Abraham, Ajith

Proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’16)

Abraham, Ajith - Proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’16), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Papers

1. Cognitive Reasoning Framework: Possibilities, Problems, Prospects
Oleg Anshakov, Tamás Gergely

2. A Survey of Current Challenges in Manufacturing Industry and Preparation for Industry 4.0
Ateeq Khan, Klaus Turowski

3. A Comparison of Stochastic and Fuzzy Orderings
Alexander Lepskiy

Part II. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Intelligent Information and Control Systems

4. Time Series Forecasting Using Combination of Exponential Models and Fuzzy Techniques
T. Afanasieva, N. Yarushkina, D. Zavarzin, G. Guskov, A. Romanov

5. Time Series Knowledge Mining Based on Temporal Network Model
Sergey Kovalev, Andrey Sukhanov, Alexey Averkin, Sergey Yarushev

6. Methods and Algorithms of Anomaly Searching in Collections of Time Series
Marina Fomina, Sergey Antipov, Vadim Vagin

7. Web-Based System for Enterprise Performance Analysis on the Basis of Time Series Data Mining
I. G. Perfilieva, N. G. Yarushkina, T. V. Afanasieva, A. A. Romanov

8. Feature Selection Using Semi Discrete Decomposition and Singular Value Decompositions
Intisar Hussien, Sara Omer, Nour E. Oweis, Václav Snášel

9. Feature Selection by Principle Component Analysis for Mining Frequent Association Rules
Tayseer M. F. Taha, Eltayeb Shomo, Nour E. Oweis, Vaclav Snasel

10. Time Series Forecasting Based on Hybrid Neural Networks and Multiple Regression
Alexey Averkin, Sergey Yarushev, Igor Dolgy, Andrey Sukhanov

11. Power Load Daily-Similarity and Time-Series Prediction Using the Selective Differential Polynomial Network
Ladislav Zjavka, Václav Snášel

12. An EEG Classification Approach Based on Intrinsic Signal Properties and Wavelets
Petr Gajdoš, Pavel Dohnálek, Michal Čerbák, Jitka Mohylová

13. Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm in Automatic Classification of EEG
Jitka Mohylova, Vladimir Krajca, Hana Schaabova, Vaclava Sedlmajerova, Svojmil Petranek, Tomas Novak

Part III. Logical-Algebraic Methods and Reasoning Models for Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications

14. Implementation of the Argumentation System Based on Defeasible Reasoning Theory
Andrew Derevyanko, Oleg Morosin, Vadim Vagin

15. Paraconsistency of Argumentation Semantics for Stepping Theories of Active Logic
Igor Fominykh, Michael Vinkov

16. Query Answering Over Ontologies in the Extended Allen’s Interval Logic
Gerald S. Plesniewicz

17. Logical-Algebraic Methods in Constructing Cognitive Sensors for Railway Infrastructure Intelligent Monitoring System
Maria N. Svyatkina, Valery B. Tarassov, Alexander I. Dolgiy

18. Case-Based Reasoning Module for Intelligent Decision Support Systems
Alexander Eremeev, Pavel Varshavskiy, Roman Alekhin

19. Automatic Document Classification Based on J.S. Mill’s Ideas
Nicolay Lyfenko

20. The Analysis of Diagrammatic Models of Workflows in Design of the Complex Automated Systems
Alexander Afanasyev, Nikolay Voit, Rinat Gaynullin

Part IV. Ontological Engineering and Semantic Technologies

21. Integration and Processing of Problem-Oriented Knowledge Based on Evolutionary Procedures
Victoria Bova, Dmitry Zaporozhets, Vladimir Kureichik

22. Design Intelligent Lifecycle Management Systems Based on Applying of Semantic Technologies
Alena V. Fedotova, Irina T. Davydenko, Anne Pförtner

23. Application of Swarm Intelligence for Domain Ontology Alignment
Alexandra Semenova, Viktor Kureychik

24. Mathematical Models of Learning Materials Estimation Based on Subject Ontology
M. A. Shpak, E. V. Smirnova, A. P. Karpenko, A. V. Proletarsky

25. Hybridization of Fuzzy Inference and Self-learning Fuzzy Ontology-Based Semantic Data Analysis
Nadezhda Yarushkina, Vadim Moshkin, Ilya Andreev, Victor Klein, Ekaterina Beksaeva

26. Models for Supporting of Problem-Oriented Knowledge Search and Processing
Yury Kravchenko, Ilona Kursitys, Victoria Bova

27. A New Approach for Software Development in Terms of Problem-Oriented Knowledge Search and Processing
Andrey Lezhebokov, Bogdan Shkalenko, Elmar Kuliev

28. The Concept of Construction Methodology Notion for Intelligent Systems
Yuri Rogozov

29. The Model of Subject-Oriented Storage of Concepts Sense for Configurable Information Systems
S. Kucherov, Y. Rogozov, A. Sviridov

Part V. Fuzzy Graphs, Fuzzy Networks and Fuzzy Inference for Planning and Cognitive Modelling

30. Coloring Method of Fuzzy Temporal Graph with the Greatest Separation Degree
Alexander Bozhenyuk, Stanislav Belyakov, Igor Rozenberg

31. Temporal Coloured Petri Nets as a Tool for Modelling of Complex Dynamic Systems
Alexander P. Eremeev, Yury I. Korolev

32. Fuzzy Graphs Clustering with Quality Relation Functionals in Cognitive Models
Alexander Tselykh, Vladislav Vasilev, Larisa Tselykh

33. Context-Based Trip Planning in Infomobility System for Public Transport
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Teslya, Nikolay Shilov, Alexey Kashevnik

34. Processing of Qualitative Data
Vadim L. Stefanuk

35. An Approach to the Fuzzy Inference in Logical-Type Systems with Many Inputs
Vasiliy G. Sinuk, Maxim V. Panchenko

36. New Fuzzy Truth Value Based Inference Methods for Non-singleton MISO Rule-Based Systems
Vasily G. Sinuk, Vladimir M. Polyakov, Dmitry A. Kutsenko

Part VI. Evolutionary Modeling, Bionic Algorithms and Computational Intelligence

37. Feature Selection Using a Genetic Algorithm for Solar Power Prediction
Sebastián Basterrech, Václav Snášel

38. Hybrid Intelligent Approach to Solving the Problem of Service Data Queues
L. A. Gladkov, N. V. Gladkova, S. N. Leiba

39. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm—A Novel Tool for VLSI Placement
Daria Zaruba, Dmitry Zaporozhets, Vladimir Kureichik

40. Mechanisms of Adaptive Ant Colony Behavior in Placement Problem
Boris K. Lebedev, Oleg B. Lebedev, Tatiana Y. Kudryakova

41. Multiagent Self-Organizing Interval Bacterial Colony Evolution Optimization Algorithm
Andrei Panteleev, Valentin Panovskiy

42. Effectiveness Evaluation of Memetics and Biogeography Algorithms Using Benchmark and Trans Computational Tasks of Combinatorial Optimization
S. I. Rodzin, O. N. Rodzina

43. Performance Investigation of Mind Evolutionary Computation Algorithm and Some of Its Modifications
Maxim Sakharov, Anatoly Karpenko

44. Three Types of Differential Evolution Applied to the Facility Location Problem
Pavel Krömer, Jan Platoš, Václav Snášel

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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