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Advances in Neural Networks

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductory Chapter

1. Some Notes on Computational and Theoretical Issues in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Anna Esposito, Simone Bassis, Francesco Carlo Morabito, Eros Pasero

Part II. Machine Learning

2. Semi-automatic Brain Lesion Segmentation in Gamma Knife Treatments Using an Unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Technique
Leonardo Rundo, Carmelo Militello, Salvatore Vitabile, Giorgio Russo, Pietro Pisciotta, Francesco Marletta, Massimo Ippolito, Corrado D’Arrigo, Massimo Midiri, Maria Carla Gilardi

3. Machine Learning Based Data Mining for Milky Way Filamentary Structures Reconstruction
Giuseppe Riccio, Stefano Cavuoti, Eugenio Schisano, Massimo Brescia, Amata Mercurio, Davide Elia, Milena Benedettini, Stefano Pezzuto, Sergio Molinari, Anna Maria Giorgio

4. 3-D Hand Pose Estimation from Kinect’s Point Cloud Using Appearance Matching
Pasquale Coscia, Francesco A. N. Palmieri, Francesco Castaldo, Alberto Cavallo

5. Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filtering in Hypercomplex Systems
Francesca Ortolani, Danilo Comminiello, Michele Scarpiniti, Aurelio Uncini

6. Bayesian Clustering on Images with Factor Graphs in Reduced Normal Form
Amedeo Buonanno, Luigi Grazia, Francesco A. N. Palmieri

7. Selection of Negative Examples for Node Label Prediction Through Fuzzy Clustering Techniques
Marco Frasca, Dario Malchiodi

8. Recent Advances on Distributed Unsupervised Learning
Antonello Rosato, Rosa Altilio, Massimo Panella

9. A Rule Based Recommender System
Bruno Apolloni, Simone Bassis, Marco Mesiti, Stefano Valtolina, Francesco Epifania

10. Learning from Nowhere
Bruno Apolloni, Simone Bassis, Jacopo Rota, Gian Luca Galliani, Matteo Gioia, Luca Ferrari

11. Model Complexity Control in Clustering
Stefano Rovetta

Part III. Artificial Neural Networks: Algorithms and Models

12. Using Neural Networks for the Recognition of Specific Motion Symptoms of the Parkinson’s Disease
Paolo Lorenzi, Rosario Rao, Giulio Romano, Ardian Kita, Martin Serpa, Federico Filesi, Matteo Bologna, Antonello Suppa, Alfredo Berardelli, Fernanda Irrera

13. Benchmarking Functional Link Expansions for Audio Classification Tasks
Simone Scardapane, Danilo Comminiello, Michele Scarpiniti, Raffaele Parisi, Aurelio Uncini

14. A Comparison of Consensus Strategies for Distributed Learning of Random Vector Functional-Link Networks
Roberto Fierimonte, Simone Scardapane, Massimo Panella, Aurelio Uncini

15. Spatial-Temporal Entangled Sparse Distributed Storage (STE-SDS) and Sparse Distributed Code (SDC) in the Systolic Hebb Agnostic Resonance Perceptron (SHARP) Proposed as Hypothetical Model Linking Mini and Macro-Column Scale Functionality in the Cerebral Cortex
Luca Marchese

16. Łukasiewicz Equivalent Neural Networks
Antonio Di Nola, Giacomo Lenzi, Gaetano Vitale

17. A Bayesian-Based Neural Network Model for Solar Photovoltaic Power Forecasting
Angelo Ciaramella, Antonino Staiano, Guido Cervone, Stefano Alessandrini

18. Strict Pyramidal Deep Architectures for Person Re-identification
Sara Iodice, Alfredo Petrosino, Ihsan Ullah

Part IV. Computational Intelligence Methods for Biomedical ICT in Neurological Diseases

19. A Pilot Study on the Decoding of Dynamic Emotional Expressions in Major Depressive Disorder
Anna Esposito, Filomena Scibelli, Alessandro Vinciarelli

20. Advances in a Multimodal Approach for Dysphagia Analysis Based on Automatic Voice Analysis
K. López-de-Ipiña, Antonio Satue-Villar, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Viridiana Arreola, Omar Ortega, Pere Clavé, M. Pilar Sanz-Cartagena, Jiri Mekyska, Pilar Calvo

21. Improving Functional Link Neural Network Learning Scheme for Mammographic Classification
Yana Mazwin Mohmad Hassim, Rozaida Ghazali

22. Quantifying the Complexity of Epileptic EEG
Nadia Mammone, Jonas Duun-Henriksen, Troels Wesenberg Kjaer, Maurizio Campolo, Fabio La Foresta, Francesco C. Morabito

23. What Relatives and Caregivers of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Talk About: Preliminary Results from a Computerized Text Analysis of Messages Posted on the Italian Facebook Diabetes Group
Alda Troncone, Crescenzo Cascella, Antonietta Chianese, Dario Iafusco

24. A New ICT Based Model for Wellness and Health Care
Domenico Mirarchi, Patrizia Vizza, Eugenio Vocaturo, Pietro Hiram Guzzi, Pierangelo Veltri

