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Innovative Assessment of Collaboration

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Innovative Assessment of Collaboration
Patrick C. Kyllonen, Mengxiao Zhu, Alina A. Davier

Part I. Framework and Methods

2. The Assessment of Team Performance: Observations and Needs
Eduardo Salas, Denise L. Reyes, Amanda L. Woods

3. Assessing Collaboration Within and Between Teams: A Multiteam Systems Perspective
Raquel Asencio, Leslie A. DeChurch

4. Innovation in Team Interaction: New Methods for Assessing Collaboration Between Brains and Bodies Using a Multi-level Framework
Stephen M. Fiore, Katelynn A. Kapalo

5. Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving Through Conversational Agents
Arthur C. Graesser, Nia Dowell, Danielle Clewley

6. Assessment of Discussion in Learning Contexts
Carolyn Penstein Rosé, Iris Howley, Miaomiao Wen, Diyi Yang, Oliver Ferschke

7. Collaborative Problem Solving Measures in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Qiwei He, Matthias Davier, Samuel Greiff, Eric W. Steinhauer, Paul B. Borysewicz

8. Assessing and Teaching 21st Century Skills: Collaborative Problem Solving as a Case Study
Patrick Griffin

9. Initial Steps Towards a Standardized Assessment for Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS): Practical Challenges and Strategies
Jiangang Hao, Lei Liu, Alina A. von Davier, Patrick C. Kyllonen

10. Exploring Dual Eye Tracking as a Tool to Assess Collaboration
Jennifer K. Olsen, Vincent Aleven, Nikol Rummel

11. Multimodal Behavioral Analytics in Intelligent Learning and Assessment Systems
Saad M. Khan

12. Measuring Collaboration in Cross-Cultural Contexts
C. Shawn Burke, Jennifer Feitosa, Eduardo Salas, Michele Gelfand

13. Inclusive Design of Collaborative Problem-Solving Tasks
Markku T. Hakkinen, Jason J. G. White

Part II. Modeling and Analysis

14. Understanding and Assessing Collaborative Processes Through Relational Events
Aaron Schecter, Noshir Contractor

15. Modeling Collaboration Using Point Processes
Peter F. Halpin, Alina A. Davier

16. Dynamic Bayesian Network Models for Peer Tutoring Interactions
Yoav Bergner, Erin Walker, Amy Ogan

17. Representing Self-organization and Nonstationarities in Dyadic Interaction Processes Using Dynamic Systems Modeling Techniques
Sy-Miin Chow, Lu Ou, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Daniel S. Messinger

18. Modeling Collaboration with Social Network Models
Tracy M. Sweet

19. Network Models for Teams with Overlapping Membership
Mengxiao Zhu, Yoav Bergner

20. Linking Team Neurodynamic Organizations with Observational Ratings of Team Performance
Ronald Stevens, Trysha Galloway, Jerry Lamb, Ron Steed, Cynthia Lamb

Keywords: Education, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Computational Linguistics, Psychometrics

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Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment
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19 pages
Upbringing, Education
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