendon Healing?
Aisha Siddiqah Ahmed

17. Metalloproteinase Changes in Diabetes
Bento João Abreu, Wouber Hérickson Brito Vieira

18. How High Glucose Levels Affect Tendon Homeostasis
Jess G. Snedeker

19. Rehabilitation of Tendon Problems in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Jonathan Rees, Jamie E. Gaida, Karin Grävare Silbernagel, Johannes Zwerver, Joseph S. Anthony, Alex Scott

20. Inflammation in Tendon Disorders
Cathy Speed

21. Deep Venous Thrombosis and Tendon Healing
Erica Domeij-Arverud, Paul W. Ackermann

22. Drug-Induced Tendon Disorders
Karsten Knobloch

23. The Effects of Glucocorticoid on Tendon and Tendon Derived Cells
Benjamin John Floyd Dean, Andrew Jonathan Carr

24. Influence of Ageing on Tendon Homeostasis
Helen L. Birch, Mandy J. Peffers, Peter D. Clegg

Part III. Novel Therapies that May Affect Tendon Metabolism

25. Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Increase Tendon Metabolism?
Robert-Jan Vos

26. Can Shockwave Therapy Improve Tendon Metabolism?
Johannes Zwerver, Charlotte Waugh, Henk Worp, Alex Scott

27. Do Dietary Factors Influence Tendon Metabolism?
Alex Scott, Cara Nordin

Part IV. Summary

28. General Overview and Summary of Concepts Regarding Tendon Disease Topics Addressed Related to Metabolic Disorders
Paul W. Ackermann, David A. Hart

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Physiology, Medicine/Public Health, general

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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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9 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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