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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Towards Sustainable Living
Arjan Timmeren, David V. Keyson

2. The Emergence of Living Lab Methods
Natalia Romero Herrera

3. Social Practices as a Main Focus in Living Lab Research
Marco Hasselkuß, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke

4. Green Economy as a Framework for Product-Service Systems Development: The Role of Sustainable Living Labs
Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke, Maria Jolanta Welfens

Part II. Research Methods for Living Labs

5. Living Labs to Accelerate Innovation
David V. Keyson, Gregory M. Morrison, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke

6. Splashing: The Iterative Development of a Novel Type of Personal Washing
Lenneke Kuijer

7. Design with Intent and the Field of Design for Sustainable Behaviour
Dan Lockton

8. Architectural Research in Living Labs: Exploring Occupier Driven Changes in Homes
Paula Femenias, Liane Thuvander, Cecilia Holmström, Lina Jonsdotter, Madeleine Larsson

Part III. Sustainable Living Labs

9. DARE2Build
Shea Hagy, Peter Selberg, Larry Toups, Paula Femenias

10. The Storyline for the Design Process that Shaped the HSB Living Lab
Peter Elfstrand, Gregory M. Morrison, Larry Toups, Shea Hagy

11. Exploring the German Living Lab Research Infrastructure: Opportunities for SustainableProducts and Services
Justus Geibler, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke, Holger Rohn, Lorenz Erdmann

Part IV. Living Labs and User Engagement

12. In-Situ and Mixed-Design Interventions
Natalia Romero Herrera

13. Co-creation in Living Labs
Shea Hagy, Gregory M. Morrison, Peter Elfstrand

14. Participatory Drawing in Ethnographic Research
Flora Bowden, Dan Lockton, Rama Gheerawo, Clare Brass

15. Actor and Network Analysis
Carolin Baedeker, Marco Hasselkuß, Johannes Buhl

16. Design Participation in Sustainable Renovation and Living
Stella Boess

17. Supporting Iterative Research and Design Explorations in the Living Lab Context
Tomasz Jaskiewicz, David V. Keyson, Jantien M. Doolaard

18. Recruitment of Participants (Households in City District and Companies) for Insight Research and Prototyping
Kamil Folta, Dan Lockton, Flora Bowden

Part V. Sustainable Production and Consumption

19. Analysing Social Milieus and Lifestyles—Their Contribution to a Better Understanding of Heating Practices
Johannes Buhl, Kathrin Greiff, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke

20. Material and Carbon Footprint of Household Activities
Kathrin Greiff, Jens Teubler, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke, Holger Rohn

21. FoodWatch and Food Resource Flows
Jesper Knutsson

Part VI. Case Studies on Exploring Energy Feedback and Visualisation with Users

22. Making Energy Feedback Understandable
David V. Keyson, Natalia Romero Herrera

23. Powerchord: Exploring Ambient Audio Feedback on Energy Use
Dan Lockton, Flora Bowden, Claire Matthews

24. Designing Ampul: Empowerment to Home Energy Prosumers
Natalia Romero Herrera, Jaap Rutten, David V. Keyson

25. Energy Feedback Objects
Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Aadjan Helm, David V. Keyson

Part VII. Understanding Comfort and Energy Practices in Residential Buildings

26. Relationship Between Building Technologies, Energy Performance and Occupancy in Domestic Buildings
Olivia Guerra-Santin

27. Influence of User-Behavior on Energy Efficiency
Tanja Lovrić, Viktor Grinewitschus

Part VIII. The Way Forwards: Business Models for Living Labs

28. Concept House Village; A Next Step in the Development of Sustainable Housing in the Netherlands
Sacha Silvester, Bert Hooijer, Ria Oosterhout, Floor Kemp

29. Commercial Consortia
Maria Adahl

30. Business Models for Sustainability in Living Labs
Mike Burbridge, Gregory M. Morrison, Menno Rijn, Sasha Silvester, David V. Keyson, Lali Virdee, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke

31. Reflecting on LivingLabs and Future Trends
David V. Keyson, Carolin Baedeker

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Development, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Quality of Life Research

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