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Quality in Nuclear Medicine

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Table of contents

Part I. Laws, Standards and Guidelines

1. The Road to Excellence: A Case Study of the Application of GMP, ISO 9001 and the EFQM Excellence Model in a Nuclear Medicine Department
Lidia S. Huizen, C. T. B. (Kees) Ahaus

2. Good Clinical Practices in (Nuclear) Research
Herman Pieterse, Jan Pruim

3. The Added Value of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the Production of Radiopharmaceuticals
Edwin Gerrits, Herman J. Woerdenbag, Gert Luurtsema, Marjolijn N. Lub-de Hooge, Hendrikus H. Boersma

4. KEW/Euratom (In Europe and Internationally)
Emmy I. M. Meijne

5. Vertebrate Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes: Principles and Practice for Legislation and Protection
Miriam Meulen-Frank, Jan-Bas Prins, Barry-Lee Waarts, Wiebe Hofstra

6. Contract Research and Investigator Driven Research
Wietse Russchen

Part II. Radiation Safety

7. Personnel and Public People
Johan R. Jong

8. Radiation Safety in Patients
Marcel Greuter, Emmy Meijne, Johan R. Jong, Wim Tukker

9. The Decommissioning of Cyclotron Facilities for the Production of Radionuclides in Nuclear Medicine
Anne M. J. Paans, Johan R. Jong

10. The Role of a Nuclear Medicine Department in Nuclear Accidents
Anne M. J. Paans, Johan R. Jong

Part III. Equipment

11. Medical Devices
R. M. (Marcel) Löhr, J. A. W. (Koos) Ringelenstein, G. E. (Gert) Drewes

12. SPECT/CT and Image Quality
Yves D’Asseler

13. Technical Aspects of PET/CT Image Quality
Antoon T. M. Willemsen

14. Patient Safety Considerations for Combined PET/MR Imaging
Michel Koole, Kristof Baete, Kwinten Porters, Ronald Peeters, Koen Laere

15. Standardization of Imaging Biomarkers: The FDG PET/CT Example
Ronald Boellaard

16. Medical Imaging Informatics in Nuclear Medicine
Peter M. A. Ooijen, Wiard Jorritsma

Part IV. Preclinical Quality Issues

17. Preclinical Testing of Novel Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Aren Waarde, Jürgen W. A. Sijbesma, Janine Doorduin, Philip H. Elsinga, Erik F. J. Vries

18. Zootechnical Issues in Small Animal Imaging
Jürgen W. A. Sijbesma, Janine Doorduin, Aren Waarde

Part V. Management Instruments

19. Teamwork, Leadership, and Continuous Improvement
Wouter A. Keijser

20. The Safety Management System: Implementation for Nuclear Medicine
Jitze Medema, Walter Noordzij

21. Risk Management Systems
Alexander Star

22. Quality Aspects in Daily Management in Nuclear Medicine
Annegrit Wijker, Jitze Medema, Robert Siepelinga

23. Measuring Performance and Service Quality in Health Care
Paul Gemmel

24. No-Show with Particular Emphasis on Nuclear Medicine
Katinka Lauwerens-Daniëls, Johann Freese

Part VI. Organisations

25. The Role of the Medical Ethics Review Board in the Netherlands: Focus on Clinical Studies Utilizing Radiopharmaceuticals and Imaging
Hendrikus H. Boersma, Anne M. J. Paans

26. Quality Visits: Dutch Example (Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine)
Joris Heuvel

27. Quality Visits: The EANM/EARL FDG-PET/CT Accreditation Programme
Sabine Ettinger, Giorgio Testanera, Terez Sera, Ronald Boellaard, Fred Verzijlbergen, Arturo Chiti

28. Quality and Safety in Nuclear Medicine: The Vision of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI)
Bennett S. Greenspan, Frederic H. Fahey, George M. Segall

29. Nuclear Medicine Training: Imagine the Future
Imene Zerizer, Arman Parsai

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Nuclear Medicine

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