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The Ethics of Biomedical Big Data

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, Luciano Floridi

Part I. Balancing Individual and Collective Interests

2. “Strictly Biomedical? Sketching the Ethics of the Big Data Ecosystem in Biomedicine”
Effy Vayena, Urs Gasser

3. Using Transactional Big Data for Epidemiological Surveillance: Google Flu Trends and Ethical Implications of ‘Infodemiology’
Annika Richterich

4. Denmark at a Crossroad? Intensified Data Sourcing in a Research Radical Country
Klaus Hoeyer

5. A Critical Examination of Policy-Developments in Information Governance and the Biosciences
Edward Hockings

Part II. Privacy and Data Protection

6. Many Have It Wrong – Samples Do Contain Personal Data: The Data Protection Regulation as a Superior Framework to Protect Donor Interests in Biobanking and Genomic Research
Dara Hallinan, Paul Hert

7. What’s Wrong with the Right to Genetic Privacy: Beyond Exceptionalism, Parochialism and Adventitious Ethics
Bryce Goodman

Part III. Consent

8. How Data Are Transforming the Landscape of Biomedical Ethics: The Need for ELSI Metadata on Consent
J. Patrick Woolley

9. On the Compatibility of Big Data Driven Research and Informed Consent: The Example of the Human Brain Project
Markus Christen, Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Bogdan Draganski, Tade Spranger, Henrik Walter

Part IV. Ethical Governance

10. Big Data Governance: Solidarity and the Patient Voice
Simon Woods

11. Premises for Clinical Genetics Data Governance: Grappling with Diverse Value Logics
Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, Espen Skorve, Margunn Aanestad

12. State Responsibility and Accountability in Managing Big Data in Biobank Research: Tensions and Challenges in the Right of Access to Data
Aaro Tupasela, Sandra Liede

13. Big Data, Small Talk: Lessons from the Ethical Practices of Interpersonal Communication for the Management of Biomedical Big Data
Paula Boddington

Part V. Professionalism and Ethical Duties

14. Researchers’ Duty to Share Pre-publication Data: From the Prima Facie Duty to Practice
Christoph Schickhardt, Nelson Hosley, Eva C. Winkler

15. Reporting and Transparency in Big Data: The Nexus of Ethics and Methodology
Stuart G. Nicholls, Sinéad M. Langan, Eric I. Benchimol

16. Creating a Culture of Ethics in Biomedical Big Data: Adapting ‘Guidelines for Professional Practice’ to Promote Ethical Use and Research Practice
Rochelle E. Tractenberg

Part VI. Foresight

17. The Ethics and Politics of Infrastructures: Creating the Conditions of Possibility for Big Data in Medicine
Linda F. Hogle

18. Ethical Reuse of Data from Health Care: Data, Persons and Interests
Peter Mills

19. The Ethics of Big Data: Current and Foreseeable Issues in Biomedical Contexts
Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, Luciano Floridi

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Health Economics, Ethics

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Law, Governance and Technology Series
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16 pages
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