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Land Use Competition

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Table of contents

1. Land Use Competition: Ecological, Economic and Social Perspectives
Jörg Niewöhner, Antje Bruns, Helmut Haberl, Patrick Hostert, Tobias Krueger, Christian Lauk, Juliana Lutz, Daniel Müller, Jonas Ø. Nielsen

Part I. Going Beyond Distal Drivers in Land Use Competition

2. Conceptualizing Distal Drivers in Land Use Competition
Jörg Niewöhner, Jonas Ø. Nielsen, Ignacio Gasparri, Yaqing Gou, Mads Hauge, Neha Joshi, Anke Schaffartzik, Frank Sejersen, Karen C. Seto, Chris Shughrue

3. At a Distance from the Territory: Distal Drivers in the (Re)territorialization of Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia
Anke Schaffartzik, Alina Brad, Melanie Pichler, Christina Plank

4. The Transformation of Land-Use Competition in the Argentinean Dry Chaco Between 1975 and 2015
Nestor Ignacio Gasparri

5. Mind the GAP: Vietnamese Rice Farmers and Distal Markets
Mads Martinus Hauge

6. The Role of Maps in Capturing Distal Drivers of Deforestation and Degradation: A Case Study in Central Mozambique
Yaqing Gou

7. Nuts About Gold: Competition for Land in Madre de Dios, Peru
Neha Joshi

Part II. Land Use Competition and Ecosystem Services

8. Competition for Land-Based Ecosystem Services: Trade-Offs and Synergies
Daniel Müller, Helmut Haberl, Lara Esther Bartels, Matthias Baumann, Marvin Beckert, Christian Levers, Florian Schierhorn, Jana Zscheischler, Petr Havlik, Patrick Hostert, Ole Mertz, Pete Smith

9. Contested Land in Loliondo: The Eastern Border of the Serengeti National Park Between Conservation, Hunting Tourism, and Pastoralism
Lara Esther Bartels

10. How the Collapse of the Beef Sector in Post-Soviet Russia Displaced Competition for Ecosystem Services to the Brazilian Amazon
Florian Schierhorn, Alex Kramer Gittelson, Daniel Müller

11. Of Trees and Sheep: Trade-Offs and Synergies in Farmland Afforestation in the Scottish Uplands
Marvin Beckert, Pete Smith, Stephen Chapman

12. Land Use Competition Related to Woody Biomass Production on Arable Land in Germany
Jana Zscheischler, Nadin Gaasch, David Butler Manning, Thomas Weith

13. Land-Use Competition in the South American Chaco
Matthias Baumann, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Verena Fehlenberg, Gregorio Gavier Pizarro, Tobias Kuemmerle

Part III. Understanding the Interactions of Land and Food Systems

14. The Future Is Made. Imagining Feasible Food and Farming Futures in an Unpredictable World
Christian Lauk, Juliana Lutz

15. Exploring a ‘Healthy Foodshed’: Land Use Associated with the UK Fruit and Vegetables Supply
Henri Ruiter, Jennie I. Macdiarmid, Robin B. Matthews, Pete Smith

16. Strengthening City Region Food Systems: Synergies Between Multifunctional Peri-Urban Agriculture and Short Food Supply Chains: A Local Case Study in Berlin, Germany
Beatrice Walthall

17. Agribusiness and Family Farming in Brazil: Competing Modes of Agricultural Production
Andreas Mayer

18. Local Food Systems and Their Climate Impacts: A Life Cycle Perspective
Michaela C. Theurl

Part IV. Waterscapes: Competing for Land and Water

19. A Water Perspective on Land Competition
Antje Bruns, Tobias Krueger, Bruce Lankford, Fanny Frick, Catherine Grasham, Christina Spitzbart-Glasl

20. Travelling Through the Densu Delta: Location, Place and Space in the Waterscape
Fanny Frick

21. Competing Narratives of Water Resources Management in Ethiopia
Catherine Fallon Grasham

22. Competition in Transition: An Exploration of Water and Land Use in the Wien River Valley Through the Eyes of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Engineers

Christina Spitzbart-Glasl, Gudrun Pollack

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Human Geography, Agricultural Economics, Development Policy, Development Economics

Publication year
Human-Environment Interactions
Natural Sciences
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