Abraham, Ajith

Proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’16)

Abraham, Ajith - Proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’16), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Cognitive Technologies on the Basis of Sensor and Neural Networks

1. The Data Transfer Development in MANET Networks on the Base of Chinese Remainder Theorem
Nikolay Ivanovich Chervyakov, Mikhail Grigorevich Babenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich Kucherov, Irina Sergeevna Krisina, Anastasiia Igorevna Garianina, Mariia Nikolaevna Shabalina

2. Using of a Convolutional Neural Network with Changing Receptive Fields in the Tasks of Image Recognition
R. M. Nemkov, O. S. Mezentseva, D. Mezentsev

3. Application CUDA for Optimization ANN in Forecasting Electricity on Industrial Enterprise
Roman Taranov

Part II. Probabilistic models, Algebraic Bayesian Networks and Information Protection

4. Models and Algorithms for the Information System’s Users’ Protection Level Probabilistic Estimation
Artur Azarov, Maxim Abramov, Alexander Tulupyev, Tatiana Tulupyeva

5. An Adaptive Algorithm for the Steganographic Embedding Information into the Discrete Fourier Transform Phase Spectrum
Oleg Evsutin, Anna Kokurina, Roman Mescheryakov, Olga Shumskaya

6. Decremental and Incremental Reshaping of Algebraic Bayesian Networks Global Structures
Daniel G. Levenets, Mikhail A. Zotov, Artem V. Romanov, Alexander L. Tulupyev, Andrey A. Zolotin, Andrey A. Filchenkov

7. Algebraic Bayesian Networks: Local Probabilistic-Logic Inference Machine Architecture and Set of Minimal Joint Graphs
Ekaterina A. Mal’chevskaya, Alexey I. Berezin, Andrey A. Zolotin, Alexander L. Tulupyev

8. Modeling of Injured Position During Transportation Based on Bayesian Belief Networks
A. I. Motienko, A. L. Ronzhin, O. O. Basov, M. Zelezny

9. Passive Steganalysis Evaluation: Reliabilities of Modern Quantitative Steganalysis Algorithms
N. Prokhozhev, O. Mikhailichenko, A. Sivachev, D. Bashmakov, A. Korobeynikov

10. Bayesian Belief Networks in Risky Behavior Modelling
Alena Suvorova, Tatiana Tulupyeva

11. Back Up Data Transmission in Real-Time Duplicated Computer Systems
S. A. Arustamov, V. A. Bogatyrev, V. I. Polyakov

12. Data Coherence Diagnosis in BBN Risky Behavior Model
Aleksandra V. Toropova

13. Stochastic Computer Approach Applied in the Reliability Assessment of Engineering Structures
K. Frydrýšek, L. Václavek

Part III. Image Processing and Emotion Modeling

14. Context-Sensitive Image Analysis for Coloring Nature Images
Aleksey A. Alekseev, Vladimir L. Rozaliev, Yulia A. Orlova, Alla V. Zaboleeva-Zotova

15. Development of 3D Human Body Model
Vasiliy M. Konstantinov, Vladimir L. Rozaliev, Yulia A. Orlova, Alla V. Zaboleeva-Zotova

16. Fourfold Symmetry Detection in Digital Images Based on Finite Gaussian Fields
Alexander Karkishchenko, Valeriy Mnukhin

17. Inpainting Strategies for Reconstruction of Missing Data in Images and Videos: Techniques, Algorithms and Quality Assessment
Viacheslav Voronin, Vladimir Marchuk, Dmitriy Bezuglov, Maria Butakova

18. The System for the Study of the Dynamics of Human Emotional Response Using Fuzzy Trends
Natalya N. Filatova, Konstantin V. Sidorov, Sergey A. Terekhin, Gennady P. Vinogradov

Part IV. Hybrid Expert Systems and Intelligent Decision Support Systems in Design and Engineering

19. Intelligent Technology for Integrated Expert Systems Construction
Galina V. Rybina, Victor M. Rybin, Yury M. Blokhin, Elena S. Sergienko

20. Multi-method Technology for Multi-attribute Expert Evaluation
Alexey B. Petrovsky

21. Using Fuzzy Models by Systems Engineers at the Stages of System Lifecycle
V. K. Batovrin, A. S. Korolev

22. The Features of Generations of Solutions by Intellectual Information Systems
Stanislav Belyakov, Marina Belyakova, Alexander Bozhenyuk, Igor Rozenberg

