Ciaian, Pavel

The Eurasian Wheat Belt and Food Security

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Table of contents

Part I. The Commercial and Institutional Framework of the Eurasian Wheat Belt Region

1. Introduction
Pavel Ciaian, Sergio Gomez y Paloma, Sébastien Mary, Stephen Langrell

2. Privatisation and Changing Farm Structure in the Commonwealth of Independent States
Zvi Lerman

3. Land Policy in Russia: New Challenges
Natalya Shagaida, Zvi Lerman

4. Credit and Finance Issues in the Eurasian Wheat Belt
Kateryna G. Schroeder, William H. Meyers

Part II. The Role of Agricultural Policies

5. Agrarian Reform in Ukraine
Volodymyr Pugachov, Nikolay Pugachov

6. Outcomes of Agrarian Reform in Russia
Vasiliy Uzun, Zvi Lerman

7. More Than Pouring Money Into an Ailing Sector? Farm-level Financial Constraints and Kazakhstan’s ‘Agribusiness 2020’ Strategy
Martin Petrick, Dauren Oshakbaev, Jürgen Wandel

8. The New Wheat Exporters of Eurasia and Volatility
David Sedik

Part III. The Future of Grain Production and Export

9. Unlocking Ukraine’s Production Potential
Michiel A. Keyzer, Max D. Merbis, Alex N. Halsema, Valeriy Heyets, Olena Borodina, Ihor Prokopa

10. Assessing the Potential for Russian Grain Exports: A Special Focus on the Prospective Cultivation of Abandoned Land
Valery Saraykin, Renata Yanbykh, Vassily Uzun

11. Kazakhstan’s Wheat Production Potential
István Fehér, József Lehota, Zoltán Lakner, Zoltán Kende, Csaba Bálint, Szergej Vinogradov, Andrew Fieldsend

12. Future Perspectives on Regional and International Food Security: Emerging Players in the Region: Uzbekistan
Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Nodir Djanibekov, Peter Voigt

13. Wheat Production in Turkmenistan: Reality and Expectations
Ivan Stanchin, Zvi Lerman

Part IV. A Neighbouring and Global Perspective

14. The Development of the Eurasian Livestock and Grain Economies
William M. Liefert, Olga Liefert

15. Eurasian Grain Markets in an Uncertain World: A Focus on Yield Variability and Harvest Failures in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and Their Impact on Global Food Security
Sergio René Araujo-Enciso, Thomas Fellmann, Fabien Santini, Robert M’barek

16. China’s Role in World Food Security
H. Holly Wang, Kim Ha

17. The Wheat Sector in India: Production, Policies and Food Security
Amarnath Tripathi, Ashok K. Mishra

18. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations
Pavel Ciaian, Sergio Gomez y Paloma, Sébastien Mary, Stephen Langrell

Keywords: Economics, Agricultural Economics, Development Policy, Development Economics, Regional/Spatial Science

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