25. The Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Predict Electoral Decision-Making in 2008 Italian Political Campaign
Antonio Pace, Angiola Conza, Antonietta Nocerino, Augusto Gnisci, Anna M. Raucci, Ida Sergi

26. Internet Dependence in High School Student
Ida Sergi, Antonio Pace, Augusto Gnisci, Mariella Sarno, Anna M. Raucci

27. Universal Matched-Filter Template Versus Individualized Template for Single Trial Detection of Movement Intentions of Different Tasks
Muhammad Akmal, Mads Jochumsen, Muhammad Samran Navid, Muhammad Shafique, Syed Muhammad Tahir Zaidi, Denise Taylor, Imran Khan Niazi

28. Sparse fNIRS Feature Estimation via Unsupervised Learning for Mental Workload Classification
Thao Thanh Pham, Thang Duc Nguyen, Toi Vo

29. Analyzing Correlations Between Personality Disorders and Frontal Functions: A Pilot Study
Raffaele Sperandeo, Anna Esposito, Mauro Maldonato, Silvia Dell’Orco

30. Processing Bio-medical Data with Class-Dependent Feature Selection
Nina Zhou, Lipo Wang

31. LQR Based Training of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
Usman Rashid, Mohsin Jamil, Syed Omer Gilani, Imran Khan Niazi

32. Structured Versus Shuffled Connectivity in Cortical Dynamics
Ilenia Apicella, Silvia Scarpetta, Antonio Candia

Part V. Neural Networks-Based Approaches to Industrial Processes

33. Machine Learning Techniques for the Estimation of Particle Size Distribution in Industrial Plants
Damiano Rossetti, Stefano Squartini, Stefano Collura

34. Combining Multiple Neural Networks to Predict Bronze Alloy Elemental Composition
Eleonora D’Andrea, Beatrice Lazzerini, Vincenzo Palleschi

35. Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques and Industry: Acceptability, Advantages and Perspectives
Valentina Colla, Marco Vannucci, Leonardo M. Reyneri

36. The Importance of Variable Selection for Neural Networks-Based Classification in an Industrial Context
Silvia Cateni, Valentina Colla

37. Non Linear Time Series Analysis of Air Pollutants with Missing Data
Giuseppina Albano, Michele Rocca, Cira Perna

Part VI. Intelligent Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems

38. Making Intelligent the Embedded Systems Through Cognitive Outlier and Fault Detection
Manuel Roveri, Francesco Trovò

39. A Study on the Moral Implications of Human Disgust-Related Emotions Detected Using EEG-Based BCI Devices
Beatrice Cameli, Raffaella Folgieri, Jean Paul Medina Carrion

40. Learning Hardware Friendly Classifiers Through Algorithmic Risk Minimization
Luca Oneto, Davide Anguita

41. A Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach to Grasping Hand Gestures Classification
Anna Benedetto, Francesco A. N. Palmieri, Alberto Cavallo, Pietro Falco

42. A Low Cost ECG Biometry System Based on an Ensemble of Support Vector Machine Classifiers
Luca Mesin, Alejandro Munera, Eros Pasero

Part VII. Reconfigurable- Modular- Adaptive- Smart Robotic Systems for Optoelectronics Industry: The White’R Instantiation

43. A Regenerative Approach to Dynamically Design the Forward Kinematics for an Industrial Reconfigurable Anthropomorphic Robotic Arm
Oliver Avram, Anna Valente

44. An ANN Based Decision Support System Fostering Production Plan Optimization Through Preventive Maintenance Management
Marco Cinus, Matteo Confalonieri, Andrea Barni, Anna Valente

45. Gaussian Beam Optics Model for Multi-emitter Laser Diode Module Configuration Design
Hao Yu, Giammarco Rossi, Yu Liu, Andrea Braglia, Guido Perrone

46. Flexible Automated Island for (Dis) Assembly of a Variety of Silicon Solar Cell Geometries for Specialist Solar Products
Sarah Dunnill, Ivan Brugnetti, Marco Colla, Anna Valente, Harry Bikas, Nikolaos Papakostas

47. Analysis of Production Scenario and KPI Calculation: Monitoring and Optimization Logics of White’R Island
Manuel Lai, Simona Tusacciu

48. Standardization and Green Labelling Procedure Methodology Developed for the Achievement of an Eco-Label for White’R Island
Manuel Lai, Giulia Molinari, Maurizio Fiasché, Rossella Luglietti

49. A Novel Hybrid Fuzzy Multi-objective Linear Programming Method of Aggregate Production Planning
Maurizio Fiasché, Gaia Ripamonti, Francesco G. Sisca, Marco Taisch, Giacomo Tavola

50. A Production Scheduling Algorithm for a Distributed Mini Factories Network Model
M. Seregni, C. Zanetti, M. Taisch

51. A Multi-horizon, Multi-objective Training Planner: Building the Skills for Manufacturing
Marta Pinzone, Paola Fantini, Maurizio Fiasché, Marco Taisch

52. Use of Laser Scanners in Machine Tools to Implement Freeform Parts Machining and Quality Control
Marco Silvestri, Michele Banfi, Andrea Bettoni, Matteo Confalonieri, Andrea Ferrario, Moreno Floris

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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