23. Decision Assessment in Automated Design Intelligent Systems
Georgy Burdo, Boris Paliukh

24. Intelligent Decision Support Systems in the Design of Mobile Micro Hydropower Plants and Their Engineering Protection
Denis V. Kasharin

25. Hybrid Bioinspired Search for Schematic Design
Vladimir Kureichik, Vladimir Kureichik, Daria Zaruba

26. Figuratively Semantic Support in Interactions of a Designer with a Statement of a Project Task
P. Sosnin, M. Galochkin, A. Luneckas

Part V. Intelligent and Fuzzy Railway Systems

27. Cloud-Assisted Middleware for Intelligent Distributed and Mobile Objects
Andrey V. Chernov, Alexander N. Guda, Oleg O. Kartashov

28. Intellectualization of Technological Control of Manufacturing Processes on Railway Transport Based on Immunological Models
Alexander Dolgiy, Sergey Kovalev, Vladimir Samsonov, Agop Khatlamadzhiyan

29. Intelligent Methods for State Estimation and Parameter Identification in Fuzzy Dynamical Systems
Sergey Kovalev, Sergey Sokolov, Alexander Shabelnikov

30. Safety Process Management Based on Software Risks Assessment for Intelligent Railway Control System
Vladimir D. Vereskun, Maria A. Butakova

31. An Approach to Interactive Information Processing for Situation Awareness About Incidents in Railway Infrastructure Management System
Vladimir D. Vereskun, Maria A. Butakova, Olga V. Ivanchenko

32. Stochastic Traffic Models for the Adaptive Train Dispatching
Vladimir Chebotarev, Boris Davydov, Aleksandr Godyaev

33. Usage of Digital Image Processing Methods in the Problem of Determining the Length of the Rail Joints
Anatoly Korobeynikov, Vera Tkalich, Sergey Aleksanin, Vladimir Polyakov

34. Automatic Control of Train Brakes with Fuzzy Logic
Yurenko Konstantin

Part VI. Technologies for Industrial and Autonomous Robots

35. Indoor LiDAR Scan Matching Simulation Framework for Intelligent Algorithms Evaluation
Jaromir Konecny, Michal Prauzek, Jakub Hlavica

36. Tail-Assisted Active Controller of a Mobile Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Andrey S. Solovyov, Valery A. Kamaev

37. Intellectualization of Industrial Systems Based on the Synthesis of a Robotic Manipulator Control Using a Combined-Maximum Principle Method
Andrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko, Zoya Lyashchenko, Igor Derabkin

38. System Reconfiguration Using Multiagent Cooperative Principles
Eduard Melnik, Vladimir Korobkin, Anna Klimenko

39. Intelligent Agent System to Analysis Manufacturing Process Models
Alexander Afanasyev, Nikolay Voit

Part VII. Applied Systems

40. Use of Numerical Methods in the Analysis of Traction Energy Systems—An Overview of the Practical Examples
Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk

41. Application of Vector Control Technology for Linear Reactive Reluctance-Flux Reciprocating Generator
Pavel G. Kolpakhchyan, Alexey R. Shaikhiev, Alexander E. Kochin

42. One Model of Two-Sided Price Coordination on the Transport Market
Nikolay Goryaev, Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Sergey Tsiulin

43. Correlated Colour Temperature Changes of the LED Sources Depending on the Angle of Their Radiation
Tomáš Novák, Petr Bos, Richard Baleja, Karel Sokanský

44. Potential Influence of Light Sources on Human Circadian Rhythms
Karel Sokanský, Richard Baleja, Petr Bos, Tomáš Novák

45. Optimization of Antenna System for MIMO Technology
Lukáš Wežranowski, Lubomír Ivánek, Zdeněk Urban, Yahia Zakaria

46. Automation and Control of Energetic Systems Using Cogeneration Unit in Industry
Michal Špaček, Zdeněk Hradílek

47. Reliability Database of Industrial Local Distribution System
Jiri Drholec, Radomir Gono

48. Improved Search of Typical Projects of Private Houses with Using Data Mining
Alexander Greshnov

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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