Labanca, Nicola

Complex Systems and Social Practices in Energy Transitions

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Table of contents

Part I. The Social Construction of Complex Systems

1. Complex Systems: The Latest Human Artefact
Nicola Labanca

2. Energy and Complex Systems Dynamics
Nicola Labanca

Part II. Complex Systems and Sustainable Energy Transitions

3. Complexification in the Energiewende
Franco Ruzzenenti, Brian D. Fath

4. Present Energy Metabolism and the Future of Renewables
Franco Ruzzenenti, Brian D. Fath

5. Hierarchies, Power and the Problem of Governing Complex Systems
Franco Ruzzenenti

6. Polycentric Governance Approaches for a Low-Carbon Transition: The Roles of Community-Based Energy Initiatives in Enhancing the Resilience of Future Energy Systems
Thomas Bauwens

7. Energy Conservation Policies in the Light of the Energetics of Evolution
Franco Ruzzenenti, Paolo Bertoldi

Part III. Complex Systems, Social Practices and Issues Generated by Reification

8. Ontological Fallacies Linked to Energy, Information and Related Technologies
Nicola Labanca

9. Energy and Social Practice: From Abstractions to Dynamic Processes
Elizabeth Shove

10. Radical Transitions from Fossil Fuel to Renewables: A Change of Posture
Timothy Allen, Joseph Tainter, Duncan Shaw, Mario Giampietro, Zora Kovacic

11. An Analysis of Everyday Life Activities and Their Consequences for Energy Use
Jenny Palm, Kajsa Ellegård

12. Making Energy Grids Smart. The Transition of Sociotechnical Apparatuses Towards a New Ontology
Dario Padovan, Osman Arrobbio

13. Grid Dependencies and Change Capacities: People and Demand Response Under Renewables
Mithra Moezzi

14. Energy Systems and Energy-Related Practices
David S. Byrne, Françoise Bartiaux

Part IV. Summary and Conclusions

15. Key Messages from the Authors of the Book
Nicola Labanca, Paolo Bertoldi, Isabella Maschio, Daniele Paci

Keywords: Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Energy Technology, Climate Change Management and Policy, Climate Change, Corporate Environmental Management

Publication year
Green Energy and Technology
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30 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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